Poetic Action is a cultural movement that emerged in 1996 thanks to Armando Alanís, a Mexican poet, and started in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

This form of artistic-poetic expression consists of writing phrases on walls, as if it were a kind of graffiti. The meanings of these poetic phrases are varied. In the writings it is possible to find motivational phrases, philosophical phrases, phrases about love and romanticism, phrases about lack of love and even phrases about psychology.

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25 best lines from Poetic Action

Over the years, many expressions have been embodied on walls in towns and cities. In today’s article, we have selected a list of 25 phrases that we think you will like because of their meaning, their originality or their enriching message . We hope you enjoy them!

1. The worst prison is a closed heart

Loneliness is one of the most unpleasant situations a human being can feel, because contact with others is essential for emotional well-being and psychological health. Not only that, but a recent study claims that it even increases the risk of death. Therefore, not letting other people into your heart and closing yourself off, the only thing that can bring you negative consequences on an emotional and psychological level.

2. Humanity, where did you go?

A person’s ability to feel affection, understanding or solidarity towards other individuals is what is known as humanity. To be a human person with others is, without a doubt, a great virtue . Unfortunately, if we look around us, we can constantly appreciate actions that have nothing to do with the ability to show humanity. The world would be a slightly better place if we all learned to be like that: more human.

3. The world changes by your example, not by your opinion

It is very easy to express an opinion on things we don’t like and criticize . But without putting in a little bit of your time, things will rarely change. If you want to change something, you are going to have to move and do it. Words or opinions are useless.

4. We were a short story that I will read a thousand times

If you have had a brief history with someone, but full of feeling and unforgettable moments, you may always remember that person with special affection . Remembering those nice moments can bring back that moment you once lived and enjoyed.

5. Everyone smiles in the same language

Smiling is one of the acts that best expresses our happiness, especially if that smile is genuine . Because smiling is universal and is welcomed by everyone.

6. I didn’t know what to wear… and I was happy

Today, more people should wear the garment of happiness . because it is possible that not everything goes well in our lives. However, the attitude and the way we interpret the facts that happen to us is extremely important when it comes to feeling good or bad.

7. Long live the madmen who invented love!

Love is one of the most incredible sensations that human beings can feel . The emotional torrent that floods us when we feel it can make us lose our mind. But what would this life be without this incredible feeling? Maybe not all relationships turn out well, but those moments lived are unforgettable.

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8. Stop thinking too much and feeling too little

Sometimes, we can be so preoccupied with thoughts that we do not allow ourselves to feel the situations in their entirety. For example, we can be so lost in expectation that we do not enjoy the present moment. That is why we can stop thinking a lot and feeling little because the here and now can only be lived once .

9. Forgiveness erases what time could not

We tend to think that time heals wounds. But one of the actions that will give us greater mental well-being and allow us to close the doors of the past, is forgiveness.

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10. The order of memories does not alter oblivion

This is one of those funny phrases that reminds us that sometimes memories invade us and do not let us forget . The human brain is really curious. Do you want to know how it stores memories?

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11. I create a better world

A phrase that appeared signed by the Barrio del Oeste of Salamanca, in which you can read: “I believe in a better world”. Now, the “in” is crossed out. Which means that it is you who must create the better world .

12. At each end, make up a beginning

It’s great to have ideas and goals. But to achieve them, you need to take action. That is, give them a start. If you are interested in how you can maximize the chances of achieving your goals, click here.

13. The most perfect affection is to tolerate defects

Loving someone when everything is going well is easy . But no one is perfect, and therefore if we love that person we must accept him/her with both his/her virtues and defects.

14. Ours is to fly

When you’re in love with someone and you spend time with that person, the world seems to have more than 24 hours. Besides, that feeling is so pleasant that it takes you to places you have never been and you are in a continuous “state of flow”.

15. Someday is a long time

Procrastination is letting opportunities slip by that may never come again. In addition, procrastination is the procrastination of things when they should be attended to. Without a doubt, a bad habit .

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16. I have the habit of missing you

Sometimes, the relationship we establish with some people can feel like a benign addition.

17. I’ll go anywhere as long as it’s forward

One of the phrases of Poetic Action that transmit more eagerness to overcome and motivation for personal development .

18. Sitting quietly thinking of you

Behind the apparent calm, there may be a whirlwind of emotions.

19. Only the one who stops dreaming is defeated

Keeping a goal in mind is not only necessary to make progress, but it is also the beginning of the road that leads to a future where things are better .

20. Let’s paint life before it fades

A proactive and creative attitude is very positive for experiencing life to its full potential.

21. One day, another story

A way of seeing things based on the idea that the past does not have to totally limit what we are going to do in the present.

22. Have the courage to be wrong

The very idea of failing or falling into error can be a trap from which it is difficult to escape. To end the paralysis of analysis is also to make a courageous decision.

23. The moon rises to walk following your pupils

One of the most elegant phrases of Poetic Action (although it is somewhat solipsistic).

24. It is love that makes the revolution

Love can be interpreted as the force that drives all revolutions .

25. We are the stories we live

We live our lives through the stories we create for them.