How do I redeem my PNC rewards points?

To redeem your Cash Back, visit the Rewards Center in PNC Online Banking at, call the customer service number on the back of your PNC Cash Rewards credit card, or use any other redemption method we offer. Your Account must be open in order to redeem your Cash Back.

How much is 50000 PNC points worth?

Depending on how you redeem, 50,000 PNC points are worth as much as $170 (airfare) or as little as $100 (statement credit). In other words, each PNC point is worth $0.0013 to $0.0034, compared to about $0.01 for the average credit card point. You can learn more about how to redeem PNC points for maximum value here.

How do PNC credit card points work?

PNC Credit Cards

You get 4 points for each $1 you spend on qualifying purchases made with your PNC points Visa credit card. You earn 5 points for each $1 you spend on purchases made with your PNC points Visa Business or PNC BusinessOptions℠ credit card.

How many PNC points do you need for a gift card?

The exact value of your gift cards will vary, but you can expect to redeem PNC points at a value of 0.22 to 0.25 cents per point for gift cards. For example, check out the $500 Amazon gift card, which requires around 223,748 points, a value of 0.223 cents per point.

How much are my PNC points worth?

With the PNC points Visa providing 4 points per dollar spent, its overall rewards are worth a little less than 1 cent per dollar spent. That’s a low rate for all purchases made with a card.

What can I get with my Visa Rewards points?

Typically, you can spend your Visa card’s rewards points for travel, merchandise through an issuer’s online shopping portal, cash, gift cards, charity donations and more. In some cases, Visa rewards points may be worth more with some redemption methods than others.

What is a PNC payback award?

PNC Purchase Payback is a rewards program designed specifically for you, based on where you like to shop, dine, and have fun. It provides great offers at your favorite retailers, or suggests similar businesses that we think you’ll like.

What is PNC points Visa?

Redeem your points for thousands of valuable rewards – including cash, travel, merchandise, gift cards and more. Calculate your points »» No Annual Fee** Earn 50,000 Bonus Points[] after you make $750 or more in purchases during the first 3 billing cycles following account opening of a PNC points® Visa® Credit Card.

How many PNC Rewards points for a flight?

An exception to the card’s 0.2 cent point valuation is redemption for airfare. A PNC spokesperson notes that points are worth the most when redeemed for flights, followed by hotels and then cash. According to PNC, a Cleveland-to-Chicago round-trip economy flight that’s priced at $212.40 would require 70,800 points.

What credit score do you need to be approved for a PNC credit card?

The credit score required for the PNC credit cards is at least 750, which is excellent credit.

How do I pay my PNC credit card?

Online: To make a payment online, just log in to your online account. Phone: Call (800) 558-8472 and enter your card information when prompted. Mobile app: You can also pay your PNC Points Visa® Credit Card by using the PNC mobile app. At a branch: You can make a payment at any PNC branch during normal business hours.

How do I put a travel notice on PNC?

Look for the Account Services section, and select Debit/ATM Card Services. Select Edit/View Preferences. A profile of your current card will appear. In the bottom right corner of the screen, select “Notify PNC of Foreign Travel.”

What is PNC credit card limit?

The PNC credit card’s limit is as high as $10,000+. Cards that require excellent credit, like PNC’s usually have an average credit limit of $8,200.

How often does PNC increase credit limit?

Frequently, PNC will automatically issue you a credit limit increase if you meet the above criteria. Say you want a PNC Cashbuilder credit limit increase on your cashback rewards card. They typically assess your financial situation around every six months or so and increase your line if they feel you can handle it.

Does PNC automatically increase credit limit?

The PNC Core Visa® Credit Card may offer an automatic credit limit increase if PNC’s regular review of your account shows a history of on-time payments and low debt. An automatic credit limit increase involves a soft pull, which does not affect your credit score.

Can I withdraw money from my PNC credit card?

You can get a PNC credit card cash advance at any ATM displaying the Visa logo using your card and PIN. You could also ask for a cash advance in any bank with your card and a photo ID. Alternatively, you can log in to your online account and transfer funds from your credit card directly to a checking account.

What is cash rewards on a credit card?

Credit card cash back rewards are bonuses provided to credit card customers when they use their cards to make purchases. Cash back rewards can take the form of dollars or points — with points typically redeemable on an online marketplace operated by the card issuer. Cash back rewards operate on a percentage basis.

How do I activate my PNC Cash Rewards card?

By phone: Call (800) 558-8472 or the number on the sticker attached to the front of the card. Verify your personal information (e.g. Social Security number, card number, or phone number associated with your application) to activate your PNC Cash Rewards® Visa® Credit Card.

Can I use my PNC credit card at an ATM?

Active PNC debit and banking cards are eligible for Card Free ATM Access. Cards not eligible for this feature include deposit only cards, credit cards, SmartAccess® cards and non-PNC cards.

How much can you withdraw from PNC in a day?

When it comes to withdrawing money from an ATM, you are limited to the amount you can withdraw in one day.

Average Daily ATM Withdrawal Limits and Debit Purchase Limits.
BankDaily ATM Withdrawal LimitDaily Debit Purchase Limit
PNC$500$2,000 with PIN, $5,000 non-PIN
Sep 7, 2021

How much money can you withdraw from PNC ATM?

The Standard Checking Account has an ATM withdrawal limit of $500 with a relatively high daily debit purchase limit of $7,000. If you need higher limits, PNC’s Performance Checking and Performance Select Checking Accounts both have a limit of $1,500 for ATM withdrawals and a debit purchase limit of $9,500.

What ATM allows you to withdraw $1000?

This means that if your bank imposes a $1,000 max ATM withdrawal limit per day, that’s the most cash you’ll be able to withdraw, regardless of which ATM you use.
Daily ATM Withdrawal Limits at Top Banks
Ally Bank$1,000
Bank of America$1,000
BMO Harris$1,000
Capital One$1,000
Mar 11, 2022