In the city of Buenos Aires there is a great variety in the offer of psychological care services . Knowing which are the best professionals in each neighborhood of this city is very useful information for anyone interested in receiving professional and quality therapy.

In this article we will review the top 10 psychologists located in the Nueva Pompeya district of Buenos Aires and highlight their main characteristics. Thus, in a summarized way, we will indicate in each of them their professional career, the type of therapy they offer and their location.

The 10 most recommended psychologists in the New Pompeii district

Do not hesitate to consult our selection of the best professionals in the area of Nueva Pompeya, Buenos Aires. You can get in touch with the professional that you think can best adapt to your needs.

1. Eva Duarte

The psychotherapist Eva Duarte specializes in providing professional psychological care to children, adolescents and adults with proven effectiveness. As founder of the Psychology Center Barracas, this psychologist graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, offers a quality therapeutic treatment, establishing a climate of trust and facilitating therapeutic development.

Among the disorders most commonly treated by psychologist Eva Duarte in her practice, we can highlight: self-esteem problems, depression and anxiety, stress, anxiety, phobias, psychosomatic illnesses, behavioural problems in childhood, school and work bullying, panic attacks and relationship problems in couples.

  • Eva Duarte’s office is located at 1081 Isabel la Católica Street.

2. Inés Enríquez

The psychologist Inés Enríquez offers individual psychological attention to children, adolescents, adults and also guidance to parents on any problem or concern. Anyone who wishes to obtain quality psychological treatment should take into account the treatment provided by this professional.

Among the main disorders addressed in this therapist’s practice, we can highlight: panic attacks, depression, anxiety, phobias and fears, emotional dependence, behavioral problems and relationship problems with the partner.

  • You can find the office of Inés Enríquez, at 2300 Avenida La Plata.

3. Gabriel Verni

The psychologist Gabriel Verni offers psychological treatment to children, adolescents and adults who need any kind of therapy to improve their lives. In his practice he deals with a large number of disorders, which we detail below.

Among the main disorders that this professional specializes in addressing are: anxiety disorders, emotional dependence, bullying, autism, depression, grief, stress and learning disabilities.

  • Gabriel Verni’s office is located in Calle Saenz and Avenida Roca.

4. Silvina Jimenez

The psychologist Silvina Jiménez is an expert in psychiatry, pedagogy and nutrition. In her practice she offers treatment for all the problems that may arise in the patient’s life, and in terms of the type of therapeutic care that this psychologist offers, we can highlight that her treatment is aimed at adolescents, adults and couples.

Among his specializations in treating different disorders during therapy, we highlight: eating disorders, addictions of all kinds, depression and anxiety, problems derived from psychosomatic diseases, panic disorders, stress and relationship problems in the couple.

  • His office is located at 122 Rosario Street.

5. Cristina Cubisino

Cristina Cubisino is a clinical psychologist, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, who has 29 years of experience in the practice of psychotherapy to patients of all ages, that is, children, adolescents, adults, families and also couples.

Among his many therapy specializations, we can highlight the treatment of: depression and anxiety, phobias and fears, relationship problems in couples, panic attacks, grief and separations.

  • Cristina Cubisino’s office is located at 1764 Alberti Street.

6. Norma Cabot

Norma Cabot has extensive experience in psychological treatment oriented to adolescents, adults, the elderly, families and couples. This professional specializes in the treatment of a large number of disorders, which we present below.

Among the different disorders and problems addressed by this psychologist in her practice, we can highlight, among others: grief, anxiety and depression, anguish, lack of social skills, existential crises and relationship problems in the couple.

  • Norma Cabot’s office can be found at 1791 Jujuy Street.

7. Vanessa Moreno

The psychologist Vanesa Moreno is part of the team of professionals of the psychological office El Diván, located in Buenos Aires.

This professional, as well as the other psychologists at the centre, offers specialised psychological treatment for anyone who needs it.

  • You will find his office at 776 Avelino Diaz Street.

8. Rubén Ariño

Rubén Ariño practices individualized psychotherapy in the neighborhood of Nueva Pompeya in the city of Buenos Aires.

Anyone interested in receiving psychological treatment will find a relaxed and trusting atmosphere in their practice, where professional and quality treatment is provided.

  • This psychologist’s office is located at 528 Thames Street.

9. Maria Sequera

María Sequera has a degree in psychology from the University of Buenos Aires and is a full member of the Argentine Association of Mental Health. Her therapy is indicated for adolescents, adults and the elderly.

Among his specialties, we can highlight the treatment of anxiety, distress, depression, panic attacks and relationship problems.

  • His office is located at 400 Malabia Street.

10. Adriana Peco

Adriana Peco has a degree in psychology and offers in her practice specialized psychological treatment to anyone who needs effective and quality psychological care.

His specialties include depression, anxiety, social skills problems, and in general, any problem that affects a person’s normal development.

  • You can find Adriana Peco’s office at 1580 Olavarria Street.