In the city of Pontevedra we find widely trained and experienced psychologists , from whom we can obtain a quality and satisfactory therapy for all kinds of problems.

In order to know their characteristics, below we present the 10 best psychologists in Pontevedra . Of each of these professionals we will highlight their professional career, the type of therapy they offer and the location of their work centres.

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Top 10 psychologists offering therapy in Pontevedra

If you are a resident of Pontevedra or the surrounding area, and are interested in obtaining psychological care, this list of the best psychology professionals located in the city can be useful to you .

We recommend that you contact those psychologists who are best suited to your needs, and talk directly with them to get all the details you want to know.

1. Jano GarcĂ­a Trabado

The psychologist Jano GarcĂ­a Trabado has a degree in Psychology with a mention in Psychology, a Master’s degree in General Health Psychology and is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology.

This professional offers quality therapeutic treatment in his own psychological centre, aimed at patients of all ages, i.e. children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

Its treatment is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, a technique based on scientific evidence, which aims to modify the patient’s unadaptive thoughts and behaviors through different tools provided by the therapist.

  • His office can be found at 37 Rua d’Italia.

2. Esther Cagide Otero

The psychologist Esther Cagide Otero has a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela, and has more than 12 years’ experience in the practice of psychology. Her main training includes a Master’s degree in Intervention in Developmental Disorders and Early Care and an International Master’s degree in Neuropsychology.

Today, this professional offers quality psychological care to patients of all ages in her private center and specializes, among other disorders, in behavioral disorders, treatment of high abilities and cognitive disorders of all kinds.

  • You can find their work centre at Avenida de Vigo, number 31.

3. María Magariños Casal

MarĂ­a Magariños Casal has a degree in Psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela, a Master’s degree in General Health Psychology and is an expert in Psychoeducational Intervention in Learning Disorders.

Throughout his extensive professional career he has perfected the application of different psychological techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and integrative-relational therapy to address the treatment of all types of disorders. His main treatment specialties are depression, psychological trauma and anxiety disorders.

  • You can find his psychology practice at 20 Rue Michelena.

4. Roberto AntĂłn Santiago

The psychologist Roberto AntĂłn Santiago has more than 15 years experience in professional psychological treatment aimed at adolescents, children from 12 years old, adults, couples and families.

Different therapies are involved in its treatment, but the one in which it is expert is the strategic brief therapy, based on obtaining the best results in the shortest time possible. From this type of therapy, he offers treatment for all kinds of disorders.

  • His office is located at Calle Manuel Quiroga, number 13.

5. MarĂ­a JesĂșs RĂșa RodrĂ­guez

The psychologist MarĂ­a JesĂșs RĂșa RodrĂ­guez is an expert in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, has a postgraduate degree in Psychosomatic Medicine and Health Psychology and is also an expert in brief psychotherapy.

With more than 35 years of experience, this psychologist has combined psychological care in both public and private centers, and currently offers professional therapy to patients of all ages through the application of techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, among others.

  • The office of this professional is located in Calle Peregrina, number 50.

6. Angela de Vega RodrĂ­guez

Ángela de Vega RodrĂ­guez has a degree in Psychology, an Official Master’s Degree in Sexology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Sex and Relationship Therapy. Currently, she is part of the professional team at the Elas Clinic, where she offers psychological treatment to patients of all ages.

Some of the main disorders addressed by this professional in her practice are anxiety disorders, sexual disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • The work center of this psychologist is located in Calle Michelena, number 3.

7. Alexandra Fariña

The clinical psychologist Alexandra Fariña has 12 years experience in the professional treatment of patients of all ages, also couples and families, through the application of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Relationship problems, anxiety disorders, phobias and learning problems in childhood are some of the disorders treated in this psychologist’s office.

  • Your office can be found at Calle Marquesa, number 5.

8. Mercedes Reiriz Godoy

The psychologist Mercedes Reiriz Godoy has a degree in Psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela and is accredited to carry out health activities by the Xunta de GalĂ­cia.

Throughout 12 years of career, this professional has been perfecting the practice of psychological therapy in different psychology centers. Among the different disorders that this psychotherapist deals with we can highlight anxiety and stress, depression, phobias and self-esteem problems.

  • His office is located in Calle Rouco, number 2.

9. Belinda MartĂ­nez GonzĂĄlez

Belinda MartĂ­nez GonzĂĄlez has a degree in psychology from the Universidad AutĂłnoma de Madrid, a Master’s degree in Behaviour Therapy and is the director of the Psique Pontevedra centre where she offers treatment to patients of all ages.

With 12 years of experience, this professional offers, together with her multidisciplinary team of workers at the centre, treatment for all kinds of disorders, among which we can highlight anxiety, depression and learning disorders.

  • You can find his office at 20 Rue Michelena.

10. Beatriz Barreiro MĂ­guez

Beatriz Barreiro MĂ­guez is a General Health Psychologist who is an expert in the application of individual therapy to adults, adolescents, couples and families who may need it.

The main disorders addressed at its centre are addictions, eating disorders, attention deficit and hyperactivity, and phobias of all kinds.

  • You’ll find his office on Calle Peregrina, number 54.