What does Mtl stand for?

When choosing a vape kit or e cigarette, you may come across the terms ‘MTL’ and ‘DTL’. These are acronyms for the terms ‘mouth to lung‘ and ‘direct to lung’. These terms define the different vaping styles used by vapers and relate to how you inhale the vapour created by your e cigarette.

What does Mtl stand for in states?

U.S. state-level money transmitter licensing (MTL) The Uniform Money Services Act (UMSA) Defining money transmitters.

Does MTL mean Montreal?

MTL means “Montreal, Canada.”

What country is MTL in?

The Maltese Lira (MTL) was the national currency of the Republic of Malta, prior to being replaced by the Euro (EUR) in 2007.

What does MTL mean in retail?

MTLMedium-Term Loan
MTLMinimum Triggering Level (DO 181C RTCA specification)
MTLMicrostrip Transmission Line
MTLModerate Temperature Loop

What does Mtl stand for in the military?

A U.S. Air Force military training leader (MTL) is a non-commissioned officer with specific duties. They are assigned the duty of transitioning non-prior service airmen in the Air Force into the personal adjustment to military life.

What is the abbreviation for Manitoba?

Province/TerritoryStandard abbreviations English/FrenchInternationally approved alpha code (Source: Canada Post)
British ColumbiaB.C./C.-B.BC
Sep 17, 2018

Is Montreal in Southern Quebec?

Montreal is in the southwest of the province of Quebec. The city covers most of the Island of Montreal at the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. The port of Montreal lies at one end of the Saint Lawrence Seaway, the river gateway that stretches from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic.

Is Montreal French Canada?

It is a French province, despite being in Canada. Although many people in Montreal speak English, in any other part of the province you will find that English is rarely used. This is also true of parts of New Brunswick, the province to the east of Quebec.

What does CA stand for in Canada?

Chartered Accountant
CA (Chartered Accountant)

What are the territories in Canada?

The three territories are Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. The difference between a province and a territory has to do with their governance. Basically, the territories have delegated powers under the authority of the Parliament of Canada; they are grouped together and ruled by the federal government.

Does On Stand for Ontario?

Table 8 Abbreviations and codes for provinces and territories, 2011 Census
Province/TerritoryStandard abbreviations English/FrenchInternationally approved alpha code (Source: Canada Post)
Dec 30, 2015

What does CMA stand for in Canada?

Cores. A census metropolitan area (CMA) or a census agglomeration (CA) can have more than one core. The core of a CMA must have a population of at least 50,000 and the core of a CA must have a population of at least 10,000.

What does the CN stand for?

Communications Network. CN. Cyanide. CN. Copper Nickel (product feature)

What does CGA stand for?

CGACertified General Accountant
CGACompressed Gas Association
CGAComputer Graphics and Applications
CGACentre de Gestion Agréé (French: Chartered Management Center)

What is a census metropolitan area in Ontario?

What is an Ontario Census Metropolitan Area? Statistics Canada identifies a Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), a geographical location that has a population of more than 100,000 people. Of course, this area has a core and may consist of one or more municipalities.

Is Markham a census metropolitan area?

In 2011, the population of Toronto census metropolitan area (CMA) was 5,583,064, representing a percentage change of 9.2% from 2006.

Census subdivisions in the Toronto CMA.
Census subdivision (CSD) nameMarkham
% change15.3

What is the difference between CA and CGA in Canada?

The main difference between CA and CGA is that the job of a Chartered Accountant (CA) is mainly taxation, auditing, accounting, and general management. The job of a Chartered General Accountant (CGA) is to provide the necessary tools to those individuals who want to pursue a career in the field of Accountancy.

How many metropolitan cities are in Ontario?

Canada had 41 CMAs and 110 CAs as of the 2021 census.

Geographic nameLondon
Population (2021)543,551
Population (2016)494,069

Is Guelph in a census metropolitan area?

Population, 2016 and 2011 censuses

In 2016, the enumerated population of Guelph census metropolitan area (CMA) was 151,984, which represents a change of 7.7% from 2011. This compares to the provincial average of 4.6% and the national average of 5.0%.

Is Whitby a census metropolitan area?

Oshawa CMA, which includes Whitby and Clarington, ranked as fastest growing population in Canada. The Oshawa Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) is leading the country in population growth.

What is the largest CMA in Canada?

Toronto, Ontario
Canada’s largest metropolitan area is Toronto, in Ontario. In 2020. Over 6.5 million people were living in the Toronto metropolitan area.

Resident population of Canada in 2020, by metropolitan area (in 1,000s)
CharacteristicNumber of residents in thousands
Toronto, Ontario6,555.2