Sabadell is the fifth largest city in the region of Catalonia, and has such beautiful places as the Casa Duran and the small church of Sant Nicolau (12th century). As you would expect from a town of this size, the city has a wide variety of mental health professionals. This is why in this article we will see the best psychologists in Sabadell .

The best psychologists in Sabadell

Next we will see some of the most recommended psychologists in the city of Sabadell, with a brief description of their characteristics as psychotherapy professionals.

1. Héctor Sánchez Orozco

At 84 Blasco de Garay Street we find the first of our recommendations if you are looking for a good psychologist in Sabadell. Héctor Sánchez Orozco graduated in 2012 from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with a degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in clinical cognitive-behavioral practice, among other specializations.

Because of his training Hector Sanchez can give therapy to problems and disorders such as anxiety disorder, grief and various phobias , among other recurrent needs by patients.

2. Xavier G. Font

Xavier G. Font is another of the best psychologists we can find in Sabadell. After graduating in Psychology, Xavier studied a postgraduate course in strategic short therapy at the University of Girona.

In his private practice in Plaza Vallès this psychologist offers therapy to treat problems as varied as difficulties in the performance of the work position, problems of emotional dependence and generalised de-motivation .

3. Lydia Fiz González

A Lydia Fiz González can be found in her office at Carrer Torras i Bages. After graduating in Psychology 10 years ago from the UMH in Elche, Lydia studied a master’s degree in clinical, legal and forensic psychopathology at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in 2010.

Among the mental disorders that Lydia treats are amaxophobia (fear of driving), mobbing and post-traumatic stress disorders. A very good option to attend therapy in Sabadell.

4. Elena Reig

Elena Reig , whose practice is located in Carrer del Sol, is one of the options that may be of most interest to those seeking psychologists in Sabadell specializing in couples therapy, since this professional specializes in couple conflicts and personal development processes.

It can also offer psychological assistance for depression, bipolar disorder, phobias, dysthymia and other mood and anxiety disorders.

5. Jolanda Fernandez Ruiz

Just outside Sabadell you can find this psychologist, Jolanda Fernandez Ruiz. After graduating in Fine Arts in 1993, this psychologist graduated in Psychology 20 years later, as well as taking a master’s degree in severe mental disorder.

Thanks to her unique profile, training and experience, Jolanda Fernández now treats mental disorders such as anxiety disorders and schizophrenia as well as offering psychotherapy to adolescents .

6. Blanca Ferrer Aymar

Blanca Ferrer is another of the best psychologists we can find in Sabadell. After completing her degree in psychology in 2012 at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, this therapist will be completing her master’s degree in child and adolescent psychology in 2015.

Thanks to her training, Blanca Ferrer is a specialist in offering cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy for people in stressful situations and with emotional problems such as night terror, anxiety disorders or dyslexia.

7. Ylenia Regales Mecinas

In Sant Salvador street, in Cerdanyola del Vallès, you will find Ylenia Regales Mecinas willing to treat emotional problems and mental disorders. After studying the degree in Psychology in 2010 at the University of Barcelona, this psychologist did the master’s degree in clinical psychology.

Ylenia is an expert in treating anxiety disorders, self-esteem problems and learning disorders , in addition to offering psychotherapy to people with depressive disorders and generalised discouragement.

8. Rocío Martínez Clemente

Rocío Martínez Clemente is another of the psychologists you will find if you go to this city in Vallés Occidental.

After finishing her degree in Psychology, Rocío studied a master’s degree in clinical psychopathology in adults in 2015 at the Autonomous University of Barcelona . Thanks to this training, Rocío Martínez is now able to offer you cognitive-behavioral therapy if you suffer from addiction problems, insomnia and phobias as well as anxiety disorders.

9. Elena Reig

With her more than 20 years in the field of psychology, Elena Reig is another good recommendation for those looking for psychologists in Sabadell. This psychologist graduated from the University of Barcelona in Psychology in 1996 and has two postgraduate degrees, one in criminal psychological assessment and another in civil psychological assessment.

Thanks to her extensive experience, Elena Reig is now able to treat problems and mental disorders as varied as bereavement, learning disorders and anxiety disorders.

10. Mercedes Casado

The psychologist Mercedes Casado is part of the Coterfam psychology centre, located in the eastern part of Sabadell. This professional specializes in systemic family therapy and couples therapy at the School of Family Therapy at the Hospital de Sant Pau.

You will find the Coterfam centre on Carrer de Alguersuari i Pascual.