What is another word for on board?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for on-board, like: aboard, on-deck, onboard, ocean-going, , , ashore, in-cab, in-seat, and telemetry.

What does it mean to say on board?

If a person or group of people is on board, they support you and agree with what you are doing. We want to see that everyone is on board for creating change.

What does on board with something mean?

In agreement with; ready or willing to participate. Is everyone on board with the new plan? Then let’s get to work!

What is the opposite of onboard?

Offboarding is the reverse of onboarding, and it involves separating an employee from a firm. This can include a process for sharing knowledge with other employees.

How do you use onboard in a sentence?

Examples of onboard in a Sentence

The car comes with an onboard computer.

Is onboard one word or two words?

one word
1 Answer. Onboard is one word (sometimes hyphenated—on-board) when it comes before the noun it modifies (e.g., onboard radio, onboard computer). Elsewhere, writers usually make on board two words. For instance, one might write, “We brought a radio on board so we could have an onboard radio.”

Where does the phrase on board come from?

To be on board is from c. 1500, originally nautical, “close alongside;” then, less technically, “on the ship” (1708), perhaps by influence of aboard, or from the noun in the sense “plank;” extended to trains, planes, general situations.

Have you on board meaning?

involved in a project or organization, or working for a company. Welcome to the team. It’s great to have you on board.

What does off board mean?

Offboarding is the process that leads to the formal separation between an employee and a company through resignation, termination, or retirement. It encompasses all the decisions and processes that take place when an employee leaves.

What is onboard ship?

For those in the shipping and freight industry, ‘shipped on board’ could be a familiar term. It means that specific goods have been received and loaded onboard the ship on the said date. Typically, shipped on board appears on all bills of lading.

Is on board an idiom?

On-board definition

(idiomatic) Agreeing or supporting. It’s a good idea, but let’s see if we can get a few more of the management team on board. (idiomatic) Joining in or participating.

Is it on board or aboard?

Aboard: Aboard is used to describe the entry into a passenger vehicle. Onboard: Onboard is used to refer to the situation or position of something inside a passenger vehicle.

What is the old meaning of all aboard?

The phrase “All aboard!” is said as a warning before departure, especially before a ship or train leaves. It means, in essence: haul your keister up here quick or you’ll be left behind! Definitions of aboard. adverb.

Will take on board meaning?

Definition of take (something) on board

: to decide to accept or deal with (something, such as a suggestion or idea) You will be pleased to note that we have taken your suggestions on board in formulating the present policy.

What is welcome on board?

‘Welcome on board’ means welcome onto this plane, train or boat. ‘On board’ refers to the place; which was most likely a board used to get onto the ship or train.

What is onboard company?

On-Board is a thriving privately held family of companies with services including: Consulting, Professional Engineering, Industrial Maintenance and Facility Management, Contracted Manufacturing and Production Services, as well as Temporary Staffing and Recruiting throughout North America.

What is the adverb of board?

adverb, preposition. /əˈbɔːd/ /əˈbɔːrd/ ​on or onto a ship, plane, bus or train synonym on board.

What kind of word is board?

As detailed above, ‘board’ can be a noun or a verb. Noun usage: We have to wait to hear back from the board. Noun usage: Room and board.