Mataró is a municipality located in the autonomous community of Catalonia , which belongs to the province of Barcelona and represents the capital of the Maresme.

It is a coastal city, located 33 kilometers from the city of Barcelona and has a population of almost 130,000 inhabitants, making it the eighth largest city in Catalonia.

Historically, the territory has had a great deal of agricultural activity, which has decreased over the years until it has been practically replaced by the textile industry. This industry represented the most important economic activity of the city during several decades of the 20th century. However, the textile sector has also been losing strength, and at present this municipality stands out as an important service centre for the whole territory.

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Psychiatry clinics in Mataró: the best options

The city of Mataró has a wide range of psychologists and psychiatrists specialized in different fields of action . In the following article you will find the best psychiatric centres in the entire territory of the capital of the Maresme region.

1. CITA clinic

The CITA Clinic is a renowned detoxification centre formed by experts in the field of addictions and psychiatry, which acts as a space for the treatment of different types of addictions, and also as a Research Centre for this type of disorder.

The center has a history of more than 40 years in the treatment of addictions and detoxification from different types of drugs, with a team of doctors and psychologists who are experts in different types of therapy that have allowed patients to regain control over their lives over the years.

Some of the main treatments focus on detoxification from drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and cannabis, and other treatments focus on non-toxic addictions. In all of them, we work with the most advanced and innovative therapies of the moment, treating the following addictions:

  • Detoxification Cocaine

  • Treatment for Alcoholism

  • Heroin Detoxification

  • Cannabis Addiction

  • Detoxification Benzodiazepines

  • Stop Smoking Treatment

  • Treatment for gum disease

  • Its centre is located in Mas Mia s/n, in the municipality of Dosrius.

  • You can easily contact Clínica CITA through their professional profile.

2. Centre de Salut Mental d’Adults de Mataró

The Centre de Salut Mental de Mataró offers all the necessary resources to respond to those people affected by different types of mental illnesses that require the support of professionals specialised in psychology and psychiatry.

The Center specializes in mental health and is composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and nurses. Thanks to this team of professionals, the patient will be evaluated and treated according to his or her needs, be they psychiatric, psychological or social.

If you are a patient with a serious illness, you will become part of a program called the TMS (Severe Mental Disorder) program, which will ensure continuity of treatment and offer the patient the possibility of a more intensive approach at the center’s facilities.

  • This centre is located on the road to Cirera 3, Mataró.

3. Llar Residència el Maresme

The Llar Residència el Maresme is an open social service located in the centre of Mataró. Its main function is to take in those people with difficulties derived from their mental illness throughout the process of rehabilitation and integration, replacing the home with the facilities of the residence.

The length of the patient’s stay will depend on the type of mental illness he or she is suffering from, and the pace of recovery of each person. For this reason, this centre is prepared to allow people to live for more or less long periods of time, working with a team of multidisciplinary professionals who aim to achieve a rapid recovery and well-being for the patient.

The main pathologies that are treated in this center are related to:

  • Treatment of Agoraphobia

  • Treatment of Anxiety

  • Treatment of Depression

  • Treatment of Schizophrenia

  • Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

  • This residence is located at 94 Unió Street, Mataró.

4. Centre Mèdic Mataró

The Centre Mèdic de Mataró is a comprehensive medical centre made up of professionals from practically all medical disciplines related to the health and well-being of people. Among these professionals, there is also a team of psychiatrists and psychologists with an excellent track record in the treatment of different types of disorders.

This psychiatric center has extensive experience and coordination with various specialists in mental health related disciplines. Thanks to this, they can take care of people’s health in an integral way, with the maximum respect and confidentiality for patients, companions and family members.

  • The centre is located at Carrer de Cristòfor Colom, 63, Mataró.

5. CQM Clinic Maresme

CQM Clinic Maresme is a centre specialised in psychiatry dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, study and treatment of mental illness. The team of psychiatrists who form part of CQM work to provide relief and well-being to those patients affected by different types of disorders.

This treatment is carried out through the prescription of certain psychotropic drugs or through the referral of patients to specific psychology services. One of the most effective methods in some disorders is sociotherapy, especially in those phases of reintegration in which the patient will return to a normal life.

  • The clinic is located at 13 Lepanto Street, Mataró.