In the city of Villarreal you can find a good number of quality psychotherapists , who offer a professional and satisfactory service for anyone who needs to go to therapy.

With the aim of offering service information to anyone interested in therapeutic treatment in the city, in this article we will see which are the 10 best psychologists in Villarreal, in addition to knowing their professional careers and the location of their workplaces.

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Top 10 Recommended Psychologists at Villarreal

If you are a resident of Villarreal or the surrounding area, this list of the best psychotherapists in the area can be of great help to you if you are looking for psychological attention for any type of consultation or problem.

1. Lolimar RodrĂ­guez Barrios

The psychologist Lolimar RodrĂ­guez offers in her practice quality psychological care to patients of all ages, that is, children, adults, adolescents, the elderly, couples and families who may have some kind of psychological problem.

Through cognitive-behavioral therapy, based mainly on the modification of the patient’s thoughts, this professional offers specialized therapeutic treatment in a wide variety of disorders, for which we can consider her as one of the best psychologists at Villarreal.

  • You can find this professional’s office at 90 CamĂ­ Real Street.

2. Myriam Sierra

The General Health Psychologist Myriam Sierra is a graduate of the Catholic University of Valencia, has extensive experience in the practice of psychotherapy and also has a Master’s Degree in Multidisciplinary Intervention in Eating Disorders and a course on the Treatment of Cognitive-Behavioral Disorders.

At present, he directs the prestigious La Plana Psychology Centre, whose therapy is aimed at patients of all ages, whether they are adults, adolescents, children, the elderly and also pregnant women in preparation for childbirth. Therefore, whatever the disorder the patient may have, this professional will be able to treat it thanks to her extensive training.

  • His office is located at Calle Josep RamĂłn Batalla, number 6.

3. Patricia Flor Arasil

The psychologist Patricia Flor Arasil is a graduate of the Universidad Jaume I, has a postgraduate degree in child psychology and early care, so one of her specialties is the therapeutic area in childhood, and also specializes in mediation and family intervention and educational psychology. At present, she runs her own psychotherapeutic office and combines this psychological practice with training and research in the university field.

As an educational psychologist, this professional treats all types of learning or developmental disorders in the child and youth field, addressing the patient’s problems from an integral point of view, that is, taking into account all aspects of the child’s family and social environment, as well as the elements of his or her personality, in order to obtain the best results in therapy.

  • Your office can be found at Avenida Mediterráneo, number 9.

4. Neus Batalla Soriano

Neus Batalla Soriano graduated in Psychology at the University Jaume I, has a Master in Gestalt Therapy and a postgraduate degree in Gestalt Techniques applied to Children and Adolescents, in Couple’s Therapy and also in Gestalt Techniques applied to the Couple.

With a career of 15 years of experience under her belt, this professional now runs her own private psychotherapy centre, where she offers quality psychological treatment to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families who may require it.

  • His office is located at 29 Sardenya Street.

5. Hugo Baidez Cubells

The General Health Psychologist Hugo Baidez Cubells has a degree in psychology from the University Jaume I of CastellĂłn, a Postgraduate degree in Psychological Evaluation, another in Clinical and Health Intervention and a Course of Expert in Behaviour and Sexual Dysfunctions.

This professional offers in his practice therapeutic treatment to patients of all ages based on the cognitive-behavioral technique, one of the most scientifically proven. Some of his treatment specialties are sexual dysfunctions, panic disorders and personality disorders.

  • You can find his office in Sant Pascual Street, number 31.

6. Luisa Chornet

The psychologist Luisa Chornet is an expert in family and couples therapy, has a Master’s degree in Neurolinguistic Programming and is also a graduate in communication and language. The approach she uses in her treatment is gestalt therapy and coaching, in an integrated way.

Finally, we emphasize that their therapy is directed to children, adolescents, adults, couples and also families, and some of the specialties of their treatment are mood disorders, behavioral problems and family conflicts.

  • You can find his work centre at Carrer La MurĂ , number 3.

7. Pedro Briones

The psychologist Pedro Briones offers a psychological therapy service as a member of the Sheila Llop cabinet, of nutrition and health. His treatment is indicated for adolescents, adults, senior citizens, families and couples who may require it.

  • Your office can be found at Avenida Francisco Tárrega, number 64.

8. Pasqual Casalta Ferrer

Pasqual Casalta Ferrer has a degree in psychology and is a specialist in clinical and legal psychopathology. In his practice he professionally treats all types of disorders in patients of all ages and also in families.

  • You’ll find his psychological consultation in Ausias Marc Street, number 32.

9. Lídia Íñiguez Recatalá

The General Health Psychologist Lídia Íñiguez Recatalá bases her therapy on cognitive-behavioral treatment and offers professional and quality therapy to adult patients, whatever their reasons for consulting.

  • LĂ­dia Iñiguez Recatalá’s office is located at 51 Cedre Avenue.

10. Carlos David Collado Navarro

The psychologist Carlos David Collado Navarro is part of the team of professionals at Cedre Clinic, where he treats all types of psychological disorders on the basis of a comprehensive therapy.

  • His office is located at 51 Cedre Avenue.