Do they actually sing in Lemonade Mouth?

Note: The filmmakers want you to know that “Lemonade Mouth” is a dramady with a moving story. It has plenty of songs but the actors aren’t singing the story like in a true musical. Naomi: Adam actually wrote all the raps to the songs. They were so incredible.

Who is the rapper in Lemonade Mouth?

Adam Hicks
He was also known for playing Luther in the Disney XD series Zeke and Luther and Wendell “Wen” Gifford in the film Lemonade Mouth.
Adam Hicks
OccupationActor, rapper, singer-songwriter
Years active2000–2018

Does Bridgit Mendler sing in Lemonade Mouth?

In 2011, she starred as Olivia White, the lead role in the Disney Channel Original Movie Lemonade Mouth, watched by 5.7 million viewers on its premiere night. Mendler performed numerous songs for the film’s soundtrack, which was released on April 12, 2011 by Walt Disney Records.

Did Lemonade Mouth actually perform at Madison Square Garden?

Conversation. Let me clear this up HAHAHA when we did lemonade mouth MSG was actually an arena in New Mexico. This will be my FIRST TIME ever going to MSG. Excited is an understatement.

Who wrote the songs for Lemonade Mouth?

Christopher Joseph Lennertz is an American musical composer for films, television shows, and video games. His big break came with his musical scores for the 2007 film Alvin and the Chipmunks, Hop, Think Like a Man, and Horrible Bosses as well as the video game series Medal of Honor created by Steven Spielberg.


Why was Lemonade Mouth 2 Cancelled?

A sequel for the movie was planned after the success of Lemonade Mouth but Disney Channel later canceled it after being unable to come up with a new plot, feeling that the first movie had already completed its story.

What is the plot of Lemonade Mouth?

How much did Lemonade Mouth make?

Lemonade Mouth (2011)
Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Officen/a
Est. Domestic DVD Sales$4,966,108Details
Total Est. Domestic Video Sales$4,966,108
Further financial details…

How old is Naomi Scott?

Do Charlie and Mo get together?

He shares his first kiss with Mo at the end of the first book, and as of Lemonade Mouth: Puckers Up, he and Mo are an official couple.

Do Wen and Olivia end up together?

What is Wenvia? Wenvia is the romantic pairing of the two characters Wen Gifford and Olivia White. It was confirmed by the end of the movie that the two have feelings for each other, but they were never together until the extended edition.

Is Sterling Knight in Lemonade Mouth?

“So Random!” Lemonade Mouth (TV Episode 2011) – Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper – IMDb.

How old was Blake Michael when filming Lemonade Mouth?

14 years old
Blake Michael (Charlie) was only 14 years old while filming the movie and 15 when it was released. Hayley Kiyoko had to get her hair cut six different times before it was “just right” for her character.

Who plays Moe Lemonade Mouth?

Naomi Scott
Portrayed By

Mohini “Mo” Banjaree is the former bass player and backup singer and current co-lead singer for the Lemonade Mouth. She is dating Scott Pickett. She is portrayed by Naomi Scott.

Who does Mo date in Lemonade Mouth?

Scott Pickett
Mo is introduced as a popular student at Opequonsett High who is dating the school’s heartthrob soccer player, Scott Pickett, who is the drummer of popular local rock band, Mudslide Crush. Later, while the two are making out in the bushes, Mo and Scott are caught by a teacher, and the two end up getting detention.

Why is there so much purple in Lemonade Mouth?

Mo is seen wearing blue, which matches her boyfriend. As the film progresses, Mo gradually changes to purple and orange clothing. This symbolizes how although orange and purple are opposites, they complement each other to form the perfect balance. The director uses this tactic to display the same idea with the band.

Did Blake Michael actually play the drums?

In addition to being a lead actor in the film, Michael sings in 2 songs on the soundtrack, one which includes a solo portion. Michael played drums before the movie but learned a lot from his on-set drum teacher.

What happened to fried dynamite?

On September 26, 2008, Fried Dynamite was replaced by the action-themed block You Are Here.

How old is Blake Michael?

How old is Bridgit Mendler now?

How long did it take to film Lemonade Mouth?

106 minutes
Lemonade Mouth (film)
Lemonade Mouth
Running time106 minutes
Production companiesMartin Chase Productions G Wave Productions
DistributorDisney-ABC Domestic Television

What is Blake Michael nationality?