Malaga is one of the main cities on the Andalusian coast, and it is therefore natural that in this city it is possible to choose between many types of psychological therapy.

Throughout this article we will focus on the current of psychotherapies initiated by Sigmund Freud and we will see a selection of the best psychoanalysts in Malaga ; specialists who give special importance to our unconscious mental processes and the management of the most powerful and emotional impulses.

The best psychoanalysts in Malaga

Psychoanalysis has been developing forms of psychological intervention for decades, focusing on the unconscious dynamics of the human mind. Thus, the different forms of psychoanalytic therapy put the focus not on the symptoms of psychological disorders, but on psychological processes underlying them and which produce them from realms that are beyond our consciousness .

For this reason, psychodynamic therapies (the group of therapeutic perspectives inherited from Freud’s works) attach great importance to the way in which we experience life through systems of repression of memories and impulses , a clash between passionate desires and rationally imposed norms that sometimes make us suffer in the most unsuspected ways.

In these lines you will find the data and basic information about experts in psychoanalytic therapy in Málaga.

1. Rodolfo de Porras de Abreu

Rodolfo de Porras is a psychologist and manager of the cabinet of psychology Psychologists Malaga PsicoAbreu , an institution with over 20 years of experience and currently has a team of 12 professionals in psychotherapy.

This psychoanalyst psychologist with a degree in Psychology from the University of Malaga (UMA) emphasizes the need not to focus on symptoms, but to work on solving the root of emotional, behavioural and cognitive problems. To do so, he adopts an integrative therapeutic perspective of several tools with which it is possible to adapt to the needs of each patient.

Thus, it can offer psychological assistance to people who experience problems of anger management, grief for the death of loved ones, anxiety and trauma crises , mood disorders, and difficulty in controlling impulses, among other common problems treated in consultation. On the other hand, in his cabinet he carries out therapy sessions for patients of all ages, from children and adolescents to adults and the elderly.

Its psychology office is one of the great references in the province of Malaga, and has 4 centers spread between the capital of Malaga and Velez-Malaga (in Torre del Mar).

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2. Genoveva Navarro

Genoveva Navarro has a degree in Psychology from the University of Málaga and is a psychoanalyst psychologist.

His practice is located at Calle Maestranza nº 21, and he offers psychotherapeutic assistance to adults as well as to children and adolescents. She also carries out couples therapy for people whose marriage or relationship is going through a crisis of trust, communication or jealousy or conflict due to infidelity.

He has been helping patients for more than 15 years, and thanks to his versatile profile he can help people who experience discomfort from phenomena such as identity crisis, emotional stagnation, anxiety disorders, poor impulse regulation, low self-esteem, intense sadness or melancholy from past experiences, problems in social skills, and many other emotional or behavioural problems.

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3. Laura López García

Laura López, whose practice is located in Calle Armengual de la Mota (Marbles district), is another option to take into account for those who are looking for the best psychoanalysts in Málaga.

In addition to being a psychoanalyst, she is a clinical psychologist with the capacity to offer therapy to individual patients as well as to families and couples in crisis. She provides both face-to-face and online services to help people with phobias and anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, extreme shyness, difficulties in communicating and expressing their emotions, OCD, etc. It has more than a decade of experience helping patients.

On the other hand, Laura López also has a facet of intervention in companies, either by supervising work dynamics or by carrying out workshops and training programmes.

4. Maite Esteban Leiva

In Alameda de Colón there is another specialist in psychoanalytic therapy in Malaga that can help to overcome various forms of psychological distress. She is Maite Esteban Leiva , an expert in psychoanalysis who has two decades of experience.

Maite has training in psychoanalysis in general and specifically from the Lacanian school, and she focuses her efforts on helping people to adopt more adaptive ways of living in the most important areas: personal relationships, development of adequate self-esteem, establishment of affections, communication, etc.