In the metropolitan area of Madrid you can find a great variety of quality psychologists and psychology centres where you can treat any kind of problem that may arise.

To know first hand the main characteristics of these professionals, in the article of today we will highlight the 10 best psychologists in Valdemoro , as well as their trajectory, the type of therapy they practice and the location of their centers.

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Top 10 Recommended Psychologists in Valdemoro

Any neighbor of Valdemoro will find in this list the necessary information to know the best professionals of the psychology located in Valdemoro.

We recommend that you contact the professional(s) you consider most suitable for your case , to find out first-hand more details about the therapeutic methodology, the location or the fee for the sessions.

1. María José Santín Rodríguez

The psychologist MarĂ­a JosĂ© SantĂ­n RodrĂ­guez has a degree from the UNED, a Master’s degree in Strategic Brief Psychotherapy and a Master’s degree in Sexology from the University of AlcalĂĄ de Henares, with sex and couples therapy being one of her specialities for the last 15 years.

In the consultation of this professional we will find a psychological treatment based on strategic brief therapy, focused on the difficulties of the person and how these manifest themselves and affect the patient, and also on the third generation therapies.

  • The office of this professional is located at Avenida del Mar Mediterraneo, number 5.

2. Ana Belén Feito

The psychologist Ana Belén Feito is an expert in clinical and educational psychology. She currently directs the Centro A&B Psicólogos, where she offers professional therapy aimed at treating any emotional or behavioral problem in patients of all ages.

Its work philosophy can be summarised as quality treatment, based on professional ethics, respect and confidentiality. The therapeutic approach he applies in his practice is that of cognitive-behavioral therapy, one of the most successful.

  • Ana BelĂ©n Feito’s office is located at 24 Federico MarĂ­n Street.

3. Ana Garrido Gallardo

Ana Garrido Gallardo has a degree in Clinical Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, a Masters in Clinical Psychology and is an expert in the treatment of gender-based violence.

As part of the professional team of the PsychoAdvance Center, this psychologist offers therapy based on the cognitive-behavioral approach to patients of all ages, also families and couples. This type of therapy focuses on the here and now of the patient and aims to find a solution for those unadaptive elements.

  • His psychological office is located at 6 Zeus Street.

4. Rosana Crespo Jimenez

Degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, Rosana Crespo Jiménez is an expert in the application of non-pharmacological tools in the treatment of ADHD and in intervention in Emergencies and Disasters, as well as an expert in other areas.

Some of the techniques he masters in his practice are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Coaching, Mindfulness and Neurolinguistic Programming, with which he offers professional treatment to patients of all ages, and to children from 6 years of age.

  • Their psychological center is located at 8 Jamaica Street.

5. MarĂ­a JesĂșs Campos

The psychologist MarĂ­a JesĂșs Campos is a graduate of the UAM and specializes in the social and educational fields. She has more than 15 years of experience in which she has combined work in private and public centres.

In your practice you will find personalized treatment in person or at home for adolescents and children, specializing mainly in developmental and learning disorders, lack of social skills and study tools.

  • The office of MarĂ­a JesĂșs Campos is located at Paseo de la Comunidad de Madrid, number 26.

6. Teresa Hernando Herrero

The psychologist Teresa Hernando Herrero is an expert in cognitive-behavioral therapy with children and adolescents, a family mediator in separation and divorce and teaches courses and workshops in families on all types of relationship problems.

His consultation is especially aimed at children and adolescents who present any behavioural, emotional or cognitive problems and his treatment generally addresses anxiety disorders, psychosomatic disorders and addictions.

  • His office is located in Calle Gabriela Mistral in Valdemoro.

7. RocĂ­o de la Torre Valverde

The clinical psychologist RocĂ­o de la Torre Valverde offers specialized therapy in sexual and couple’s disorders, therapy oriented to adolescents and also to families that may need it.

The main disorders we can find in your practice are, among others, chronic fatigue, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and sexual dysfunctions of all kinds.

  • Your office can be found at Calle Cantabria, number 9.

8. Gracia MartĂ­nez Sierra

The psychologist Gracia MartĂ­nez Sierra is a graduate of the Complutense University of Madrid and an expert in Behaviour Therapy in children and adolescents.

His practice offers treatment in adult, adolescent and child patients based on a cognitive-behavioral approach and his treatment specialties are phobias, learning disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • You can find his office in the Plaza de las Labores, number 4, Parla.

9. Irene Acosta

Irene Acosta is a psychologist specializing in emotional and reproductive psychology; she offers assistance and therapy to people with problems in the regulation of emotions and anxiety, and also with fertility problems and during the process of pregnancy.

Among the problems it addresses are cognitive impairment, depression and anxiety disorders, pathological grief, and relationship conflicts, among others.

  • You will find his office at 147 Agustina de AragĂłn Street.

10. Josefa PĂ©rez GarcĂ­a

The psychologist Josefa PĂ©rez GarcĂ­a has a career of more than 30 years helping patients with all kinds of emotional, cognitive and behavioural problems.

In his practice, he sees adults, children and adolescents through individual psychotherapy, speech therapy and couples therapy.

  • The address of the Centro de Tratamiento PsicolĂłgico Josefa PĂ©rez GarcĂ­a is Av. de CĂłrdoba number 28, Valdemoro.