What is the synonym of recourse?

synonyms for have recourse to

absorb. deplete. devour. dominate.

Will have recourse to meaning?

To have recourse to a particular course of action means to have to do that action in order to achieve something.

What is the opposite of recourse?

We have listed all the opposite words for recourse alphabetically. blockage. bar. barricade.

What is an example of recourse?

Recourse is defined as a means of assistance or source of help during a difficult situation or conflict. When you call the police after your car has been stolen and turn to the police for help, this is an example of a situation where the police were your recourse.

What is the right of recourse?

Right of Recourse Provision — a provision in fiduciary liability policies giving an insurer the right to subrogate against an insured. (Subrogation is the process by which an insurer collects monies from a party responsible for causing a loss, for which an insurer has already made an indemnity payment.)

What is synonym of assistance?

assistance, encouragement, helping hand, succour. in the sense of backing.

What is the synonym of solution?

See definition of solution on Dictionary.com. nounanswer, resolution.

Is it recourse or nonrecourse?

There are two types of debts: recourse and nonrecourse. A recourse debt holds the borrower personally liable. All other debt is considered nonrecourse. In general, recourse debt (loans) allows lenders to collect what is owed for the debt even after they’ve taken collateral (home, credit cards).

What is the difference between with recourse and without recourse?

Understanding Recourse

Recourse may allow the lender to seize not only pledged collateral, but also deposit accounts, and sources of income. Conversely, “without recourse” financing means that the lender takes the risk of non-payment by the obligor.

How do you use without recourse in a sentence?

1 She made a complete recovery without recourse to surgery. 2 They tried to settle the dispute without recourse to the courts. 3 I couldn’t tell which direction without recourse to a map. 4 It enabled its members to settle their differences without recourse to war.

What does recourse mean in lending?

Recourse loans are loans that allow the lender to seize many of the borrower’s assets if the borrower fails to repay their loan—even assets that were not included in the loan agreement as collateral. With a nonrecourse loan, the lender may only seize those assets specified in the original loan agreement as collateral.

What does paid with recourse mean?

Right to seize assets: ‘With recourse’ financing option allows the lender to seize assets of borrower that were used as collateral as well as other assets to recover their money if the borrower fails to pay the amount owed and the value of the collateral is insufficient to cover the full financing amount.

What is Factor with recourse?

In recourse factoring, the factor does not take on the risk of bad debts. They will be able to reclaim their money from you even if the customer does not pay. The factoring agreement will specify how many days after the due date for payment you must refund the advance.