Thanks to its people and its gastronomy, Alicante is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. In addition, seeing the whole Mediterranean Sea from the Santa Barbara Castle is truly a unique experience that no one should miss.

However, even though this city is so pleasant for the senses, its inhabitants can have psychological problems. Below we will review some of the best psychologists in Alicante with whom to confront these problems through therapy.

The best psychologists offering therapy in Alicante

Alicante has great professionals in the field of psychology. Here we will see some of them.

1. Origin Psychology and Psychiatry

Origen PsicologĂ­a y PsiquiatrĂ­a is the largest chain of mental health intervention centres in Spain, and has a large team of experts in psychotherapy specialising in all areas of well-being as far as psychological assistance is concerned.

In his centre in Alicante it is possible to find psychotherapy for people of all ages : from children and adolescents with learning or emotional regulation problems, to adults with psychological disorders, as well as elderly people.

Here we offer support in family and couples therapy as well as in assistance sessions for patients with problems of all kinds: depression, bipolar disorder, grief, ADHD, anxiety disorders and phobias, etc.

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2. Marina Marta GarcĂ­a Fuentes

Marina is the Director of the Instituto Psicode Madrid and Alicante and attends patients in Alicante .

She is a psychologist specialized in the health field with a master’s degree in clinical psychology. Specifically, she is an expert in anxiety, OCD, depression, couples therapy, mindfulness meditation (MBMB), executive coaching, EMDR and guidelines for children and adolescents.

On the other hand, she collaborates as a teacher in the official school of psychologists in Madrid and trains psychologists from different universities, as well as with several media writing articles on psychology. She is also the author of the book Los tres tesoros de Martin .

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3. MarĂ­a BrĂ­gida Miralles Llovet

MarĂ­a BrĂ­gida Miralles Llovet is a psychologist and Director of the therapy centre PsicĂłlogos-Alicante, located in the Ensanche-DiputaciĂłn area. This centre offers professional support to adults, children and adolescents.

Working from a combination of different perspectives of psychology in terms of methods and strategies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Mindfulness, this professional adapts to the specific needs of each patient.

Among the disorders treated by this psychologist are depression, impulse regulation problems, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, anxiety disorders, and more.

PsicĂłlogos-Alicante is located at 17 Reyes CatĂłlicos Street.

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4. Lourdes Patricio

Lourdes Patricio graduated in Psychology from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca in 2004 and since then she has obtained 2 masters; one is learning disabilities in Valencia and the other is clinical child and youth psychology in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Thanks to this training, Lourdes Patricio is a specialist in adolescent psychotherapy, psycho-education and psychological intervention , and is thus able to treat problems such as conduct disorders, dyslexia, enuresis or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

5. Claudia Corte

The psychologist Claudia Corte is a specialist in individual therapy through the cognitive-behavioral approach, couples therapy and Dance Movement Expressive Relational Therapy.

This professional has a degree in Psychology from the Universitá degli Studi di Palermo and a Master’s degree in Health Psychology from the Universidad Miguel Hernández, another in Clinical Behavioral Cognitive Practice from the AEPCCC and a Diploma in Dance Movement and Relational Expressive Therapy from the Scuola di Artiterapie. It can help people with problems such as couple conflicts, psychological trauma, addictions, poor regulation of emotions or excessive stress.

Claudia Corte works at PsicĂłlogos-Alicante, whose center is at 17 Reyes CatĂłlicos Street.

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6. Paula Bonal

Paula Bonal is another highly recommended psychologist from the city of Alicante. This is supported by her three masters, one in clinical and health psychology, another in psychological therapy with children and adolescents and another in conflict resolution.

Paula, in addition, is a specialist in anxiety disorders, treating depression and performing psychotherapy for adolescents . This is why this psychologist treats problems of low self-esteem, stress, asperger syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

7. M. Amparo Tomás García

In Pintor Cabrera Street we find the office of M. Amparo Tomás García .

This professional has a degree in Social Psychology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Master’s degree in Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Society (Brunel University) and a Master’s degree in Psychoanalysis and Cultural Theory (UCM). She specializes in Lacanian-oriented psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapy, and helps people with problems such as psychological trauma, sexual identity conflicts, mood disorders, and many more.

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8. Mara GirĂłn

Mara GirĂłn, with a practice located at Avenida Maisonnave number 9, is another of the most interesting options for those who are looking for the best psychologists in Alicante.

This professional offers psychotherapy to patients of all ages, both in individual sessions and in couples therapy, working from the cognitive-behavioral paradigm combined with tools such as Mindfulness and EMDR therapy from an integrative perspective.

In your consultation you will find psychological assistance for people with problems such as stress crises, social phobia, low self-esteem, trauma or family conflicts.

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9. ConcepciĂłn Torregrosa Najar

ConcepciĂłn Torregrosa Najar has a degree in Clinical Psychology and has a practice on the outskirts of Alicante, in San Vicente del Raspeig. Being a specialist in treating cases of anxiety disorders and depression, this psychologist is an expert in clinical psychology, solution-focused psychotherapies and psychotherapy for adolescents.

In addition, ConcepciĂłn Torregrosa Najar offers assistance to women victims of gender violence .

10. MarĂ­a Teresa Aguirre Bonnet

MarĂ­a Teresa Aguirre Bonnet is a psychologist who graduated from the University of Murcia in 2005. With a master’s degree in clinical and health psychology, MarĂ­a Teresa Aguirre is able to treat mental problems and disorders such as phobias, enuresis, suicidal behaviour as well as other disorders such as psychotic behaviour and alcohol dependency.

It is worth mentioning that MarĂ­a Teresa is also a specialist in anxiety disorders and sexual and couple’s disorders .

11. Isabel Muñoz Peñalver

Isabel Muñoz Peñalver is another of the best psychologists in Alicante. In her private practice located on the outskirts of Alicante, Isabel Muñoz Peñalver has 3 masters, one in sports psychology, another in updating in psychological intervention and evaluation and another in legal psychology and forensic psychological evaluation.

Thanks to this training, Isabel is able to treat cases of social isolation, problems of low self-esteem and perform psychotherapies in situations of mourning and couple’s crisis .

12. MarĂ­a Carolina Salinas Jauregui

MarĂ­a Carolina Salinas Jauregui is another psychologist with two private consultations in the centre of Alicante . Graduated in psychology in 1993, MarĂ­a Carolina Salinas is a specialist in performing psychotherapy on patients with anxiety disorders and depression.

Thanks to this training, this psychologist has experience in cases of phobias, grief, psychosis and obsessive-compulsive disorders, as well as others such as philo-parental abuse or anxiety disorders.

13. Elena Manzanera Esteve

This psychologist, who graduated in the Valencian Community in 2005, has a postgraduate degree in clinical neuropsychology and it is thanks to this training that Elena Manzanera is able to treat multiple cases of mental or relationship disorders and alterations. Among these are social phobia, low self-esteem, panic disorders and relationship crises .

In addition Elena Manzanera is a specialist in therapies for treating anxiety disorders, adult psychotherapy and cognitive psychology.

14. Laura Asensi PĂ©rez

Laura Asensi PĂ©rez is a psychologist in Alicante specialized in clinical psychology and has more than 25 years of experience behind her. She is a professor at the University of Alicante and among the services she offers are cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and interventions in legal and forensic psychology .

In addition, Laura Asensi, thanks to her training and experience, can treat cases of anxiety, stress, phobias and psychosomatic disorders. A great option if you need therapy in Alicante and its surroundings.