Where did the Living End get their name?

By 1994, Cheney and Owen were writing their own material and decided to change the band’s name to The Living End – a reference to the film, Rock Around the Clock (1956). According to Cheney “It’s an old ’50s term, meaning ‘far out’, ‘the greatest’ …

When did The Living End Start?

What is the living end?

(idiomatic, preceded by the) The most extreme form of something or the final and most impactful development in a series of events — whether favorable or unfavorable quotations ▼

Who are the members of The Living End?

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Who is the lead singer of Living End?

Christopher John Cheney (born 2 January 1975) is an Australian rock musician, record producer, and studio owner. He is the founding mainstay guitarist, songwriter, and lead vocalist of the rockabilly band The Living End, which was formed in 1994 with schoolmate Scott Owen.

What age is Kasey Chambers?

How old is Chris Cheney?

How many albums have the Living End sold?

It was released on October 12th, 1998, and by 1999 it was certified as four times platinum with the incredible amount of 280,000 units, twice as much as the EP did. “The Living End” is the second highest-selling rock debut album in Australian history.

What genre is the living end?

What guitar does Chris Cheney use?

A talented guitarist, his trademark Guitar is a Gretsch White Falcon and he uses mainly distortion and modulation effects.

What band was Chris Cheney in?

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Who was the first rockabilly star?

Record reviewers coined the term rockabilly—literally, rock and roll played by hillbillies—to describe the intense, rhythm-driven musical style introduced by Elvis Presley on his first recordings.

What guitar does Living End Use?

THE LIVING END-CHRIS CHENEY ON HIS NEW SIGNATURE GRETSCH GUITAR. In Gretsch’s 125th anniversary year, the company chose to honour The Living End’s amazing guitarist Chris Cheney by creating his own production line signature model Gretsch guitar.

What pickups does Chris Cheney use?

Gretsch G6126TCC Chris Cheney Signature Model

The guitar features Cheney’s personal favourite TV Jones pickups, with a single cutaway body reminiscent of the 6120 model, and finished with Cheney’s go-to aged white body finish.

What does rock a billy mean?


(rŏk′ə-bĭl′ē) n. A form of popular music combining features of rock music and bluegrass. [rock(-and-roll) + (hill)billy.]

What is rockabilly a combination of?

Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music. It dates back to the early 1950s in the United States, especially the South. As a genre it blends the sound of Western musical styles such as country with that of rhythm and blues, leading to what is considered “classic” rock and roll.

Who wrote I Walk the Line?

John R. Cash was an American singer-songwriter. Much of Cash’s music contained themes of sorrow, moral tribulation, and redemption, especially in the later stages of his career.


Was Elvis rockabilly?

The best-known examples of rockabilly music are the songs recorded for the Sun Records label; the label’s roster included Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis. The success of those rockabilly recordings helped pave a path to national stardom for them, as well as other rockabilly artists.

What is the difference between rockabilly and rock and roll?

In context|uncountable|lang=en terms the difference between rockabilly and rock. is that rockabilly is (uncountable) a genre of music originating from the south (united states) and mixing elements of rock, blues, country, hillbilly boogie and bluegrass music while rock is (uncountable) the flax or wool on a distaff.

Is rockabilly still popular?

Musical cultures known more for fashion than for music become at best jokes and warnings. More frequently, they just fade away. Rockabilly became popular again during a larger craze for midcentury Americana, the wider cultural trend that found every bar in Brooklyn hosting a retro burlesque show.

Why was Elvis a seminal figure in rock?

And it turns out there are several factors that contributed to Elvis’ fame. It wasn’t just his good looks, charm and voice that made him a rock icon. The media and its new outlets (such as the transistor radio and television), the breakdown of racism, the mass marketing – these had a lot to do with Elvis’ success.

What branch of the military did Elvis serve in?

United States Army
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Elvis Presley
AllegianceUnited States
Service/branchUnited States Army
Years of service1958–1960