How do I cash a Western Union money order?

You may be able to cash your money order at banks and other retailers (grocery stores, check-cashing locations or other stores where you’ve been able to cash checks in the past). In some circumstances, the bank or retailer may charge you to cash your money order.

Can I cash a Western Union money order at Walmart?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not cash Western Union money orders as of 2022. Instead, Walmart offers their own money ordering services which Walmart customers can use as an alternative. Additionally, if you have a Western Union money order to cash, many local grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies will cash them.

Can you cash a Western Union money order at the post office?

You might visit a post office to cash a USPS money order, or a Western Union office to cash a Western Union money order.

Can you deposit a Western Union money order in an ATM?

Most banks will allow you to deposit a money order with a teller, and you may need to fill out a deposit slip. Some banks will also allow you to deposit money orders by mailing them to the bank, by depositing them in an ATM or even by taking a photo of the money order with your smartphone.

Can I cash a Western Union money order at Walgreens?

Walgreens does cash money transfers through Western Union. However, be warned that Walgreens can only cash up to $300 a transaction — even though you can purchase a money transfer up to $6,000.

Where can I cash a USPS money order?

You can cash a USPS money order at a Post Office for free. You can also cash them at most banks and some stores. Rural carriers may cash money orders if they have enough money on hand.

Do ATMs take money orders?

Banks accept U.S. Postal Service money orders as they would regular checks at branches, ATMs or even on a banking app with a mobile check deposit function. Don’t forget to sign the back of the money order before depositing.

Will a bank cash a Western Union money order?

You can also cash Western Union money orders at your local bank or credit union. You can ask the teller to deposit the funds directly into your account, or you can endorse the check and request the teller issue you the funds in cash. You’ll need to provide your account number, as well as a valid form of identification.

How do I cash a money order I bought?

How to Cash a Money Order
  1. Bring your money order to a location that will cash it. You can take the money order to your bank, credit union, grocery store, and some retail stores. …
  2. Endorse your money order. …
  3. Verify your identity. …
  4. Pay service fees. …
  5. Receive your cash.

Can I cash a money order that I made out to someone else?

To cash a money order, you’ll need to first endorse it by signing your name on the back. You will also need to provide identification no matter where you’re cashing your money order. If you don’t have any ID, you can endorse the money order to someone else, like a sibling or friend, who does have an ID.

How do I deposit a money order into an ATM?

Provide your account information (signature card, ATM card, debit card, or deposit slip). Sign (endorse) the money order in front of the teller. This is typically on the back, but the teller can help you find the endorsement line. Receive the cash (or complete the deposit) and get a receipt for the transaction.

Can I Mobile deposit a money order?

Today, most banks allow mobile check deposit of personal checks, business checks, money orders, treasury checks and more. As a general rule, any check you can deposit in-person at a local branch can be deposited via mobile check deposit using your bank’s app.

Can I change the name on money order?

Information. No, you cannot make changes to a completed money order. Any form of alteration or correction will make it ineligible for cashing.

What happens if a money order is stolen and cashed?

None of the issuers guarantee refunds for money orders reported stolen and cashed though they may be issued in select situations. For example, USPS pursues banks that clear money orders without proper verification of identity and can receive reimbursement from the bank for an issued refund.

Can I endorse a money order myself?

You can make out a money order to yourself and leave it unsigned until you’re ready to cash it, it’s much like a traveler’s check. If you are the original purchaser and you are not modifying it you should be able to but each money order provider has their own set of rules.

How long does it take for a Western Union money order to clear?

Domestic money transfers are typically completed in 24 hours while international money transfers are completed in one to five business days.

How can you tell if a money order is good?

How to Check if Money Order is Fake
  1. The dollar amount is discolored. It may have been erased, indicating fraud.
  2. The dollar amount is not imprinted twice.
  3. The value of a domestic money order is larger than $1,000. …
  4. The value for an international money order is larger than $700 (or $500 for El Salvador or Guyana).

Can you cash a money order without a receipt?

Cashing the Money Order. Bring identification. The bank won’t cash the money order without acceptable proof that you are the person who is supposed to receive the funds. Your name on the money order must match the name on your identification exactly.

How do I know if my Western Union money order was cashed?

You can call the Western Union automated help line to determine the status of the money order you’ve sent. This phone number is (800) 999-9660. Listen to the automated menu prompts and select the option to “Check the Status of a Money Order.” Enter the 11-digit money order serial number when prompted.

Is a money order considered cash?

While money orders are fast and convenient, buyers may need to shop around to get the best prices. When receiving a money order, keep in mind that these are financial instruments that are considered the same as cash. Keep them safe or cash them out as quickly as is feasible.

How do I know if my money order was cashed?

Customers wanting to find out if a money order has been cashed may go online to to check the status. They will need to enter the money order serial number, Post Office number, and issued amount—all printed on the money order receipt—in order to obtain near real-time status information.

Can you refund Western Union money order?

You can request a refund for a Western Union money order if it hasn’t been used or received, or if it is lost, damaged or stolen. You will receive a refund if the money order has not been used. If it has been used, you will receive a copy of the cashed money order for your records.