What do you mean by rebate?

A rebate is a credit paid to a buyer of a portion of the amount paid for a product or service.

What is the opposite of rebate?

What is the opposite of rebate?
cough upfork out
lay outoutlay

What is the sentence of rebate?

Examples of rebate in a Sentence

Noun There is a $50 rebate offered with the printer.

What is another name for cash discount?

Cash discounts also are called early payment discounts. The sellers and providers offering a cash discount will refer to it as a sales discount, and the buyer will refer to the same discount as a purchase discount.

What is the opposite of a payment?

Opposite of the action or process of paying someone or something or of being paid. nonpayment. evasion. defaulting.

What is the opposite of over payment?

What is the opposite of overpayment?

What is opposite compensation?

Opposite of something, typically money, awarded in recognition of loss, suffering, or injury. damage. debt. deprivation. fine.

What is money received called?

Revenue, often referred to as sales or the top line, is the money received from normal business operations. Operating income is revenue (from the sale of goods or services) less operating expenses.

How do you say payment received?

Dear Sir, This letter acknowledges the receipt of your payment for the products supplied. We have received the complete payment for order number 345, which was supplied last week. Thank you for your continued trust in our company.

What is a word for a payment or fee?

Words related to fee

account, bill, commission, compensation, cost, cut, expense, pay, payment, price, reward, salary, share, stipend, wage, ante, bite, chunk, consideration, emolument.

What is claim opposite?

Opposite of to state or assert that something is the case. deny. reject. controvert. refute.

What is the opposite of a tax credit?

What Is the Difference Between a Tax Credit and a Tax Deduction? Tax credits directly lower the amount of tax you owe, while tax deductions lower your taxable income. For example, a tax credit of $1,000 lowers your tax bill by that same $1,000.

What is opposite of invoice?

A credit note can be seen as the opposite of an invoice.

What is another word for a case or claim?

What is another word for claim?

What is a sentence for claim?

Examples of claim in a Sentence

Verb He claims a connection to British royalty. The organization claims 10,000 members. The terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack. New Yorkers proudly claim the artist as one of their own.

What is a big claim?

big claim definition, big claim meaning | English dictionary

a a demand for payment in connection with an insurance policy, etc. b the sum of money demanded.

What word means to make a claim?

allegation, application, assertion, call, case, demand, interest, petition, plea, request, requirement, suit, allege, ask, assert, believe, call for, challenge, collect, declare.