Mindfulness is one of the most useful tools in improving people’s quality of life , wherever they are. Its effectiveness in coping with illness and grief, for example, has been scientifically proven, and there is increasing evidence that its use can also benefit totally healthy people without psychological distress.

Reading books about Mindfulness is an excellent option to get in touch with full attention ; it allows us to enter into its theory and practice in an autonomous way, to learn about the aspects of this phenomenon that interest us most and to judge in which areas of our life it can be useful to us, all this without compromising our schedules or paying for classes from the beginning.

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The best books about Mindfulness

Now then… where to start reading books about Mindfulness?

The offer is very varied, and often several titles are published that deal directly or indirectly with this topic. If you would like to have the opportunity to select from the most complete full-care books, below you can see my recommendations.

1. After the ecstasy, the laundry

Jack Kornfield , the author of this book, is a Buddhist monk with a background in psychology who has been spreading methods of meditation for years. This is one of the most recommended books about Mindfulness for those who want to understand the eastern cultural background behind the meditation techniques.

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2. Mindfulness: curiosity and acceptance

A practical manual of full attention by the renowned psychiatrist and researcher Javier García Campayo . In this book on Mindfulness, emphasis is placed on the empirical and scientific basis that supports the use of mindfulness as a useful tool in our lives.

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3. The practice of mindfulness

John Kabat-Zinn explains in this book all the theoretical and practical basics you need to know to understand well what Mindfulness is. It is a very complete book (more than 600 pages) that can be reread and consulted many times.

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4. The Book of Mindfulness

One of the most read and popular books on Mindfulness is this one by the Buddhist monk Bhante G. In its pages he not only talks about mindfulness, but also about its relationship to other forms of meditation.

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5. Learning to practice Mindfulness

Vicente Simón , author of this book on Mindfulness, is and has been one of the main promoters of this discipline in Spain. With a clear focus on practice, this work is an excellent option for anyone who intends to start in the world of Mindfulness independently.

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6. The Miracle of Mindfulness

This book on Mindfulness shows how to perform mindfulness exercises and explains through stories how this tradition relates to Buddhist philosophy. Its author, the Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh , is one of the most important representatives of the Mindfulness movement, as well as a peace activist, and has published dozens of books on various subjects.

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7. Introduction to Mindfulness

Another of the most read titles by Vicente Simón . In this case, it is a relatively short book that summarizes all the concepts and ideas that are fundamental to understanding Mindfulness and its usefulness.

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8. Mindfulness and Science

Finally, another book by Javier García Campayo . The title says it all; a book that explores the scientific basis of Mindfulness. Especially recommended for students of psychology and health sciences in general.

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9.Mindfulness in everyday life

This work by Jon Kabat-Zinn is very useful as an introduction to full attention. It is an enjoyable read conceived as a guide for getting started .

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10.Mindfulness for teaching and learning

A guide written by several authors on Mindfulness especially indicated for people who are dedicated to the field of teaching and education with children in general.

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11.Mindfulness for beginners

The name of this book on Mindfulness created by Jon Kabat-Zinn is perfectly descriptive. It is a relatively short book to learn the basics of this practice.

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