Psychological treatment in childhood is as important as classical psychological care in adults . Nowadays it is increasingly common to resort to therapy in children either to solve a major disorder or to treat any other, milder problem.

This article may be helpful to anyone seeking child psychology care, whether for their children or a family member. Of each professional we present, we will highlight their therapeutic techniques, their training and their location.

Top 10 child psychologists recommended in Ronda

Take a look at our list if you are looking for child psychological treatment in the city of Ronda. It is always good to have a first contact by phone with the professional you consider more suitable, to know his therapeutic approach and other interesting details.

1. Maribel del Río López

The psychologist Maribel del Río López is one of the best child psychologists in the city of Ronda. As a member of the prestigious cabinet PsicoAbreu, she offers psychological attention to adolescents, adults and couples in a methodical way and always focusing on the priorities of the patient.

This professional from the PsicoAbreu Centre bases her therapy on the cognitive-behavioral approach, through which she creates a warm and trusting atmosphere between patient and therapist with which to address any type of problem, especially in problem children and adolescents. In addition to the cognitive approach, he also masters EMDR therapies, third generation, psychoanalysis and mindfulness therapy.

Among his specialties we highlight the treatment of anxiety disorders, behavioral problems in childhood, social isolation, low self-esteem, social phobia and all kinds of phobias, aggression, depression, panic attacks, eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • If you are interested in this psychologist, you can find her office at Calle Médico Luis Peralta number 2 in Ronda.
  • For more information about Maribel del Río López click here.

2. María Raquel Torres Núñez

The psychologist María Raquel Torres Núñez is a general health psychologist and specializes in child and adolescent therapy. Based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, this highly qualified professional offers psychological attention to all kinds of problems and treatments.

Some of the treatments we can highlight are the following: conduct disorders, anxiety, separation anxiety disorder, enuresis, insomnia, depression, night terrors, low self-esteem and transient tic disorder.

  • The office of this psychologist is located in Calle Jerez number 13 in Ronda.

3. Isabel Sánchez Montero

Isabel Sánchez Montero is the next psychologist specializing in child therapy that we will talk about. Like other professionals who work at the Psicoabreu centre, this therapist has mastered the latest generation of therapies such as contextual, mindfulness and also classical therapies such as cognitive-behavioural.

Among the problems or disorders in which Isabel Sánchez Montero specializes, we highlight: anxiety, anger management, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, self-esteem problems and family conflicts.

  • The center of this professional is located in Calle Médico Luis Peralta number 2.

4. Alejandro Marín

The next professional on our list is therapist Alejandro Marín , expert in child, adolescent, adult and couples therapy. In all the modalities of psychological treatment, he carries out an individualized therapy with the most efficient and avant-garde techniques.

In the child therapy carried out by this professional, mainly behavioural problems are addressed, features visible to the naked eye in the child’s external actions. Some of these problems can be tantrums, disobedience and negativism, hyperactivity and problems in the relationship with other children.

In addition to that, other elements taken into account in the psychological treatment of children are the management of emotions, school performance, school bullying, anxiety crises, phobias, concentration problems and ADHD.

  • Alejandro Martín’s office is located at 8 Lola Peña Parrés Street.

5. Rodolfo de Porras de Abreu

The psychologist Rodolfo de Porras de Abreu is an expert in clinical psychology focused on children, youth and adults, both individually and as a couple. As a member of the team of psychologists at the Psicoabreu centre, this professional applies specialised therapy to children based on different therapeutic techniques, among which we highlight cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR, third generation therapies and mindfulness.

That is why the disorders addressed by psychologist Rodolfo de Porras de Abreu in child therapy are, among others, the following: depression, anxiety, bullying, fears and phobias, difficulties in sphincter control, ADHD and ADD, self-esteem problems, sleep disorders, behavior problems, school failure, deficits in emotional skills, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Rodolfo de Porras de Abreu’s center Calle Médico Luis Peralta number 2.

6. Emma Warrior Queen

Psychologist Emma Guerrero Reina is also an expert in child and adolescent therapy. She is also a sexologist, an expert in couple therapy and in gender violence. In any of the areas in which she works offering psychological care, she always bases her therapy on three main elements: firstly the cognitive, then the emotional and finally the behavioural.

Some of the disorders addressed in Emma Guerrero Reina’s consultation are: bullying, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, learning difficulties, phobias and lack of motivation at school.

  • Emma Guerrero Reina’s office is located at Calle Ollerías number 8 in Ronda.

7. Patricia Fernández Moreno

The psychologist Patricia Fernández Moreno also offers psychological care to children and adolescents. In addition, she is an expert in family therapy, pregnant women and perinatal psychology.

The following disorders can be found in Patricia Fernandez Moreno’s practice: psychological trauma in children, anxiety disorders, breastfeeding disorders, life dissatisfaction, psychological maladjustment and abandonment, grief and depression.

  • His office is located at Calle Jerez number 13 in Ronda.

8. Victoria E. Domínguez Domínguez

Psychological treatment for children and adolescents can be found in the office of the psychologist Victoria E. Domínguez . Among the problems she usually treats in her therapy are: psychosomatic disorders, panic disorders and phobias, stress, low self-esteem and depression.

  • You can find his office at Calle Lauría number 1.

9. María Auxiliadora Ruiz Morillo

The general health psychologist María Auxiliadora Ruiz Morillo offers psychological treatment to adults, young people and children. Some of the disorders she addresses in her practice are: personality disorders, stress, anxiety and depression, addictions and difficulties in social relations.

  • His office is located at Avenida Andalucia number 16 in Ronda.

10. Laura Palmero Pérez

The psychologist Laura Palmero Pérez also offers psychological care to children and adolescents in any problem or disorder that may appear in their lives, whether on a behavioural, cognitive or emotional level.

  • You will find his office at 16 Avenida de Andalucía.