Majadahonda is an important city in Madrid with more than 70,000 inhabitants, so among the services available in this town there is an important variety of mental health professionals.

Next we will see a summary of the best psychologists in Majadahonda , together with a brief description of each professional.

The best psychologists offering therapy in Majadahonda

We reviewed some of the best rated psychotherapists in Majadahonda . We recommend that you contact the professional you consider to be best suited to your case, so that you can begin therapy or guidance.

1. Julieta Aráoz Castelli

Among the most recommended psychologists we find in Majadahonda is Julieta Aráoz Castelli, clinical psychologist and family mediator . She works at the psychology center Psicólogos Majadahonda, located in Calle Vaguada del Arcipreste number 2.

This professional in psychological therapy graduated from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with a degree in Psychology and also has a Master’s degree in Clinical Practice.

Thanks to this training Julieta Aráoz has experience in dealing with patients with psychological disorders such as anxiety disorders (e.g. phobias and OCD), depressive disorders, anger management, personality disorders, self-esteem problems and others. On the other hand, Julieta Aráoz also offers assistance in cases of couple’s crisis and divorce processes .

Its psychotherapy, which is aimed at adults as well as children and adolescents, is based on the cognitive-behavioral current.

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2. Leticia Vázquez Llorente

Leticia Vázquez is a psychologist specializing in psychotherapy and psychology expertise. She is also trained in Neurocriminology and Legal Psychology. In addition to her degree in Psychology, she has a Master’s degree in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, one of the forms of intervention in patients that have been shown to be most effective in a wide variety of disorders.

Among the forms of discomfort that this professional helps to overcome through her services in therapy, we find depression, low self-esteem, relationship problems, anxiety disorders, co-dependency, and more.

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3. Melania PĂ©rez Ortega

Melania Pérez graduated in Psychology from the Universidad Camilo José Cela and also holds two masters degrees, one in Clinical and Health Psychology and the other in Infertility: Psychosocial, Medical and Legal Aspects.

Thanks to this training, Melania PĂ©rez is an expert in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy , and with this she treats mental disorders such as social isolation, depression and low self-esteem. A good option to attend psychotherapy with all the guarantees.

4. Elvira Pérez Vázquez

Elvira PĂ©rez is one of the psychologists we should take into account if we are looking for psychotherapy in Majadahonda.

She has a degree in Psychology from the National University of Distance Education and also has a Master’s degree in General Health Psychology, which enables her to deal with all kinds of problems that can make our daily lives difficult.

It can treat anything from 11-year-olds to adults who have behavioral problems, emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety, or are involved in family conflicts due to stress or problems related to addictive disorders.

  • If you would like to contact Elvira PĂ©rez you can find her in her private practice in Calle del Doctor Calero, Majadahonda, Madrid.
  • You can comfortably contact Elvira through her professional profile.

5. Carmen Crespo MartĂ­n

Another of the best psychologists we can find in the municipality of Majadahonda is Carmen Crespo MartĂ­n .

This psychologist graduated in Psychology in 1992 and has a Master’s degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, as well as being a specialist in offering therapy to couples in times of crisis.

Thanks to her long training and experience, this psychologist is an expert in treating anxiety disorders, depression, stress and phobias , as well as offering psychotherapy to adults and adolescents.

  • You can easily contact her through her professional profile.

6. Vicky Sharon Matos PĂ©rez

Another of the most interesting options when choosing a quality psychotherapist in Majadahonda is Vicky Sharon Matos .

He graduated in Psychology from the UNED, and also holds a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

She offers therapy to both individuals and groups , and among the specialties of this psychologist in psychology and neuropsychology are intervention in cases of addictions, depression, TDH, phobias and anxiety crises, and assistance to victims of terrorist attacks and disasters. She assists children and adults, and also offers couples therapy.

7. Maria Soledad Sanchez Graiño

Maria Soledad Sanchez is a psychologist graduated from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and also holds a Master’s degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy from the Bertrand Russell Center for Psychology, another in Psychogeriatrics and Psychogerontology from Inupsi, and a third Master’s degree in Mediation through Psychological Opening.

In her practice, located in Salvador DalĂ­ Street in Majadahonda, this professional helps adults and adolescents in the treatment of problems such as excessive anxiety, self-esteem problems, divorce crises, stress from work, depression, and many others.

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8. María Fernández de la Riva Gozálvez

In the street of Dr Calero we can find another of the most recommended psychologists in the municipality of Majadahonda: María Fernández de la Riva .

After graduating in Psychology, this professional specialized among other things in mediation and conflict management, third generation therapies and psychological assistance for couples in times of crisis.

Its psychotherapeutic method is based on the individualization of each case in order to optimize the results of each session.

9. Marta Martín Cardeña

In the Gran Vía de Majadahonda we find another psychologist recommended: Marta Martín Cardeña .

She graduated in Psychology from the Universidad Camilo JosĂ© Cela and also has a master’s degree in her CV in Clinical and Health Psychology from the UCM.

Among the mental disorders that Marta MartĂ­n treats best are psychosomatic disorders, sexual dysfunctions and panic attacks.

10. Pilar Hernández Sánchez

In Hernán Cortés Street we can find one of our best options when it comes to finding a quality psychotherapist.

Pilar Hernández graduated in 2012 from the UNED in Psychology and has a master’s degree in cognitive-behavioral therapy, in addition to being an expert in EMDR Trauma Clinic and Intervention.

She is also a child neuropsychologist and an expert in treating cases with mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

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11. Vanessa Nott Bilbao

In her private practice on Puerto de los Leones street in Majadahonda we can find Vanessa Nott .

This mental health professional graduated in Psychology from the University of Sussex in England in 2000 and also holds a Masters degree in Assessment and Intervention in Child and Adolescent Disorders.

Vanessa Nott’s specialties include night terror, phobias, encopresis, bedwetting and low self-esteem.