We are often unaware of the wide variety of psychological care available in small towns and even in large villages. In an important Andalusian city like Ronda we can find psychologists who offer high quality services, today we will review them.

In this article we will summarize each of the best psychology clinics in Ronda . In each of them we will highlight the treatment they offer, their specialties and also their location.

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The 10 most recommended psychology clinics in Ronda

Anyone who needs professional psychological care in the Ronda area can consult the list below. It is always advisable to call in advance to the clinic that best suits your needs to know how it works, its rates and its location.

1. PsychoAbreu

PsicoAbreu is one of the reference centres for psychological care in Spain, and cannot be absent from our selection of the best psychological clinics. With more than 25 years of experience in the practice of therapy, this centre has different psychological consultations in various cities of Malaga, in which serious and quality work is carried out.

As for the professionals working at the PsychoAbreu Centre, we can say that they are specialized in a wide range of different fields of psychology applied to the treatment of children, adolescents and adults. Cognitive behavioural therapy, psychoanalysis, EMDR therapy and psychodynamic therapy are some of the techniques used by the therapists of the centre.

The PsicoAbreu clinic also treats a wide variety of psychological problems and disorders, among which we highlight: anxiety and depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, impulse control disorder, chronic diseases, various couple problems and impulse control disorder.

  • The PsicoAbreu centre is located at Calle Medico Luis Peralta number 2, in Ronda.
  • You can learn more about the center by clicking here.

2. José Rivero Center

In the José Rivero Center we can find a professional of psychological therapy with a wide training and a great experience in La Ronda. The director of the centre specializes in the treatment of children, young people and adults both individually and as a couple, with a humanistic therapy approach, taking into account the complexity of the patient and all those elements that make up his or her nature.

Using a cognitive-behavioral approach, either systemic, cognitive-analytic or with neuropsychological integration, the psychologists at the Encarna Ortega Center can treat all types of psychological problems and disorders in patients of all ages, among which we highlight: neurodevelopmental disorders in children, oppositional defiant disorder, depression, addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychotic disorders.

  • You will find the centre in Calle Virgen de los Remedios number 4 in Ronda.

3. Queen Psychology

The Psychological Care Centre Queen’s Psychology offers, from cognitive-behavioral therapy, the treatment of a varied range of psychological problems and disorders focused on children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

Some of these psychological disorders and problems are: anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders, sexual disorders, depression, stress, bullying, fears and phobias, gender violence and addictions.

  • The Centro PsicologĂ­a Reina is located in Calle OllerĂ­as number 8.

4. Sofia Idrissi Psychologist

The psychological center of Sofia Idrissi also offers psychological assistance in the city of Rota from a cognitive-behavioral perspective and following three distinct phases in therapy.

Psychologist Sofia Idrissi specialises in psychological therapy and research into alternative therapies. The services she offers include psychological therapy, an expert service and educational workshops.

  • You will find the center of Sofia Idrissi in the Jose L. Ortiz Massaguer Avenue, 13 of Ronda.

5. Maria Raquel Torrez NĂșñez

Through the application of cognitive behavioral therapy, the center of psychologist Maria Raquel Torrez specializes in the treatment of disorders in the child and adolescent population.

Among the most frequently treated disorders and problems, we can highlight: depression, transient tic disorder, night terrors, insomnia, anxiety disorders and low self-esteem.

  • You’ll find the centre at 13 Jerez Street.

6. Alejandro MarĂ­n Rojas

In the psychological centre of Alejandro MarĂ­n Rojas we can also find quality psychological treatment for all kinds of problems. The psychological attention of this professional is personalized and focused on adults, children, couples and also legal psychology service.

  • Alejandro MarĂ­n’s center is located at Calle Lola Peña Parres number 8.

7. Sara FernĂĄndez SĂĄnchez

With almost 15 years of experience behind her, the psychological center of the therapist Sara FernĂĄndez is another great option in the city of Ronda. With a master’s degree in forensic psychology, criminology, sexology, humanistic psychotherapy and gender equality, this professional is one of the best in the sector in her area.

  • You can find Sara FernĂĄndez SĂĄnchez’s office at 16 Avenida de AndalucĂ­a.

8. Maria Auxiliadora Ruiz Morillo

Based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychologist MarĂ­a Auxiliadora Ruiz Morillo offers adult patients therapy for anxiety and depression, fears, self-esteem problems, panic attacks, relationship problems and addictions.

  • You will find the office at Avenida de AndalucĂ­a number 16 in Ronda.

9. Victoria E. DomĂ­nguez DomĂ­nguez

Victoria E. DomĂ­nguez is an expert in therapy for adolescents and adults. Some of the disorders she treats are, among others: depression, insomnia, stress, psychosomatic disorders, phobias, low self-esteem, panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Victoria E. DomĂ­nguez’s office is located at 1 LaurĂ­a Street.

10. Ángela García Casas

Finally, we can talk about the center of Ángela García Casas , psychologist specialized in therapy for adults. From this therapist we can highlight the treatment of couple problems, crisis of anguish, agoraphobia, sleep disorder, learning disorders, mood disorder and grief.

  • You can find the consultation of this professional in the Calle Artesanos number 8 of Ronda.