Seville is a renowned Spanish city located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula , which represents the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia. Its population is more than 690,000 inhabitants, making it the city with the most inhabitants in the autonomous community and the fourth in the country. It also has one of the few navigable rivers in the entire Iberian Peninsula, the Guadalquivir River.

Seville is well known internationally for its historical and cultural heritage such as the Holy Week, the April Fair, and with historical monuments such as the Giralda. Its gastronomy, the good weather conditions and the presence of the Guadalquivir river crossing the city make it a place with a great tourist attraction.

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The best clinics for treating pathological gambling in Seville

In Seville you can find a large number of psychologists, but only a small part are specialized in the treatment of addictions such as gambling.

Currently, phenomena such as sports betting and Internet gambling are increasing the number of gamblers exponentially, especially among younger people.

If you want to treat your addiction to gambling and you don’t know which psychologist to go to, in the following article you can find the five most recommended centres in the city of Seville .

1. Fromm Welfare

Fromm Bienestar is a reference center located in Seville which is considered by a large number of families as the most recommended detoxification center in the Andalusian capital. In this centre, treatments are carried out focused on adolescents and adults affected by addictions to different types of substances or gambling.

The aim of the centre is to improve people’s well-being through a methodology based on listening and humanism. Thanks to the extensive experience of a psychological team specialized in different types of addictions, very satisfactory results are obtained, improving the well-being of the patients in a very remarkable way.

In addition, Fromm Bienestar collaborates with entities in the sector related to the prevention and treatment of addictions, advising both public and private organizations in favor of the treatment of this type of disorder.

  • To attend the Fromm Bienestar clinic, you can visit Calle Industria 1, Edificio Metropol 1 Planta 4ª Módulo 4, 41927 Mairena del Aljarafe, Sevilla.
  • Contact the Fromm Bienestar Center through your professional profile.


ASEJER is the Seville Association of Gamblers in Rehabilitation, which represents a non-profit association founded in 1989 that has a psychological team specialised in the treatment and rehabilitation of those affected by gambling addiction.

The effects of pathological gambling not only have a direct effect on the person concerned, but also have serious consequences for the relatives and friends of the people affected, creating very delicate economic situations. ASEJER also provides support and advice to family and friends who are affected by this type of disorder.

In addition, in view of the growing dependence of many young people and adults on new technologies, the centre also deals with so-called substance-free addictions, such as video games, mobile phones, the Internet, television, etc.

  • The centre is located in Edificio Henares, C/ José Jesús García Díaz, 4, 41020 Seville.

3. CAS (Seville Addiction Centre)

The Centro de Adicción de Sevilla (CAS) has a flexible service available that adapts to the requirements of each patient, although it is especially designed for those people who want to receive therapeutic assistance without leaving their studies, work or family.

The therapeutic program proposed by the center is divided into several phases: the disabling, rehabilitation and reintegration are very important phases for the person affected by some kind of addiction or pathological gambling to recover and be able to move forward.

Relapses are usually common, so the centre has a team of professionals who will manage the situation of each patient in a personalized way so that gradually, the patient returns to a situation of normality.

  • The centre is located in Calle Manufactura,2 Pol.PISA – Edificio EURO ground floor, local 5, 41927 Mairena del Aljarafe, Sevilla.

4. Neros Group

Grupo Neros is a centre that specialises in the treatment of patients affected by pathological gambling. It uses the most advanced technology to improve the wellbeing of these people and to control the impulses that prevent them from getting hooked on gambling again.

This centre has a unique treatment for pathological gambling that is based on a series of systematized interventions and direct assistance by the professional team, which focuses on the patient and his or her social and family environment, allowing the addiction to this type of stimuli to be gradually improved.

Throughout all these years, the centre has achieved 70% of rehabilitated patients, a percentage much higher than the average obtained by the rest of the centres specialized in the treatment of pathological gambling.

  • His office is located at Avenida de la República Argentina, 46, Local, 41011 Sevilla.

5. CIAS Centre

The ICSW Centre specialises in the treatment of gambling addiction, also known as pathological gambling. This psychological disorder increasingly affects young people and adolescents, as well as adults. Gambling, gaming machines, and the Internet are some of the main spaces where a large number of gambling addicts are generated.

This type of addiction has very serious effects on the family, friends and the economic and psychological situation of the person concerned. That is why it is important to have a team of psychologists specialized in this type of disorder to treat the problem together with the patient and his or her closest circle, with the aim of returning the patient to a situation of normality and well-being.

  • Your office is located at Avenida Innovación 2, Edificio Sierra Este, Planta 1, Oficina 7. 41020, Seville.