How is Stapleton punished?

Holmes and Watson pursue Stapleton with the intent of capturing him so that he cannot harm anyone else. At the end of the story, Holmes and Watson have returned to London, with Sir Henry safe, and Stapleton punished for his crimes, presumably arrested and sent to jail.

What happens to Beryl Stapleton?

In the novel, Beryl is physically and emotionally abused by Jack who eventually locks her up at the end of the story in fear that she will jeopardize his plans. She is eventually rescued by Holmes, Watson and Lestrade.

How was Stapleton trapped?

It turns out to be Sir Henry’s black boot, which Stapleton used to set his hound on Henry’s trail and then threw to the ground as he made his escape. As for Stapleton himself, his footprints are nowhere to be found beyond a certain point, and the detectives decide that the great Grimpen mire has engulfed him.

What happened in the end of the hound of Baskerville?

In a dramatic final scene, Holmes and Watson use the younger Baskerville as bait to catch Stapleton red-handed. After a late supper at the Stapletons’, Sir Henry heads home across the moors, only to be waylaid by the enormous Stapleton pet.

What does Holmes reveal about Beryl Stapleton?

Stapleton share a close relationship and that Beryl, the woman masquerading as Stapleton’s sister is actually his wife. Shocked at these revelations, the doubting Watson demands proof, and Holmes tells of his own investigation into Stapleton’s past, and his career as a schoolmaster up north.

What is unusual about Miss Stapleton?

Beryl was described to be an extraordinarily beautiful woman: a proud, finely-cut, and regular face with a sensitive mouth and dark, eager eyes. Her figure was tall, slim, and elegant.

What happened to Stapleton in the end?

The superstitious Charles suffered a heart attack after being frightened by the animal. Stapleton also hopes to kill Henry Baskerville but is thwarted by Holmes. Afterward Stapleton flees and is believed to have died, swallowed by Grimpen Mire.

What motive did Stapleton have for killing Charles and Henry?

What motive did Stapleton have for killing Charles and Henry? He wanted the entire estate for himself. How did Holmes get Laura Lyons to divulge all that she knew? He showed her evidence that Stapleton was married and had deceived her.

What does Stapleton say brought him out on the moor?

What ides Stapleton say brought him out on the moor? He heard screams and became concerned about Sir Henry because he had invited him over. How did Seldon die?

Why does Christopher not like Arthur Conan Doyle?

He enjoys his day at the zoo with his father very much. Christopher explains that while he likes Sherlock Holmes, he doesn’t like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, because he believed in the supernatural. He feels Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is being stupid by believing in fairies and thinking people could communicate with the dead.

What warning did Stapleton’s sister mistakenly give to Watson?

What warning did Stapleton’s sister mistakenly give to Watson, because she thought he was Sir Henry? She told him not to cross the moor at night. Watson said his “Popularity would soon suffer” if he were to carry out Holmes’ orders to the letter.

What did Mr Stapleton promise he would do for Laura Lyons?

Holmes reveals to Watson that the Stapletons are actually a married couple and are not brother and sister. Mr. Stapleton promised to marry Ms. Lyons and she has no clue that he is married.

Who killed Wellington?

Shears, Mrs. Shears kicked him out of her house, and Wellington attacked him in the yard. Father killed Wellington with the garden fork.

Does Ed Boone hit Christopher?

Ed shakes Christopher hard with both hands. Christopher falls unconscious for a few seconds. Ed stands above him. Although it doesn’t say that Ed hits Christopher in the stage directions, Ed later apologises for hitting him.

What does Christopher find in his dads closet?

Christopher gets the key to the garden from the china pot and sets out to retrieve his book. When he doesn’t find his book in the trashcan, he realizes Father might have hidden it elsewhere in the house. He eventually discovers the book in a shirt box underneath a toolbox in Father’s bedroom closet.

What disorder does Christopher Boone have?

Its main character, and the narrator of the book, is Christopher Boone, a 15 year old with autism. Mark Haddon, the author of The Curious Incident, never lets Christopher stray from his unique interpretation of the world around him, which is what allows the readers to feel they are within his mind.

Where does Christopher hide?

Christopher is still on the train hiding behind a piece of luggage, on a shelf beside the bathroom. He is trying to decide when he should get off the train. He needs know two things, one is if the policeman, who wants to return him to his father, is still on the train and the other is if the train has reached London.

Who is Christopher’s Prime Suspect *?

Roger Shears
Roger Shears becomes the prime suspect in Christopher’s investigation of the murder of Wellington the dog. He is the only person Christopher can think of that might not like Mrs Shears, as they are divorced. The audience meets Roger when Christopher goes to London to find his mother.

What is the name of the dog that Christopher finds dead?

Christopher John Francis Boone is a 15-year-old boy who has behavioural problems and lives with his father, Ed. He explains in his narration that his mother, Judy, apparently died two years before. Then one day, the boy discovers the dead body of the neighbour’s dog, Wellington, speared by a garden fork.

What happened to Christopher’s mother?

Summary: Chapter 53. Christopher recalls that Mother died two weeks after going into hospital. He never saw her there, but Father said that she sent lots of love and had his get-well card on her bedside table before she had an unexpected heart attack.

How does Siobhan understand Christopher?

This also shows that Siobhan knows Christopher well because she relates the problem to rhythm which must be something Christopher can use to make things easier for himself. Siobhan acts as a dramatic device – she is a narrator or a voice in Christopher’s head.

Why is Christopher taken to jail?

The officer arrests Christopher for assault. As the officer drives him away, Christopher considers the Milky Way through the window of the squad car. He feels comforted by the order he sees in the stars, and by the fact that policeman has done his job in a predictable manner.