How do I choose a toilet paper holder?

Position. The height and position of your toilet roll holder is all-important! Too high and children might not be able to use it, too low and you may end up with a bad back! Ideally, it should be easily accessible from a seated position, especially if the toilet is to be used by those with restricted mobility.

What is the most sanitary way to hang toilet paper?

According to science, the correct way to hang toilet paper is “over.” Why? Because “under” vastly increases the possibility that food-poisoning bacteria will spread from the restroom to the rest of the workplace.

What are the different types of toilet paper holders?

Toilet paper holders are available in three common types: freestanding, wall mounted, and tank mounted.

Should toilet paper holder be on the left or right?

There’s no specific code that dictates where toilet paper holder placement should be in a bathroom, or which side of the toilet it should be on, for that matter.

Where does toilet paper holder go in small bathroom?

They recommend you install the toilet paper holder 26 inches above the floor and eight to 12 inches away from the toilet, measuring from the very front of the toilet. This gives you both the space to reach out for it and the proximity, so you aren’t trying to reach too far.

How do you keep toilet paper from falling off the holder?