PsicoReg is a platform that is specifically designed for therapists , as it offers different tools to facilitate the management and interaction with patients.

As a professional, you will be able to register your patients and they will be able to access the PsicoReg functionalities through the app (iOs and Android) or via web from any computer.


PsicoReg has a great number of functions that from the professional’s point of view we can divide into two big blocks: the management of the patient’s information and the functionalities focused on the evaluation or therapeutic change .

1. History management

You will be able to make notes for the follow-up of the patient’s history as well as the uploading of different documents.

2. Medication information management

You will be able to save information about each patient’s medication and they will be able to consult it from the app.

3. Appointment management

You will be able to manage the patients’ appointments, in addition the app will send them a reminder .

4. Records

You’ll be able to assign lots of records to patients. They will answer them at the right time through the app.

5. Guidelines

Patients will be able to access the guidelines written by the professional so that they will have them accessible as an aid in difficult times.

6. Psychoeducational content

You can assign or send psychoeducational content that the patient can consult at any time.

7. And much more

Tasks, instant messaging, scales with automatic correction, forum, relaxation audios, etc.

How to use PsicoReg?

Using PsicoReg is very simple, because with very few steps you can carry out any of the actions after registering on the web (you can try the app for free at this link), either trial or paid version. Once on the platform, all you have to do is register your patients by assigning them a username and password with which they can access the APP.

As psychologists we can assign different contents to them (records, tasks, guidelines, appointments, psychoeducational content, etc.). After this, the patient will be able to use the app: respond to records, mark tasks as completed, see guidelines and listen to relaxation audios, among others.

In addition, the application will remind the patient of appointments and upcoming tasks. It will increase therapeutic adherence!


The moment in which an evaluation or intervention in Psychology is carried out can be of great importance, since studies reflect that these are more effective if they are carried out at the right time, that is, when the situation or behavior that we want to record or modify is occurring.

This means that if a person has the possibility of making a record at the very moment of the crisis (anxiety, panic, rumination, discussion) the data collected will be much more valid in terms of interpretation and that, equally, having access to some guidelines or self-instructions at those moments can contribute to making the crises less acute.

Nowadays almost all of us have access to a mobile phone permanently, so having an app that allows us to perform these actions and access this information is a comfortable, easy and unobtrusive way. This is what the PsicoReg App allows the patient to have access to all the functionalities offered by the tool at the right time.

On the other hand, this immediacy makes it easier for you as a professional to do your job, since not only will you have more ecological data and the possibility of monitoring the tasks that the patient is performing, but these will automatically appear on your platform, which will help you plan the sessions and allow you to have all the data organized. The appointment reminder will also contribute to a better adherence to the treatment without you having to worry about it.

Other advantages are as follows:

  • Thanks to PsicoReg you will save time in the search for information and you will win in order .
  • You will have the added value of new technologies.
  • With very few steps and in a simple way you will learn how to use it.
  • PsicoReg complies with the security and data protection standards .
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A tailor-made plan

At PsicoReg we adapt to the needs of professionals, so there are individual plans and plans designed for centres that need several professional accounts and one management account . The cost of PSICOREG depends on the volume of active patients who are using the App, so you will have the possibility of choosing a plan according to the number of patients you want to use it with while having the possibility of managing all the patients in the practice.

You can access PsicoReg’s contact details and links to its networks at this link.