What is the synonym of compliment?

extol. (also extoll), glorify, laud, praise.

What is the word for highest compliment?

synonyms for with high praise

appreciative. congratulatory. polite. respectful. adulatory.

What is the synonym of flattery?

eulogize, extol. (also extoll), laud, praise.

How do you compliment someone in one word?

Breathtaking / Awe-Inspiring — So awesome and amazing, they take your breath away; astonishing; thrillingly beautiful. Brilliant / Intelligent / Genius — Well above average in the smarts department; gifted; whip-smart; witty; masterly; profound; adept; first-rate.

What is the meaning of word synonym?

Definition of synonym

1 : one of two or more words or expressions of the same language that have the same or nearly the same meaning in some or all senses. 2a : a word or phrase that by association is held to embody something (such as a concept or quality) a tyrant whose name has become a synonym for oppression.

What is the sentence of compliment?

Compliment (praise)

Examples: Compliment as a noun If you like him, you should pay him a compliment. I’ll take compliments over criticism any day! As a verb, compliment means to express praise, admiration, or respect. To compliment someone is to give them a compliment.

Is I see you a compliment?

When someone says “I see you,” they are showing that they recognize what you are doing. Whether you are being sneaky or industrious, someone may say “I see you” to show that your conduct has not gone unnoticed. This phrase is appropriate in many contexts, so it can be accusatory, congratulatory, positive, or negative.

What are 10 examples of synonyms?

II. Examples of Synonyms
  • Bad: awful, terrible, horrible.
  • Good: fine, excellent, great.
  • Hot: burning, fiery, boiling.
  • Cold: chilly, freezing, frosty.
  • Easy: Simple, effortless, straightforward.
  • Hard: difficult, challenging, tough.
  • Big: large, huge, giant.
  • Small: tiny, little, mini.

What are some examples of synonym?

A synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word (or nearly the same meaning). For example, beautiful and attractive are synonyms of each other because they both refer to someone or something that looks good.

What are 50 synonyms?

List of Synonyms

What are 7 synonyms?

  • septenary.
  • septemviral.
  • septennial.
  • septuple.