A varied number of psychology professionals can be found in the city of Ferrol . Since most of them are specialized in different fields and have a multidisciplinary training, we will find in them a quality therapy that meets our needs.

In order to share information for those Ferrol residents who wish to receive quality psychological care, in this article we will present the 10 best psychologists in Ferrol, their professional careers, the type of therapy they offer and the location of their centers.

Top 10 Psychologists in Ferrol

Do not hesitate to consult our list of best psychologists located in Ferrol if you are interested in receiving psychological care from professionals with quality training and extensive work experience.

As we will see below, each one has its own characteristics and it is always a good idea to contact them to find out about the type of therapy and the location of their cabinets.

1. Alexandre Lamas

The psychologist Alexandre Lamas is a graduate of the University of Santiago de Compostela and holds a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of A Coruña. Thus, throughout a career of almost 10 years in the practice of psychology, this professional has acquired experience in the treatment of patients of all ages.

Both in private and public entities, the main disorders in which he is a specialist, and with which he has acquired practice and experience throughout his career, are psychosocial disorders in the child and youth field, drug addiction and depression.

  • Alexandre Lamas’ office is located at 32 Galiano Street.

2. José Luis Santiso Requero

The psychologist José Luis Santiso Requero is an accredited Family Therapist, so he deals with any kind of disorder in this field of psychology. He also has a Master’s degree in Neurosciences, another in Human Resources Management and also has specialized training in Generalized Developmental Disorders, among other areas, making him one of the most indicated and recommended professionals in the city of Ferrol.

There are many psychological disorders that this psychologist addresses in his therapy. Among his specialties we can highlight, among others, generalized developmental disorders, couple problems and personality disorders.

  • The office of this professional is located at Carretera de Castilla, number 167.

3. Carlos Rodríguez Serantes

Psychology professional Carlos Rodriguez Serantes is a General Health Psychologist and offers quality therapeutic attention oriented to adults, adolescents and children in his center in Narón, very close to Ferrol.

Thus, among the whole range of disorders of which he is a specialist, we can highlight some of the most important, being these learning disorders, especially attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and conduct disorders.

  • His work center is located at Estrada do feal, number 29, in Naón.

4. Ana María Pena Pereira

The psychotherapist Ana María Pena Pereira , deals efficiently with all types of disorders in children, adolescents, adults and couples, her therapy being especially indicated for the treatment of addictions, panic attacks and sexual abuse in children.

  • Your office can be found at Rue Irmandade, number 4 in Narón.

5. Manuel Antonio Valencia Fernández

The general health psychologist Manuel Antonio Valencia Fernández is an expert in clinical psychology and also in neuropsychology. In his practice he offers quality psychological care to patients of all ages and in any disorder that the patient presents, whatever the demand for treatment.

If you are interested in a professional psychological care in the city of Ferrol, this psychologist is one of the best options, because among his specialties we can find the treatment of severe depression, anxiety disorders and also personality disorders, among others.

  • Your office can be found at Avenida de Esteiro, number 26.

6. Juan Carlos Prados Moreno

By means of cognitive-behavioral therapy, one of those that presents the most evidence, psychologist Juan Carlos Prados Moreno offers professional and quality psychological care to patients of all ages, whether children, adults or adolescents. Some of his treatment specialties include anxiety disorders, conduct disorders and depression.

  • You can find his office at Rúa a Coruña, number 19, in Ferrol.

7. Andrea Garcia

The General Health Psychologist Andrea García is a graduate of the University of Santiago de Compostela and currently practices professional treatment in the Arela Psychology Clinic in Ferrol, where she offers therapy to patients of all ages, both individually and as a couple, making her one of the best psychologists in Ferrol.

Through cognitive-constructivist therapy, this psychology professional is able to treat all types of disorders in any type of patient, whatever the reason for their consultation. Among the most important are depression, anxiety and relationship problems in the couple.

  • His office is located at Avenida de Vigo, number 144.

8. Rosalía Fernández Gómez

The psychologist Rosalía Fernández Gómez is part of the team of professionals of the Centro Orienta, of psychology, located in Ferrol. This professional is an expert in child and youth psychotherapy, family therapy and clinical gerontology, as well as addressing all those disorders and demands that the patient may face.

  • His psychological center is located at 210 Maria Street.

9. Ana Molins de Sas

The psychologist Ana Molins de Sas offers a personalised psychological care service for children and adults, in which she deals with any type of psychological disorder in a professional manner, based on brief psychotherapy and EMDR therapy.

  • Your office can be found at Calle del Sol, number 120.

10. José Luis Castro-Feijoo

The psychologist José Luis Castro-Feijoo works at the Juan Cardona General Hospital, where he offers psychological treatment to patients of all ages. His specialties are sexual disorders, addictive disorders and depression.

  • You’ll find his psychological center on Rua Pardo Bazan, no number.