The 5 best psychologists in Los Santos de Maimona

The 5 best psychologists in Los Santos de Maimona

In the province of Badajoz and with almost 10 thousand inhabitants we find the municipality of Los Santos de Maimona .

Among all the services we can find in this municipality we can highlight psychologists and quality mental health and psychotherapy centres with which to treat emotional disorders and problems that can make our daily lives more tedious and complicated.

It is for this reason that below we will review the most outstanding psychologists in Los Santos de Maimona to whom we can turn if we present this type of difficulty .

The best psychologists offering therapy in Los Santos de Maimona

We review some of the most recommended psychotherapists we can find in Los Santos de Maimona.

1. Paloma Encinas

Paloma Encinas graduated from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca and has two masters, one in Psychopathology of Language and its Rehabilitation and another in Palliative Care.

It is important to know that this psychologist, in addition to working as a psychotherapist, can also take on a role as an executive and business coach, being able to help companies and institutions to manage talent and motivate their employees. This psychologist is also an expert in offering treatment for psychosomatic disorders, situations of depression and anxiety, bullying situations or bullying.

In the case of professional environments it can also help in situations of mobbing or harassment at work. Thanks to her more than 15 years of experience, Paloma Encinas is one of the best psychologists we can find in Los Santos de Maimona.

  • His private practice is located on Avenida Fuente del Maestre.

2. Eduardo Feria Panea

Eduardo Feria Panea is another of the psychologists we can find in the area of Los Santos de Maimona.

This mental health professional graduated in Clinical Psychology from the University of Salamanca and has a Master’s degree in Systemic Psychotherapy from the same institution. It is of interest to know that this psychologist has experience in public practice as a psychological therapist in the Psychological Care Unit of the University of Salamanca, although he also has professional experience in private clinics. In this way, this psychologist is the director of the Centro Integral de Psicología Cambio, which is one of the most recommended centres in this municipality and in which a great variety of emotional disorders and psychological problems are treated.

This psychologist can effectively treat anxiety disorders, depressive situations, severe stress, obsessive compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • The Centro Integral de Psicología Cambio is located in calle hermanos Álvarez Guerra, in the municipality of Badajoz.

3. Isabel María Puerto Marín

Isabel María Puerto Marín is another of the mental health professionals we can find in this area.

This psychologist graduated in Psychology, clinical specialty, from the University of Salamanca and has a master’s degree in Systemic Psychotherapy and several training courses of interest, all related to the neurosciences.

Thanks to her training and experience, this psychologist can be of great help if we find ourselves suffering from emotional disorders such as depression or depression anxiety disorders, moments of low self-esteem or suffer from irrational fears or phobias such as agoraphobia, fear of driving or fear of flying. The psychologist can also help people who suffer from addictions such as tobacco addiction in the youngest, addiction to new technologies.

  • This psychologist is part of the Centro Integral de Psicología Cambio and is located on Hermanos Álvarez Guerra street, which is very close to Los Santos de Maimona.

4. Teresa García Soria

Teresa García Soria is another of the most recommended mental health professionals we can find.

After graduating in Clinical Psychology, Teresa Garcia specialized in psychotherapy for trauma and emotional disorders in adults. Some of the problems to which this psychologist can provide solutions are anxiety disorders, borderline personality disorders, emotional insecurities and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She can also help children with learning disorders, bedwetting and bullying situations.

  • The private practice of this psychologist is located on Calle Virgen de Guadalupe in Zafra, near Los Santos de Maimona.

5. Carolina Rodas Cabezas

Carolina Rodas is a Clinical Psychologist by PIR, and is also trained in neuropsychology.

In addition to her degree in Psychology (from the University of Salamanca) and the training process as Internal Resident Psychologist (at the Virgen de Macarena Hospital), she has a Master’s degree in Family and Systems Therapy from the University of Seville, a Master’s degree in Clinical Neurorehabilitation from the University Pablo de Olavide, among other post-graduate specialization programs.

  • You’ll find his office on Calle Sta. Marina, Zafra.

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