What is the synonym of crossing?

Synonyms for crossing. coming (to), dawning (on), occurring (to), striking.

What is the synonym of traversing?

peregrinate, proceed (along), track, transit, travel.

What is the word meaning of crossing?

Definition of crossing

1 : the act or action of crossing: such as. a : a traversing or traveling across. b : an opposing, blocking, or thwarting especially in an unfair or dishonest manner.

What is another word for crossing the line?

What is another word for cross the line?
come inenter
intrudecross threshold
gain entrancepass in
show upgain admission
touch downcross the threshold

How do you use traversing in a sentence?

1. The cars were traversing along the highway. 2. It suited my wandering nature, my penchant for traversing the neighborhoods of San Francisco, honing my skills as a boulevardier.

What is the opposite of Traverse?

What is the opposite of traverse?

What is a traversing part?

a place where one may traverse or cross; crossing. Architecture. a transverse gallery or loft of communication in a church or other large building. a bar, strip, rod, or other structural part placed or extending across; crosspiece; crossbar. a railing, lattice, or screen serving as a barrier.

What part of speech is Traverse?

verb (used with object), trav·ersed, trav·ers·ing.

What is a synonym for roam?

Some common synonyms of roam are meander, ramble, rove, traipse, and wander. While all these words mean “to go about from place to place usually without a plan or definite purpose,” roam suggests wandering about freely and often far afield. liked to roam through the woods.

What is meant by at a stretch?

Definition of at a stretch

: at one time without stopping She can sit and read for hours at a stretch.

How many types of traverse are there?

two types
Types of Traverse

A Traverse may be of two types. Namely, Open Traverse. Closed Traverse.

Is traversal a word?

the act or process of passing across, over, or through:A problem with the Voyager 2 spacecraft as it began its traversal of the rings of Saturn was eventually linked to high-speed collisions with micrometeoroids.

What is the clues to meaning of traverse?

The verb traverse means to travel across an extended area.

Why do we use traverse?

Traverse is a method in the field of surveying to establish control networks. It is also used in geodesy. Traverse networks involve placing survey stations along a line or path of travel, and then using the previously surveyed points as a base for observing the next point.

What is purpose of traverse?

The purpose of traverse is to locate the unknown points relative to each other and to locate all points within the traverse relative to a common grid. Three elements of starting data are needed. They are the coordinates and height of a starting point and an azimuth to a visible azimuth mark.

What are the three types of traverse?

Closed (polygon) (6a), control-zigzag (6b) and control-linear (6c) traverses. One of the sources of uncertainty in the measurement of a horizontal angle in surveying comes from the instrument centring. There are two ways of evaluating the uncertainty coming from this source.

What is the difference between travel and traverse?

“traverse” specifically means to cross from one side of something to the other, possibly repeatedly (back and forth), and is a less common word. “travel” is general-purpose and can be used for any journey of reasonable length.

What is open traversing?

Definition of open traverse

: a surveying traverse that fails to terminate where it began and therefore does not completely enclose a polygon — compare error of closure sense 2.