It can often be difficult to choose a psychologist to go to for professional therapy, as there are several elements to consider in order to ensure that he or she is the best possible professional to treat our case.

In the Valencian district of Patraix we will be able to find widely qualified professionals who offer a quality treatment that will undoubtedly adapt to our needs.

In our selection of the 10 best psychologists in Patraix, (Valencia) we present the main characteristics of each of them.

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The 10 most recommended psychologists in Patraix (Valencia)

If you are interested in going to therapy in the Patraix area, we are going to facilitate the process of choosing with the summary list of the best psychologists that we present below, in which you will find everything you need to know to choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Demian Todo Martí

General Health Psychologist Demian Todo Martí offers high quality psychological care in the Patraix area for anyone who needs a change in their life, or to improve those aspects that prevent them from reaching a state of peace and well-being in their life.

A graduate in Psychology from the Catholic University of Valencia, this professional bases his work philosophy on accompanying people and working together in the therapeutic process within a framework of commitment, ethical responsibility and trust with the patient.

There are many disorders that this professional addresses in his practice, the most notable being depression, addictions, emotional codependency and deficits in social skills, especially in coping skills.

  • Your office can be found at Calle Uruguay, number 11.
  • Contact Demian comfortably through his professional profile.

2. Rocío Navarro

The psychologist Rocío Navarro has a Practical Master’s Degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, is a specialist in Comprehensive Care of Persons with Disabilities and an expert in Positive Psychology. She currently runs her own psychological practice in Valencia, where she professionally attends to patients of all ages, offering solutions to every problem that a person may present.

The Cognitive-Behavioral approach, of which this psychologist is an expert, is one of the most widely used in therapy, because of its clinical effectiveness and because it is oriented towards solving the patient’s present problems. By modifying the person’s thoughts or emotions, we will be able to change all those maladaptive elements that are generating pain or discomfort.

  • Rocío Navarro’s office can be found at Calle Creu Roja, number 1.

3. Emma Navarro

The psychologist Emma Navarro also attends in the area of Patraix, where she offers professional and quality treatment, aimed at adults, children and adolescents who need to change some aspect of their lives.

The orientation of its treatment is also Cognitive-Behavioral, since it is the one that presents more scientific evidence and whose therapeutic effects are more durable. Thus, the main disorders she addresses in her practice are depression, anxiety, eating problems, and sexual and relationship disorders.

  • You can find his office at 60 Archduke Charles Street.

4. Marta Peláez

The psychologist Marta Peláez specializes in therapeutic treatment aimed at adults, children, adolescents, families and couples. The basis of her therapy is the individualization of each case and the use of different psychological techniques adapted to the particularities of the patient.

As co-founder of Alemar Psychological Center, this professional works together with a multidisciplinary team of psychologists who will offer effective solutions to any problem that the patient may present.

  • His office is located at 51 Fontanares Street.

5. María Parra Izquierdo

Graduate in Psychology from the University of Valencia, María Parra Izquierdo has an Official Master’s Degree in Education and Rehabilitation in Addictive Behaviour, as well as a Postgraduate Degree in Social Education for groups at risk of exclusion.

He currently co-directs the Parra & Cebrián psychological office, where he offers professional treatment to patients of all ages and specializes in addiction, anxiety and personality disorders.

  • You’ll find his office at 27 Rue Alberique.

6. Inmaculada Alventosa Luna

The psychologist Inmaculada Alventosa Luna offers treatment for patients of all ages, including couples, and is an expert in the field of children and young people. She currently combines general psychological therapy with educational psychology, working in different schools and colleges.

With an experience of more than 25 years, this professional is specialized in treating personality disorders in children and adolescents, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and sexual and relationship disorders.

  • Meet her at Avenida Tres Forques, number 4.

7. Trini Sanchez

The psychologist Trini Sánchez is an expert in Solution-Centred Therapy, a technique that focuses on the possible ways to solve the problem, without taking into account the origins of the problem or other adjacent elements.

Among the main disorders he addresses in his practice are psychosomatic disorders, panic disorders and relationship crises.

  • You’ll find his office at 135 Tres Forques Avenue.

8. Merche Ordóñez Musoles

In the practice of Merche Ordóñez Musoles we will find a quality treatment oriented to patients of all ages and applied from the Cognitive-Behavioral perspective.

His treatment specialties are anxiety disorders, relationship problems, and sexual conduct disorders.

  • Your office can be found in Plaza Beatriu Civera, number 4.

9. Yolanda Melero Puche

The psychologist Yolanda Melero Puche is an expert in the application of techniques such as Mindfulness and Gestalt Therapy, among others, to achieve the best results in the patient.

With more than 15 years of experience, this professional offers a treatment based on closeness and trust with the patient.

  • His office is located at Calle Mariano Ribera, number 33.

10. Ángel Flor Sánchez

In the office of the psychologist Ángel Flor Sánchez we will find specialized advice in legal and forensic psychology in the family, work and criminal fields.

In addition to that, this professional also offers a treatment in clinical psychology, where he treats, among other disorders, anxiety disorders, phobias and child abuse.

  • His office can be found at 27 Alberique Street.