In Santa Cruz de Tenerife we can find a catalogue of highly qualified psychology professionals who are experts in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

In today’s article, and in order to provide the necessary information to anyone who needs it, we present the 10 best expert psychologists in depression in Santa Cruz de Tenerife , highlighting each of them, their academic training, the type of therapy they practice and the location of their centers.

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The 10 most valued expert psychologists on depression in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Take a look at our list of best professionals who are experts in treating depression if you live in or around the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

1. Carmen González Perdomo

The General Health Psychologist Carmen González Perdomo is one of the best expert psychologists in depression in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In her practice we can find a professional and efficient treatment oriented in the Cognitive-Behavioral Technique, a technique based on the patient’s present and on changing all those unadaptive thoughts that he or she may present.

The therapeutic practice of this professional is based on respect for work, trust with the patient and deontological responsibility, as well as on extensive experience and specific training.

  • If you are interested, you can find his office at Calle San Pedro Alcántara, number 11.

2. Claudia Mineiro Fernandes

The psychologist Claudia Mineiro Fernandes has 28 years of experience in professional psychological therapy. In her practice we can find a treatment based on the conjunction of several techniques in an integrated way, and on applying those that best adapt to the characteristics of the patient.

Their treatment is geared to patients of all ages, and their treatment specialties include depression, anxiety disorders and psychosomatic disorders.

  • You’ll find his psychological center at 17 Calle Nivaria.

3. David Moleiro Melián

The psychologist David Moleiro Melián is a graduate of the University of La Laguna and has more than 10 years experience, in which he has acquired the knowledge to treat, among other disorders, depression in adult patients.

Some of the specialties of this professional are the Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, based on acting both at the level of thoughts, emotions and maladaptive behaviors that the patient may present, the therapy in EMDR, the Mindfulness and the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

  • Your office is located at Rambla Pulido, number 75.

4. Begoña Moreno Mejías

The psychologist Begoña Moreno Mejías is a specialist in Clinical Psychology and has a Master’s degree in Legal Psychology. In her treatments she applies EMDR therapy and they are also based on creating an atmosphere of trust and security between patient and therapist.

A quality treatment for depression can be found in his practice and he has over 25 years of experience in exercising therapy for other psychological disorders, such as hysterical neurosis, post-traumatic stress disorder and phobias.

  • Your office can be found at Calle Juan Padrón, number 11.

5. Elvira Magdalena Jorge Estévez

The child psychologist Elvira Magdalena Jorge Estévez is a graduate of the University of La Laguna and an expert in assessment and intervention in children and adolescents, although she also attends to adults, couples and the elderly.

Throughout her 20-year career, this professional has been combining the practice of psychological therapy with teaching, and among her main specialties of disorder, we highlight depressive disorders, anxiety and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

  • His office can be found at 12 Álvaro Rodríguez López Street.

6. Isabel Ramos Alonso

The psychologist Isabel Ramos Alonso has a Master’s degree in Psychopathology and Health, another in Analysis and Prevention of Crime and is an expert in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, one of the most successful in EMDR therapy and Mindfulness.

Some of the disorders addressed by this professional in her practice are depression, anxiety, eating disorders and chronic pain.

  • His office can be found at Calle Buitrago, number 7 in La Cuesta, La Laguna.

7. María José Alfonso Rodríguez

The psychologist María José Alfonso Rodríguez has a degree in Psychology from the University of La Laguna and throughout her 23-year career has specialized in the treatment of depression, anxiety and also in relaxation methods in therapy.

The specialty of this psychologist is child psychology, but she also treats adolescent and adult patients, of all kinds, whatever the reason for their consultation.

  • You’ll find it at 11 Castro Street.

8. Maribel Mendoza

The psychologist Maribel Mendoza offers quality psychological care aimed at adults, adolescents and children in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in addition to educational workshops for parents and children.

Its treatment is characterized by its professionalism, closeness and by working together with the patient to achieve the best results. Finally, we can highlight that his treatment specialties are depressive and anxiety disorders.

  • You’ll find his office at 34 San Francisco Javier Street.

9. Jesus Castro Rodriguez

The psychologist Jesús Castro Rodríguez graduated from the University of La Laguna and has specialised in treating depression disorders in adult, adolescent and child patients for the last 20 years.

Its therapeutic exercise is characterized by its brevity, effectiveness when intervening directly in the essential problems and by enhancing the innate capacities of the patient.

  • His office can be found at 11 Castro Street.

10. José Juan Díaz de la Cruz

The clinical psychologist José Juan Díaz de la Cruz is an expert in the treatment of depression through a series of different psychological techniques applied to patients of all ages.

The main techniques he masters are EMDR Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Technique, Gestalt Therapy and Bioenergetic Therapy.

  • The office of this professional is located in Plaza Isla de la Madera, number 3.