What age is Kim Gravel?

What does Travis Gravel do for a living?

Travis Gravel started his modeling career as a part-time model. He became famous for being the husband of a celebrity but not as a model. Kim Gravel and Travis Gravel’s wedding ceremony was private with only a few selected friends and family and their blessings.

Who is Kim Gravel husband?

Where is Kim Gravel from?

Where is Kim gravel now?

Kim lives in metro Atlanta with husband Travis and her two young boys, Beau and Blanton.

What is Kim gravel now?

Kim is also a certified life coach, consultant, and advisor. Currently, she appears on QVC and QVC2 with her Belle by her and Belle Beauty products. She attended Loris High School and graduated in 1966. She is currently retired but was a pageant coach at The Pageant Place in the past.

What is Kim Gravel famous for?

Kim is a sought-after keynote speaker, specializing in the areas of women’s empowerment, inspirational motivation, and beauty & image perception. She also hosts her own sold-out women’s conferences annually in Atlanta. Kim lives in metro Atlanta with husband Travis and her two young boys, Beau and Blanton.

What show was Kim Gravel on?

Kim Gravel/TV shows

Does Kim Gravel still own the pageant place?

There’s a family aspect too (now commonplace in reality shows), since Gravel runs her business, The Pageant Place, in Suwanee, Georgia, with the help of her mom, Jo, and younger sister, Allisyn.

What is Travis gravel?

Travis Gravel – Revenue Cycle Manager – McKesson Health Solutions | LinkedIn.

Why was Kim of Queens Cancelled?

Cancellation. The series was cancelled during its second season due to disappointing ratings. On the cancellation, Gravel commented “I will have to be honest when the last episode did not air I was heartbroken, a bit bitter and down right pissed.”

Is Kim Gravel getting a new show?

(July 29, 2019) – Multi-platform retailer, QVC, today announces the expansion of new digital and broadcast programming with the premiere of Kim Gravel NOW, a dynamic and conversational talk show.

What is Kim from Kim of Queens Instagram?

Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)

How many seasons does Kim of Queens have?

Who was Miss Georgia 1991?

Kimberly Hardee
YearNameLocal Title
1991Kimberly HardeeMiss Stone Mountain
1990Darla PruettMiss Northeast Georgia
1989Jamie PriceMiss DeKalb County
1988Frances FrazierMiss Peachtree City

What is Lauren from Kim of Queens last name?

Lauren Lovell (@laurenplovell) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who is Kim gravel on QVC?

Gravel, an entrepreneur, former Miss Georgia and beauty pageant expert, joined QVC in 2016 with the launch of Belle by Kim Gravel, an inclusive apparel collection for women “of all shapes and sizes.” In 2017, Gravel introduced a beauty line with QVC called Belle Beauty by Kim Gravel.

Who owns the pageant place?

Pageant Place
Executive producerDonald Trump
Original networkMTV
Picture formatNTSC

How old is Raven from Kim of Queens?

Professional Status
OccupationBeauty Queen Student Singer

How old is Alexis from Kim of Queens?

Alexis Houston
BirthdayJune 30 1996
Professional Status
OccupationRapper Student Beauty Queen Model

How old is Hannah from Kim of Queens?

Hannah Star Tyra is one of the pros at the Pageant Place and a cast member of Kim of Queens.
Hannah Star Tyra

Is Kim of Queens scripted?

I of course know the show was staged— especially so many of the gags with her own family– and I disliked the way Kin of Queens brought in new girls all the time because the recruits didn’t stick around often and it created extra drama when the natural story was more interesting.