Where do they do HiHo Kids?

First video

HiHo Kids, or simply HiHo, is an American YouTube channel owned by Cut based in Seattle, Washington.

Who is the girl in HiHo Kids?

Hey there, folks! Experience soul food with one of our favorite HiHo Kids stars, on the latest webisode of HiHo Kids Try! Seattle Talent’s actress extraordinaire, Ms. Mackenzie Lozcano, is featured in the video thumbnail below.

Is Austin from HiHo a boy?

Austin (born c. June 10, 2011 (2011-06-10) [age 10]) is the oldest child. He is best known for his appearances on HiHo Kids in the Kids Try videos.

How old is crystal from HiHo?

Ten-year-old CRYSTAL ANNE MARTIN (pictured) has tasted camel’s milk, made pottery, spoken to a 101-year-old woman, and more. She’s done these things on the YouTube channel HiHo Kids, where viewers can watch as real kids try new things.

Who created HiHo?

Hi Ho! Cherry-O
DesignersHermann Wernhard
Players2 to 4
Setup time< 5 minutes
Playing time< 10 minutes