Psicologos-Alicante is a clinic of psychology, family mediation and highly recognized training in the center of Alicante.

At present it brings together a multidisciplinary team of psychology professionals, specialized in psychological assistance for adults, family, couples, adolescents and children .

Their goal is your personal well-being, treating patients as unique and special. That is why they carry out, in each case, a detailed evaluation of the problem. The interventions are designed for each person according to their specific needs.

Psychologists-Alicante: we solve your problem, we seek your well-being

Psicologos-Alicante has a team of specialists who work in a coordinated way to be able to make a joint diagnostic evaluation , and thus, achieve the best results for the treatment of their patients.

This center is at the forefront of psychological intervention, working with different currents such as cognitive-behavioral therapies, third generation therapies, dance therapy or specific interventions in Autism Spectrum Disorders, among others.

They treat different problems, such as depression, anxiety, grief, phobias, OCD , sleep problems, lack of social skills, eating problems, substance abuse, relationship problems, difficulties in coping with the stages of motherhood, etc.

The team

Mirian Martínez is in charge of the children’s and youth area . The specialties she works on are, among others, Autism Spectrum Disorders, working in a natural context (school, home, park, etc., in this way one can better observe the problem to be treated) and giving guidelines to parents. It also treats behavior problems, learning problems, etc.

Its closeness to both parents and children and its use of effective treatments, give it a practical and dynamic way of working that allows children to work in a playful way.

Both Claudia and Mª Brígida are in charge of the area of adults and couples , working with cognitive-behavioral and third generation orientation.

Mª Brígida Miralles is focused on covering the personal well-being of each patient and addressing all the situations they need to solve through understanding and listening.

Its sessions are aimed at learning fundamental tools for each specific case, being able to put them into practice on a daily basis.

Claudia is oriented in dealing with problems in a clear and precise way; her empathy and closeness make the person feel sheltered. Her double nationality means that her interventions can be also in Italian .

Another service developed by the clinic is civil and family mediation. Its specialists effectively resolve various family conflicts, labour conflicts , etc. In addition, they also carry out expert reports, being able to ratify in court in necessary cases.