What does it mean when it says cross street?

: a street intersecting a main thoroughfare especially at right angles and continuous on both sides of it — compare side street.

How do I find my cross streets?

Visit online mapping services like Mapquest, Google Maps or Yahoo Maps. Enter the name of the community and/or road you are searching for and locate it on the map that appears on the page. As you zoom in on a location, the map becomes more detailed and the names of side streets and residential roads will appear.

What does closest cross street mean?

The cross street is the closest street to your address that bisects the street your address is on. So if your address is 100 Collins Ave and the closest street from your address to turn on to is 1st street, the nearest cross street to you would be 1st street.

Where can I find cross streets in NYC?

As many New Yorkers know, it’s not hard to find a building, even if you don’t know the cross street. For, say, 1622 First Avenue, all you have to do is drop the last digit, divide what’s left — 162 — in half and add 3. Presto!

How do I know where I am?

Find current location on Google Maps

The `Where Am I` app shows your current geograph location, including latitude and longitude, on Google Maps. The geolocation service is available on both desktop computers and mobile phones. The location finder service uses the Google Maps Geolocation API to determine the place.

What is a major intersection?

Major Intersection . – in urban areas means an intersection that is controlled by traffic control signals, or that is a multilane roundabout.

How do you memorize New York streets?

Another good, quick rule of thumb is that most New Yorkers say the street first and the avenue second. Odd-numbered streets go west and even-numbered streets go east. Additionally, odd-numbered buildings are on the north side of the street and even-numbered addresses are on the south.

How do you say address in New York?

In the cases of Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island, it’s the borough, then the state. In the case of Manhattan, it’s “New York, NY”. In the case of Queens, you actually give the neighborhood, then the state, i.e. “Middle Village, NY”, or “Astoria, NY”.

How do you write a New York address?

Only Manhattan is addressed as New York City, or NY, NY. Brooklyn is Brooklyn, NY. The other boroughs, you use the street address, borough name and the state except for Long Island, where you put the town name, L.I., and state.

How are NYC streets named?

How NYC Streets Are Numbered. In Manhattan, streets run east and west, with the numbers ascending as they move north (or, as New Yorkers say, “uptown”). The southernmost street is East 1st Street in the East Village, just north of Houston Street. The northernmost is 220th Street in Manhattan’s Inwood neighborhood.

Why do New York addresses have dashes?

The two numbers before the dash indicate the closest cross street, or cross avenue, while the two numbers at the end of the dash indicate the number of the building or house.

How are streets numbered in New York?

Odd-numbered streets go west and even-numbered streets go east. Additionally, odd-numbered buildings are on the north side of the street and even-numbered addresses are on the south. (On a north-south street, odd buildings are on the west side, and even ones are on the east.)

What’s the highest numbered street in NYC?

228th Street
The highest numbered street in Manhattan is 228th Street, but that is in Marble Hill, a section of Manhattan north of the Harlem River. The highest numbered street on Manhattan Island is 220th Street in Inwood.

What is the most famous street in New York City?

The most famous street and the main artery of New York is Fifth Avenue. It connects the north and south of Manhattan. The Big Apple’s most famous street is Fifth Avenue, also known as Millionaire’s Row.

What street is Manhattan?

The highest numbered street on Manhattan Island is 220th Street, but Marble Hill is also within the borough of Manhattan, so the highest street number in the borough is 228th Street.

Lengths of streets.
Street5th Street
StartAvenue D
EndCooper Square/Third Avenue
Length0.62 mi (1 km)

What is the longest house number?

But there’s one more claim to fame: the world’s highest street address number: 986039 Oxford-Perth Road. 986039 Oxford-Perth Road, a private residence with what is probably the highest numbered address in the world.

How many street corners are in Manhattan?

11,500 street corners
There are nearly 11,500 street corners on the island of Manhattan — the exact number is a matter of definition and sometimes even a matter of judgment — not counting the corners of streets that are permanently closed to traffic, staircase streets, medians, traffic islands, on/off ramps, and corners within parks.

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How did streets get their names?

In the United States, most streets are named after numbers, landscapes, trees (a combination of trees and landscapes such as “Oakhill” is used often in residential areas), or the surname of an important individual (in some instances, it is just a commonly held surname such as Smith).

What’s the most common street name in the USA?

Second Street
The official list also showed that there were more Second streets than First streets. In fact, it found that Second Street was the most common street name in the U.S., with 10,866 streets (that total includes all instances of Second Street and 2nd Street).

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