Anxiety problems are very common and can take many forms, to the extent that they are one of the usual reasons people go to the psychologist.

Now then… where to seek professional help? In this case we will focus on the southwest of Andalusia and will see a selection of the best psychology clinics for the treatment of anxiety in Huelva , with summarized descriptions for each option.

The best psychology clinics for anxiety problems in Huelva

The city of Huelva has a little more than half a million inhabitants, and like most Andalusians, its people are considerate, cheerful, open and friendly. However, the calm that this city on the Andalusian coast transmits is not always reflected in the lives of all its inhabitants.

If you live in this beautiful city and are looking for psychological therapy to treat anxiety problems in Huelva, below you can find some of the best options.

1. Everything is Mind

The centre for psychological therapy Everything is Mind is one of the most recommended options for treating anxiety problems in Huelva.

The psychologist José Miguel Martín Vázquez, at the helm of this entity and responsible for the psychological assistance to patients, offers help to overcome problems such as generalized anxiety, phobias, the accumulation of stress at work, the anguish generated by a traumatic or violent situation, and more. It works from an eclectic approach to psychotherapy, which integrates different techniques and methods to fit the needs and characteristics of each person.

  • If you would like to see their contact details, click here.

2. EHG Psychology

EHG Psychology is another important center in the city of Huelva. It is run by Estefanía G. Hidalgo, a psychologist and social worker who graduated from the University of Huelva.

Estefanía has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Practice in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Functional Analysis Applied to Clinical and Health Contexts (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). She uses third generation therapies from an integrative perspective. It attends to adults, children and adolescents so that they can overcome their difficulties and improve their quality of life. She is also a trainer in self-esteem workshops.

  • Offers online and face-to-face therapy at 12 Vazquez Street.

3. Blanca Ojeda Psychology

Blanca Ojeda is a well-known psychologist in this city, as she has been linked to psychological assistance in Huelva for more than 27 years. She is an expert in Strategic Brief Therapy (SBL), a therapeutic model that has proven its effectiveness in multiple studies. Even so, this therapist uses techniques from other orientations to adapt to each difficulty and to each patient and their anxiety problems.

This professional conducts sessions with adults, adolescents, children, families and couples, and helps to overcome traumatic situations, learn emotional management skills or solve communication problems that may arise in interpersonal relationships.

  • You can find it at 11 Periodista Luca de Tena Street.

4. Centro Raíces

The Centro Raíces is one of the most prominent clinics for the treatment of anxiety and emotional problems in Huelva. Its director, Javier Vilches, is an expert in family therapy and child psychology, and is also an EMDR tarapeutist, making it a great option in cases of children and adolescents.

However, this professional also attends to adults of all ages, and some of his specialties are the treatment of depression, anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, grief, and post-traumatic stress.

Javier Vilches is also a trainer. He currently teaches in the Master of Family Therapy organized by the Elipse Association and the Psyfos Therapy Center.

  • You can find the Centro Raíces at 1 Alcalde Moras Campos Street.

5. Psychoelva

Located in the heart of the municipality, Psychoelva has established itself as one of the most important psychotherapy clinics in the area, and a recommended option for attending anxiety therapy in Huelva.

It has a large team of health psychologists, all of them licensed and with extensive experience, who attend to their patients from the proximity. Their success is due in large part to the trust they transmit, and many people have overcome the difficult times they are going through. Without a doubt, they offer a high quality service.

The Psychoelva team adapts to each patient, treating them individually and taking into account their needs. They attend to cases of different problems that may appear in the different stages of life: children, adolescents and adults. These psychologists pay special attention to children, where vulnerability is always present.

  • Psicoeleva offers online and face-to-face therapy in Tres de Agosto Street, at number 3.

6. PsycheOn

PsiqueOn was born to offer an alternative to psychotherapy in which different focuses and methodologies are integrated and have been scientifically endorsed. It has a team of three professionals, Josefa Álvarez, José del Valle and Daniel Cumbrera Garrido, all of whom are registered health professionals with extensive experience in the treatment of anxiety and emotional problems.

Among the services offered we can find psychological therapy, coaching, study reinforcement, children’s activities and different workshops. They also offer Mindfulness sessions and Yoga classes.

  • The clinic is located in the urbanization Sta Mª del Pilar, at number 31.

7. Top Psychology

Cima Psicología was born in 2010 to offer therapy and psychological advice to the whole province of Huelva. The centre is part of the Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Andalucía Occidental and has been recognised by the Regional Ministry of Health of the same autonomous community.

His most prominent services are couples therapy, therapy for anxiety disorders and helping children with problems. The directors of the center are the psychologist specializing in child therapy, Cinta Mata Martín, and the neuropsychologist, Ana Bella Vázquez Gento.

  • If you are looking for quality anxiety therapy in Huelva, you can go to Avenida Unión or contact their team by phone.

8. Manuel Muñoz Psychology

The psychologist Manuel Muñoz has a well-known practice in Huelva, and many people from Huelva have improved their level of happiness thanks to the tools he has provided them with.

This professional has extensive experience in individual therapy to assist people with anxiety problems, and in couples therapy; it is also a great option for the treatment of addictions, sexual dysfunctions and harmful lifestyle modification. Its orientation is cognitive-behavioral, and it applies techniques such as systematic desensitization or cognitive restructuring. It also employs relaxation techniques to overcome stress or anxiety.

  • This Psychology professional is located at number 1 Palos de la Frontera Street.

9. LM Psychologists

LM Psychologists is a reference in Huelva, mainly because of the work of its team of professionals, who have extensive experience in psychological assistance. All its psychologists have been accredited to be able to practice psychotherapy with the maximum guarantees.

The centre has modern facilities in the centre of the city, which make its patients feel comfortable. This, together with the confidence provided by their psychologists, provides an ideal space for patients to feel in a position to expose and solve the difficulties they are going through.

The therapy sessions at this clinic are based on an integrative methodology, although EMDR predominates, a form of therapy discovered in the late 1980s that has proven effective for anxiety problems and trauma. In addition to psychological therapy, they also provide services for businesses and the education sector.

  • You can find them at 17 Villa Avenue.

10. Kambalaya Center

The Kambalaya Center , as its own web portal indicates, is an emotion center specialized in personal growth and emotional intelligence.

In this clinic it is possible to find a space of tranquility and confidence to be able to find oneself and connect with happiness. For this purpose, they have professionals from different disciplines who provide psychological therapy and personal improvement programs and courses. They also offer workshops, talks and training for companies so that their employees can enjoy greater well-being.

  • The Kambalaya Center is located at number 12, Glorieta de los Alfareros Street.