What is the synonym of wreaking?

Wreak synonyms

To be the cause of; bring about; make happen; effect, induce, produce, compel, etc. 3. 1.

What do wreak means?

Definition of wreak

transitive verb. 1 : bring about, cause wreak havoc. 2a : to cause the infliction of (vengeance or punishment) b archaic : avenge. 3 : to give free play or course to (malevolent feeling)

What is the opposite of wreak?

We have listed all the opposite words for wreak alphabetically. destroy. abort. annihilate. annul.

What is a synonym for wreak havoc?

desolate, despoil, destroy, devastate, lay waste, ravage, ruin, wreck.

What kind of word is wreak?

Wreak stems from the Old English wrecan, meaning “to avenge.” Its current meaning, that of causing something to happen — usually with dire consequences — came about in the 19th century. The word is a transitive verb, often paired with the equally intense havoc, meaning “devastation.”

How do you use wreak?

to do great damage or harm to someone or something Their policies would wreak havoc on the economy. He swore to wreak vengeance on those who had betrayed him.

Is it wreak or wreak havoc?

Both ‘wreak havoc’ and ‘wreck havoc’ are used, but ‘wreak havoc’ is more common and more widely accepted. Does one wreak havoc or wreck it?

What is the past participle of wreak?

Word forms: wreaks, wreaking, wreakedlanguage note: Some people use the form wrought as the past tense and past participle of wreak, but many people consider this to be wrong. Something or someone that wreaks havoc or destruction causes a great amount of disorder or damage.

What does havoc stand for?

Havoc means chaos, disorder, or confusion. It can also mean destruction, damage, or ruin. In many cases, it refers to a combination of these things. The phrase wreak havoc means to cause chaos or destruction or both. The phrases play havoc and raise havoc mean the same thing.

Does wreak mean smell?

Wreak means to inflict or carry out something, especially something harmful—it’s most commonly used in the phrase wreak havoc, meaning to cause chaos or destruction or both. While wreak is only ever used as a verb, reek can also be used as a noun meaning a strong, unpleasant smell, though this use is much less common.

Is it wreak or reek?

Reeking is a word that usually describes something with a bad smell. Wreaking refers to something that causes destruction or damage.

What is the difference between wreck and wreak?

To wreck is to ruin something, to wreak is to cause something to happen, and to reek is to smell bad. If you get them mixed up, just remember, wreck has a “c” for “crash,” wreak has an “a” to match the “a” in the “havoc” that it causes, and reek starts with an “r” like “rancid” and “rotten.”

Is wreak a Wordle word?

Yes, wreak is a valid Wordle word. More definitions: (v. i.) To reck; to care. (v. t.) To revenge; to avenge.

Is wreak a homonym?

Two of these commonly confused words are homophones: reek and wreak rhyme with seek. In terms of pronunciation, wreck is the odd one out: it rhymes with neck.

What does wreak vengeance mean?

wreak revenge/vengeance

​mainly literary. 1. to punish someone for something bad that they have done to you. He was determined to wreak revenge on her.