The 10 best Psychology Clinics in León (Spain)

The 10 best Psychology Clinics in León (Spain)

In León we can find a great variety of psychology centers where we can obtain professional treatment from qualified specialists specialized in all those problems that generate discomfort or distress.

In today’s article we will know which are those 10 best psychology clinics in León, highlighting from each of them the type of therapy they offer and their exact location.

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The 10 Most Valued Psychology Clinics in León

If you live in León, you can find, in the list below, everything you need to know about the best clinics in the city.

1. Clínica Matía

In the Clínica Matía in León we will find quality psychological treatment by a professional team of qualified and widely trained therapists who will be able to offer solutions for any type of problem.

The center’s practice offers treatment in the perinatal, juvenile, adult and also couples areas, and the therapy carried out is integrative, but focused on cognitive-behavioral therapy as a basis.

Some of the treatment specialties we can find in this clinic are anxiety disorders, depression, addictions and relationship problems in couples.

  • The Matía Clinic is located in Calle Cardenal Lorenzana, number 4.
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2. Masvital Psychology

The centre Masvital Psychology in León offers professional therapeutic treatment aimed at patients of all ages, i.e. adults, adolescents, children, couples and also in the perinatal area.

The center’s treatment specialties range from anxiety disorders to overcoming a traumatic birth, so that anyone can receive the treatment that best suits their needs.

The treatment is carried out at a psychological, emotional and psychosomatic level, with the main focus of the centre’s professionals being Integrative Therapy, which consists of applying the best techniques for each case, depending on the patient’s characteristics and circumstances.

  • This center is located at 38 Padre Isla Avenue.

3. SIKO Institute

Anyone who is looking for an effective and quality psychological treatment will find in the Siko Institute one of the best options both for the professionalism of the team of psychologists of the centre and for the work philosophy they share.

The treatment that the centre puts into practice is indicated for adults, therapies and families, and the technique applied is the so-called Multi-Orientation Therapy, in which different specific techniques intervene such as Cognitive-Behavioral, Strategic Brief Therapy, Coaching or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, among others.

  • You’ll find this clinic at 28 Suero de Quiñones Avenue.

4. Lion Psychosis

In the clinic Psicosalud León we will find a quality psychotherapeutic treatment, based on respect, privacy, active listening and a firm commitment to the recovery of the patient, whatever the problem he or she is facing.

The center offers therapy oriented to adult patients and also to couples who may need it. EMDR Therapy is one of the main techniques used to offer the patient the best therapeutic results.

  • You can find this clinic at 10 Renueva Street.

5. Center for Behavioral Psychology

The Centre for Behavioural Psychology in León has an excellent team of professionals specialised in offering therapeutic treatment in the field of general clinical psychology, school psychology, speech therapy and legal psychology.

In this psychological center we will find treatment for adults, adolescents, children and couples who need any kind of treatment in any field, being the center’s treatment specialties child development disorders, depression and sexual dysfunctions in adults.

  • You’ll find this center at 28 Padre Isla Avenue.

6. Psyteco

The professionals of the Psyteco Psychology Clinic in León are specialized in treating patients of all ages, whatever the reason for the consultation and by means of a wide variety of different psychological techniques.

The center has a history of more than 25 years, and among the specialties of its multidisciplinary team we find Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR Therapy, Neuropsychology and Coaching.

  • The Psyteco clinic is located at number 3, Avenida Lancia.

7. Miriam Morán Psychology

In the centre Miriam Morán Psychology you can obtain a psychological care service oriented to patients of all ages by qualified professionals with more than 13 years of experience.

In this centre, any disorder is dealt with, whether in the adult, adolescent, child or couple environment, through a treatment based on the humane treatment, professionalism and accessibility of the therapist.

  • This centre is located in Calle General Benavides, number 9.

8. Elena E. Ordóñez

In the psychological center of Elena E. Ordóñez we will find first class psychological care for adult patients and couples, from a qualified professional with years of experience.

Her treatment is characterized by being methodical and rigorous, and the main techniques that are put into practice in this professional’s office are Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy and Third Generation Therapies, such as Mindfulness.

  • This psychological center is located at 22 Padre Isla Avenue.

9. Psyche

The team of professionals at Gabinete Psique in León offers quality and individualized therapeutic treatment, in which the patient is placed in the centre of the therapy, taking into account his or her own characteristics.

Based on a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, this center treats all kinds of disorders in adult patients and also in couples, in a human and effective way.

  • This clinic is located in Calle San Agustín, number 2.

10. Mar Arias Sarmiento

The center of Mar Arias Sarmiento offers quality psychological treatment oriented to patients of all ages and conditions, i.e. adults, adolescents, children, families and couples.

The main disorders treated at the centre are depressive disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder and phobias of all kinds, in addition to all those problems that may appear in the couple.

  • This center can be found in Gran Via de San Marcos, number 3.

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