What is the synonym of cost?

1 charge, expense, expenditure, outlay. 3 detriment.

How much will it cost synonyms?

Synonyms: how much is it?, (humorous) what’s the damage?

What is high cost synonym?

Expensive or costly in price. costly. expensive. high-priced. pricey.

What’s meant by cost?

Definition of cost

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : the amount or equivalent paid or charged for something : price The average cost of a college education has gone up dramatically. b : the outlay or expenditure (as of effort or sacrifice) made to achieve an object He achieved fame, but at the cost of losing several friends.

How much this cost Meaning?

What is its price?, How much money do you want for it? phrase.

How do you say cost a lot?

To cost a lot of money – thesaurus
  1. not come cheap. phrase. to cost or charge a lot.
  2. cost a fortune/the earth/a bomb. phrase. to cost a lot of money.
  3. cost a pretty penny. phrase. to cost a lot of money.
  4. pay the earth. phrase. to pay a very large amount of money.
  5. cost an arm and a leg. phrase. to cost a lot of money.

What type of word is cost?

Cost can be a noun or a verb.

What is the example of cost?

The definition of cost is the amount paid for something or the expense of doing something. An example of a cost is $3 for a half gallon of milk.

Is at the cost of synonym?

What is another word for at the cost of?
forat the price of
in exchange forat the expense of
costingpriced at
that will costat a cost of
atquoted at

What is the past tense of cost?

1In sense 4 costed is used for the past tense and past participle.

What is a synonym for associated with?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for associated. connected, interconnected, interrelated, joined.

What is the antonym of cost?

What is the opposite of cost?

What is the synonym of should?

must, need, ought (to), shall.

What’s fraternize mean?

intransitive verb. : to associate or mingle as brothers or on fraternal terms. fraternized with the other guests at the party. : to associate on close terms with members of a hostile group especially when contrary to military orders. were ordered not to fraternize with the enemy.

What’s another word for when?

In this page you can discover 36 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for when, like: while, just as soon as, at the moment that, during, once, whenever, meanwhile, after, so-that, until and before.

What is opposite of destiny?

What is the opposite of destiny?

What are two coworkers dating called?

Fraternization is the interaction between co-workers that extends beyond business relationships. Your employees probably spend as much time with each other as they do with their family, if not more.

What does rub shoulders mean?

informal. : to meet and talk with (someone) in a friendly way The awards dinner gave me the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of today’s greatest American poets.

What does not obligated mean?

: not required (to do something) You are under no obligation to stay.

Can you get fired for private text messages?

Texts can absolutely get you fired,” labor and employment lawyer Karen Elliott with the firm Eckert Seamans told Moneyish, who noted that the first thing she does in any investigation is pull a person’s text and phone records.

Can you date your boss legally?

Can you date your boss legally? There is no law against dating one’s boss. But many companies have policies in place that restrict bosses and managers from dating subordinate employees. These policies are in place to prevent an employee from being pressured into a relationship.

Can you be fired for flirting at work?

The consequences of harassment

Harassment in the form of unwanted flirting may result in an adverse employment decision, such as cut backs in hours or firing.

Should you fire someone over the phone?

Normally, you should never fire someone by phone or email. You should do people the courtesy of having that conversation face-to-face; you are, after all, impacting their livelihood in a very big way. One exception to this is if the person works remotely, in which case a phone conversation would be reasonable.