What is a synonym for the word activate?

actuate. verbstart a function or action, motivate. activate. animate. arouse.

What is the synonym of the word launch?

to set (a rocket, missile, or spacecraft) into motion. The rocket was launched early this morning. Synonyms. propel.

What is the noun for activate?

activation Add to list Share. Use the noun activation to describe the process of turning on or starting something, or energizing someone.

What’s the antonym of activate?

What is the opposite of activate?
turn offcut out
switch offshut off
make inactiveshut down

How do you say we are launching?

What is another name for launch party?

What is another word for launch party?
promotionofficial opening
opening ceremonybig launch
grand openinginaugural ceremony

What is a antonym for launch?

Antonyms for launch. close (down), phase out, shut (up)

What’s a antonym for launch?

What is the opposite of launch?
shut upcancel
abandonput an end to
wind upabort

What’s a synonym for accelerate?

hurry, quicken, rush, speed (up), whisk.

What is a launch time?

The time at which an aircraft or missile is scheduled to be airborne.

Is there such a word as lunching?

Meaning of lunching in English

to eat lunch: I’m lunching with Giles.

What does it mean to put to sea?

Definition of put (out) to sea

: to leave a port, harbor, etc., and begin traveling on the sea The ship will put (out) to sea tomorrow.

What does it mean to launch someone?

b : to give (a person) a start launched her on a new career. c(1) : to put into operation or set in motion : initiate, introduce launch a business launch a fund drive.

What is the meaning of launching soon?

2 an effective starting point for a career, enterprise, or campaign. launching shoe, launching vehicle, launch, launching shoe. asap. exp. as soon as possible.