In Cordoba, experienced and highly qualified professionals offer psychological care in the area of children , which will undoubtedly meet the therapeutic needs of any patient.

In today’s article we will learn about the best child psychologists in Cordoba, also highlighting their careers, the type of therapy they offer and the location of their workplaces in this provincial capital of southern Spain.

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The 10 most recommended child psychologists in Córdoba

Anyone who lives in Cordoba will find in this list everything they need to know about the best professionals in child psychology located in the city.

1. Mercedes Naranjo Acosta

The psychologist Mercedes Naranjo Acosta has a Master’s degree in Clinical Practice, in Emotional Intelligence and another in Child and Adolescent Therapy. In her practice she offers quality psychological treatment oriented to children and adolescents, based on the establishment of a professional, safe and trusting environment.

There are many disorders in the child environment in which this professional is specialized, among the main ones we can highlight phobias, school bullying, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • This professional’s office is located at 27 Guerrita Avenue.

2. María Luisa Vallejo Torres

The child psychologist María Luisa Vallejo Torres has a degree in Psychology from the University of Jaén and offers in her practice specialized treatment for children and adolescents who need therapy. As child therapy is sometimes a sensitive area, this professional has great experience in obtaining the best results by establishing a relationship of trust with the patient.

The main disorders in which this psychologist specializes are anxiety disorders, addictions, phobias, social isolation and depression in childhood and adolescence.

  • Your office is located at 9 Cruz Conde Street.

3. Amparo Moreno Fern√°ndez

Amparo Moreno has a degree in Psychology from the Uned, is an expert in child and youth therapy, and is the director of the GET psychology centre in Córdoba, where she offers professional treatment to patients of all ages.

The main techniques that this professional puts into practice in her workplace are cognitive-behavioral therapy and third generation therapies, through which she addresses all types of disorders that the patient may present. Some of the treatments we can find in her practice are the treatment for anxiety, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and social skills difficulties.

His office can be found at Calle Historiador Manuel Salcines, number 4.

4. Luis Alonso Echag√ľe

The psychologist Luis Alonso Echag√ľe is an expert in the application of various therapies when he is in his workplace. Among the main ones, we can highlight cognitive-behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and finally rational-emotive therapy.

All these techniques are used in your practice to treat all kinds of disorders in the child and youth field. Some of her treatment specialties are childhood depression, eating disorders and bullying.

  • His office is located at Calle Escritora √Āngeles L√≥pez de Ayala, number 7.

5. Isabel Medina

The psychologist Isabel Medina has a degree from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, a Masters in Clinical Psychology and two more in Cognitive-Behavioral Guidance and Mediation.

Throughout 15 years of professional career, this psychologist has specialized in therapeutic treatment in the field of children and youth. At present, she combines private psychological therapy with the direction of the Mediation Group in the Colegio Oficial de Psicología de Andalucía Oriental.

  • You can find Isabel Medina’s office in the street

6. Lucía Romero Iglesias

The General Health Psychologist Luc√≠a Romero Iglesias has a Master’s degree in Family Intervention and Mediation and is an expert in professional therapy for children and adolescents. She is currently responsible for the area of psychology and neurorehabilitation of children and adolescents at the Isep Cl√≠nic centre in C√≥rdoba.

Among the main treatment specialties of this professional, we can highlight cognitive dysfunctions, relationship problems and lack of study skills, among others.

  • The psychological center of this professional can be found at Calle Jos√© Cruz Conde, number 14.

7. Mari√°ngeles Ros

In the Psychological Centre of the psychotherapist Mari√°ngeles Ros we can find a professional treatment oriented to young people and children, whatever the reason for the patient’s consultation.

Based on the humanist psychological current, this professional, expert in educational psychology, offers treatment for disorders such as anxiety, addictions or self-esteem problems.

  • The office of this professional is located in Calle Escritora Gloria Fuertes, number 12.

8. Miguel Valenzuela Hern√°ndez

The psychologist Miguel Valenzuela Hern√°ndez has a degree in Psychology from the University of M√°laga and a Masters in Clinical Psychology. He currently forms part of the therapeutic team at the Ithaca Centre for Psychology and Language, where he offers methodical and individualised therapy.

Thus, its therapy is oriented to the child and youth field, in which disorders such as cognitive disability, anxiety, child depression and language development difficulties are addressed.

  • You can find their work centre in Calle Acera Fuente de la Salud, in C√≥rdoba.

9. Juan Ramón Carmona López

The psychologist Juan Ramón Carmona López has more than 14 years of experience in the practice of child therapy, based on different psychological techniques, among which we highlight the strategic brief therapy and the third generation therapies.

In our consultation, we can find a professional treatment specialized in cognitive disorders, anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • His office is located at Avenida Rep√ļblica Argentina, number 2.

10. Francisco M. Arenas Rodríguez

The psychologist Francisco M. Arenas Rodríguez has more than 20 years of experience in therapy for children and young people.

The main technique used in his practice is cognitive-behavioural, and the main disorders he addresses are phobias, addictions, panic disorders and bullying.

  • You’ll find his office at Avenida de las Oller√≠as, number 23.