With 215,000 inhabitants, 2 marine reserves and more than 3000 years of history, Cartagena is the living history of Spain and one of the most interesting cities .

This port city lies on 5 hills on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and although it is known for its good people and its gastronomy, its inhabitants, like those of other cities, are not spared from having problems of psychological distress. Below we review some of the best psychologists in Cartagena .

The most recommended and valued psychologists in Cartagena

Fortunately, Cartagena has great professionals in psychology to deal with any kind of emotional problem . Here we present you the most recommended ones, so that you can get in touch with the psychologist that best suits your needs.

1. Trinidad Fresno

If we are looking for quality psychotherapy services in Cartagena, we must take into account Trinidad Fresno , since she combines a long experience with a good training.

She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Murcia and specializes in emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression and low self-esteem problems. This psychologist is also an expert in providing coping tools for difficult situations, such as coping with grief.

  • If you want to know more about Trinidad Fresno you can find her on Carlos III street in Cartagena.
  • Contact this psychologist comfortably through her professional page.

2. Raquel Martínez García

Having graduated in psychology in 2013, Raquel Martinez is one of the most competent psychologists we can find in Cartagena. She is a specialist in clinical psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy, and has experience in treating agoraphobia, bereavement, panic attacks, anorexia and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Therefore, its psychological intervention services are adapted to very diverse problems and varied needs that patients may have both in terms of psychological disorders and in relation to relational problems.

3. Esperanza Merlos Fernández

Being a lover of sociology and anthropology, Esperanza Merlos is a born psychologist. Being a specialist in anxiety disorders, clinical psychology and couples therapy, Esperanza Merlos is able to effectively treat problems such as grief, anxiety disorders and phobias, among other common disorders .

This complete psychologist can also speak 4 languages, being these Spanish, Portuguese, English and German.

4. Héctor Peraza Díaz

Among the best psychologists in Cartagena we find Hector Peraza. After completing a master’s degree in human resources management in 2005, Héctor specialized in sexual and couple’s disorders, addictive disorders and schizophrenia treatments .

Among the psychological disorders that Hector works with are also addictions, phobias and anxiety disorders. A very good option for people looking for a psychologist in Cartagena.

5. Mercedes Bernal Sánchez

Mercedes Bernal Sánchez is another of the great psychologists of this city on the Spanish coast. With a master’s degree in positive psychology, Mercedes is a good choice if you are looking to increase your psychological well-being.

In addition to this, Mercedes is a specialist in depression, childhood disorders and cognitive behavioural therapy , so she is well suited to the needs of people seeking to treat common problems such as anxiety disorders, low self-esteem or relationship crises.

6. María Teresa Aguirre Bonnet

María Teresa Aguirre has extensive experience in dealing with both adolescents and children. In 2005 she started her clinic and has now expanded it to two others , in addition to the one in Cartagena.

Trained specifically in humanistic psychology and in clinical and health psychology, María Teresa is a specialist in treating problems such as phobias, suicidal behaviour and other more specific problems such as enuresis, but always focusing on the overall wellbeing of the person, and not just on that problem which is technically the reason for the consultation.

7. Javier Aparicio Mercader

If we are talking about the best psychologists in Cartagena, we cannot leave it to Javier Aparicio Mercader. This psychologist covers a wide range of problems to treat, some of which are sexual disorders, couple problems or disorders in children and adolescents.

With knowledge of forensic psychology and family therapy, Javier Aparicio is undoubtedly an authority on psychology in this city in the Region of Murcia.

8. Susana Santamaría Gómez

After obtaining a degree in psychology in 2014 and a master’s degree in general health psychology later on, Susana Santamaría Gómez began her career as a psychologist focusing on the field of mental health, becoming a professional capable of treating problems as varied as addictions, psychological trauma in adults or behavioural disorders.

All this is thanks to being a specialist in addictive disorders, forensic psychology and family therapies . Without a doubt a great professional.

9. Laura Armero

Laura describes herself as dynamic, active, professional and passionate about her work. That is why, that mixture of knowledge and personal motivation, she is one of the best psychologists in Cartagena.

And not only that, but with two masters, one in neuropsychology and one in clinical practice, Laura Armero is able to treat problems as varied as anxiety disorder, grief and pain disorder. She also knows perfectly well how to do a good cognitive-behavioral therapy, the approach that has more versatility in clinical and health practice .

10. Ana Cristina Pérez

Ana Cristina Perez is a really complete psychologist in Cartagena. With a master’s degree in clinical psychology under her arm, Ana Cristina is able to treat illnesses such as grief, addictions and phobias.

In addition, this psychologist is a specialist in anxiety disorders, depression problems and in performing psychotherapy on adolescents , all of which are relatively common problems in the population. Her practice is located in the centre of Cartagena.

11. Aida Fernández Ureña

Aida Fernández Ureña is a psychologist specializing in psychotherapy also located in Cartagena.

Always from the respect to the patient, this professional of the mental health offers a personalized therapy between which they emphasize those focused to treat the depression, the anxiety and also those focused to improve the communicative and social skills, and the personal growth. Without a doubt, she is a great psychologist who, not because she is the last, is less capable than the rest of us of offering you quality psychological treatment.