With the proliferation of new addictive disorders, such as addiction to new technologies, more and more people are turning to professional psychological treatment to overcome an addiction.

There are different types of addictions, and each one involves a different process that can deteriorate the life of the addict, both in its medical aspect and in other areas such as work, economic and family. That is why it is so important to detect these cases in time and to remedy them by going to a centre specialised in addiction disorders.

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In the city of Barcelona we will find a great variety of clinics specialized in treating addictions in Barcelona , in today’s article, we will review the 10 best ones. You can go to them to start a rehabilitation process and leave this problem behind.

The 10 most prestigious clinics for the treatment of addictions in Barcelona

Consult our selection of the best clinics specialized in treating addictions if you live in Barcelona or its surroundings. You can contact them to find out more about their work methodology and start the process with which you feel most confident .

1. Clinic Appointment

The Cita Clinic (Addiction Research and Treatment Centre) is one of the most prestigious clinics in Barcelona for the treatment of addictions, both for its history and legacy and for the excellent work carried out by the centre’s team of professionals. In this team you will find a select group of psychologists, as well as professionals from other therapeutic disciplines who base their work on a high level of specialization, individualized treatment and the use of the latest techniques.

At Clínica Cita in Barcelona we can find professional and quality treatment for any type of addiction in adult and adolescent patients, the most common being drug and alcohol addiction, tobacco and drug addiction, gambling and addiction to sex or new technologies, among others.

  • The Cita Clinic is located in Mas Mia in the town of Dosrius, Barcelona.
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2. Orbium

The Orbium clinic is also one of the best places to go for psychological treatment of addictive disorders. A team made up of psychologists and psychiatrists with experience in assisting all types of addictions are in charge of achieving the rehabilitation of the patient through techniques such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or Third Generation Therapies.

The center’s therapy is based on three key phases: detoxification, detoxification and reintegration, and the addictions addressed are both substance-specific and behavioral.

  • The Orbium clinic is located at 109, Avenue of Rome.

3. GEN-A

The Gen-A centre in Barcelona specialises in treating all types of addictive behaviour in patients of all kinds and with a gender perspective to adapt the therapy to the characteristics of the patient.

In this center we will find a select team of professionals who apply this novel treatment of addictions both individually and in groups.

  • You will find this centre in the Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, number 7, in Esplugues de Llobregat.


The team of psychologists at the clinic GOAL specializes in offering effective psychological therapy to treat addictions of all kinds in Barcelona. The treatment at this centre is based mainly on group therapy as a technique for bringing about change in the patient, family support and reintegration at a personal, family and social level.

Among the large number of addictive behaviors that are treated in the clinic, we can differentiate those addictions to substances, such as alcohol or drug addiction; and addictions without substances, among which are emotional dependence, shopping or sex addiction, among others.

  • The META clinic is located at 253 Rocafort Street.

5. Psychoclinic Barcelona

In Psicoclínica Barcelona we can also find a specific treatment for addictions in adults and adolescents who may need it. The centre’s treatment is based on active listening, humanity and seeking above all the well-being of the patient, whatever the reason for consultation.

The therapy is aimed at patients of all ages and the professionals at the centre specialise in treating all types of addictive behaviour, both those related to substances and those that are not.

  • This centre is located at 29, Carrer Sant Elies.

6. Health and Community Foundation

The Health and Community Foundation is a centre specialized in the treatment of all types of addictions, which has more than 25 years of experience, carried out by expert and highly qualified professionals.

The treatment is characterized by carrying out a rehabilitation of the patient as soon as possible and in a comprehensive manner, taking into account all areas of his life and involving his closest family environment. The main addictions treated are drug and alcohol addiction, technology addiction and eating disorders.

  • This centre can be found at 6 Breda Street.

7. Blue Center

In the Centro Azul in Barcelona we will also find a quality psychological treatment, specialized in addressing all those addictive disorders that generate discomfort in the patient and prevent them from living their life to the fullest.

The treatment carried out at the centre is characterised by being very structured and methodical, and by seeking especially to ensure that detoxification continues over time and that the patient learns a series of guidelines that allow him/her to continue with his/her life without relapsing into addictive behaviour.

  • The Blue Center is located at 49 Cardenal Vives y Tutó Street.

8. Galatea Clinic

In the Galatea Clinic we will find a place to receive first class psychological care to treat addictive disorders in patients who may need it.

The centre’s treatment is carried out both individually and in groups, using the psychological techniques best suited to each patient’s therapeutic needs.

  • You can find this center in Palafolls Street, number 15.

9. Can Calau

The center Can Calau has more than 20 years of experience in treating additions of all kinds in any patient who may need it, whatever their condition. In this therapy centre we will find a team of experienced psychologists trained in different disciplines to successfully treat any problem that the patient may present.

In an unbeatable natural space for therapy and modern facilities adapted to the needs of the patient, in the center we will find a specialized treatment mainly in disorders such as alcohol and drug addiction, pills and also gambling, ie gambling.

  • The Can Calau centre is located at Calle Veinat de Clara, number 18, in Argentona, Barcelona.


In the TAVAD centre in Barcelona you can find a professional and quality detoxification treatment with more than 30 years of experience.

The main addictive behaviours treated at the centre are addiction to cocaine, alcohol, benzodiazepines and heroin.

  • The Tavad center is located at 6 Londres Street.