Tarragona is one of the most important cities in Catalonia and the capital of the Tarragonese region and the province of Tarragona. Historically and during the glorious Roman Empire, it was one of the main cities of Hispania.

Nowadays, it is almost unthinkable to visit Tarragona without enjoying its Roman history, where the ruins of the amphitheatre or the Roman circus, among other buildings from that period, are still preserved. In fact, the “Archaeological Ensemble of Tarraco” has led UNESCO to consider this city as a world heritage site.

The best options for psychological therapy in Tarragona

Tarragona is a beautiful coastal city with a population of more than 132,000 inhabitants, and I’m sure that some people who live in this city have wondered on occasion where to go for psychological therapy or advice from a professional psychologist.

Below we have prepared a list of the most outstanding psychologists in Tarragona , so that you can easily locate them if you wish to start therapy.

1. Jordi Tous

Jordi Tous is a veteran psychologist from Tarragona, who has focused much of his professional career on research, teaching and intervention in social and work psychology. In fact, he is one of the most outstanding human resources psychologists in the area. He is currently Director of the “Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management” at the Rovira i Virgili University.

Jordi Tous has taken part in different projects related to personnel selection, such as the JOB IN application: a tool to automate the recruitment and selection processes of candidates in the hotel and catering sector.

It has numerous scientific publications related mainly to the welfare of workers in companies. He was dean of the Faculty of Education Sciences and Psychology at the Rovira i Virgili University and has been the vice-rector of the University and Society at the same institution for the last five years.

2. Gemma Cunillera Galofré

Gemma Cunillera Galofré a great professional of psychology who attends to this coastal city. Her specialty is child psychology.

She initially studied nursing at the Autonomous University of Barcelona; however, her great passion led her to train as a psychologist at the UOC and thus continue with her vocation. After graduating, she continued her studies in child and youth psychology.

Its orientation is cognitive-behavioral. Although she mostly works with children and adolescents, she sometimes also attends to adults in cases of panic attacks, phobias, insomnia and relationship crises. She is an expert in the diagnosis and intervention in bullying, learning disorders and conduct disorders.

  • He spends his time in the street Ramon y Cajal, near the San Rafael Park.

3. Juan Pedro Pérez Badía

Juan Pedro Pérez Badía is a well-known general health psychologist in this city. He has more than 20 years of experience helping people who suffer from psychological problems or want to regain their happiness.

His sessions are characterized by his empathy, warmth and his close treatment, which helps his patients to express themselves and get out of the discomfort they are suffering. He is an integrative psychologist who uses the techniques that have been endorsed by his results: cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment, functional-analytic therapy and behavioral activation for depression.

He trained at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and is a specialist in anxiety disorders, depression, addictions and sexual and couple’s disorders.

  • His office is located in Joan Serra i Vilaró street.

4. Victoria García Masip

Victoria García Masip is a leading integrative psychologist (CBT, humanist, strategic-brief, Mindfulness, Gestalt, Neurolinguistic Programming or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) who uses different psychological tools to adapt to each particular case, as she understands that each patient is different and requires individualized treatment.

It has been serving the city centre for many years and is well known for its proximity and good professional practice. She carries out sessions of one hour a week, although depending on the progress and problems of each patient, these sessions are usually spaced out as the treatment progresses.

It is a great option in cases of pathological gambling, anxiety disorders, depression, grief, social isolation and addictions.

  • It serves in the heart of the city, on Rambla Nova.

5. Jonathan Garcia-Allen

Jonathan García-Allen , born in Reus, is one of the most prominent and versatile psychologists in Tarragona. He trained at the University of Barcelona, but later continued his studies in different specialties: Human Resources, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Sports Psychology.

He is perhaps one of the most international psychologists in the area, having been involved in various projects both nationally and internationally. Currently, he carries out tasks related to marketing and communication, coaching sessions, trainings and conferences related to personal development and behavioral science.

He is co-founder and Director of Communication of Psychology and Mind and also directs the communication department of the magazine medsalud.com. As a writer, he has two books related to Psychology: “Psychologically speaking: a journey through the wonders of the mind” and “What is intelligence? Del CI a las inteligencias múltiples”, both works written together with Bertrand Regader and Adrián Triglia, two important Catalan psychologists.

  • You can contact Jonathan Garcia-Allen through his professional profile.

6. Mariona Diaz Isern

Mariona Diaz Isern is a renowned psychologist who offers her services at the Clínica de Psicología Nacar.

He has more than 20 years of experience performing psychological therapy for adults, children, adolescents and families. She is fluent in several languages, so her sessions are in Catalan, Spanish or English. Her strength is undoubtedly child and perinatal psychology, and she can be contacted in cases of psychological support for adopted children or children born through assisted reproduction.

Mariona uses different techniques based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, such as cognitive restructuring or relaxation techniques. She also applies Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Based Therapy.

  • Its centre is located in Carrer de Vidal i Barraquer.

7. Isamara Chiodini

Another great option is Isamara Chiodini . This health psychologist performs different functions. In addition to being a psychotherapist, she is a psychologist at the City Council of Reus and at the Celia Artiga School. She also works at the University Psychiatric Clinic – Pere Mata Institute and is a trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming at Cep Frada.

He performs individual therapy for adults, and specializes in cases of anxiety (phobias, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder) and depression. She is a professional who inspires trust and closeness and is respectful in her treatment of the patient.

  • You can find it in Avenida Cataluña, a few meters from the Rovira i Virgili University.

8. Araceli Baíllo Mompeán

Araceli Baíllo is a very human and committed professional, who helps her patients to find the origin of their problem. Over the years, many people from Tarragona have passed through her practice and have benefited from her experience and the atmosphere of trust she generates.

Its orientation is cognitive-behavioral and it offers individual therapy for adults and couples therapy. She is an expert in anxiety disorders, mood disorders, sexual problems and addictions.

  • You can find this psychologist on Felip Pedrell Street.

9. Sergi Banús Llort

Sergi Banús Llort is another of the city’s veterans, with many years of experience in psychological assistance for adolescents and children.

This professional understands that dealing with these ages requires specialization, so he has devoted much of his career to studying and intervening in the problems that appear at early ages: conduct disorders, ADHD, aggression, dyslexia, bullying. If your child has difficulties of any kind, Sergi Banús Llort is a good option.

  • This psychologist is located on Emperor August Street, where he has his private practice.

10. Noemi Lopez Romero

Noemi Lopez Romero attends both Tarragona and Barcelona. In addition to being a clinical psychologist, she is also a specialist in Forensic Psychology.

As for psychological therapy, he conducts sessions with adults, adults and children, and the issues in which he stands out for his training experience are agoraphobia, panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder. However, he also attends to patients with social isolation, personality disorders, addictions and stress.

He conducts couple therapy sessions and conducts psychological assessments, both in cases of guardianship and in criminal personality studies.

  • His office is located in Calle San Agustín.