What is Henry the Navigator best known for?

Prince Henry the Navigator (aka Infante Dom Henrique, 1394-1460) was a Portuguese prince who famously helped capture the North African city of Ceuta, sponsored voyages of exploration with the aim of building colonies in the North Atlantic and West Africa, and began the Portuguese involvement in the African slave trade.

Who was Henry the Navigator and what did he do?

Prince Henry the Navigator was a Portuguese explorer, soldier and prince. Although Prince Henry rarely participated in explorations, he sent many expeditions from Portugal to the west coast of Africa, and was responsible for Portugal’s influence in the Great Age of Exploration.

Who was Henry the Navigator quizlet?

Who was Prince Henry? Prince Henry was the prince of Portugal and n was known as Henry the Navigator. He was a leader in the early years of European exploration and was considered curios and adventurous.

Why was Henry called the Navigator?

Although Prince Henry never sailed on any of his expeditions and rarely left Portugal, he became known as Prince Henry the Navigator because of his patronage of explorers, who increased the world’s known geographic information through the sharing of knowledge and by sending expeditions to places previously uncharted.

What was the purpose of Prince Henry’s exploration?

Prince Henry had several reasons for dispatching his expeditions. He hoped to find rumored Christian allies, add to geographic knowledge, and perhaps find a sea route to the Orient. But he also hoped to find gold. For centuries gold objects from sub-Saharan Africa had made their way to Europe.

Who was called as the navigator answer?

1 Answer. Prince Henry of Portugal was called as the Navigator.

Who sponsored Prince Henry the Navigator?

the Order of Christ
Henry now began to sponsor voyages of exploration along the western African coast. In 1420 he became a grand master of the Order of Christ, the supreme order sponsored by the pope to spread the area of European influence against the Muslim empires.