Girona is a beautiful Catalan city, which is the capital of the province of the same name: Girona . In the municipality we can find different rivers such as the Ter and the Oñar, which give the city a very authentic atmosphere thanks to the bridges and the well-known coloured houses that are found next to the river.

Its population is more than 100,000 inhabitants, distributed among its historical center, also known as Barri Vell, the old Jewish quarter, or the so photographed Casas del Oñar, located very close to the Cathedral of Girona. Moreover, Girona stands out as an important tourist attraction clearly differentiated from the tourists of big cities.

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The most prestigious psychology clinics in Girona

In Girona you can find a large number of professionals in the field of psychology, but sometimes it is difficult to find the most suitable professional. In the following article you will find the best psychologists in Girona, to make your choice easier.

Thanks to this article you will have access to the main specialities of each psychological centre , to their location and you will be able to know their working method.

1. Centre for Psychology Squema

The Centre for Psychology Squema is a reference centre in Girona, as they specialise in adult psychology, child psychology and couples therapy, all through a cognitive behavioural approach that is based on scientific evidence.

At Squema you will be able to find a team of professionals specialized in different types of psychological therapy, either in the office, at home, or online. The main areas of action of our psychological team are focused on the treatment of:

  • Anxiety and depression disorders
  • Addictions
  • Eating disorders
  • Phobias

In addition to the treatment of this type of psychopathology, they also specialize in other types of disorders that require more specific treatment.

  • In the psychological centre Squema you can find it located in the street Gran Via de Jaume I, 78, Entresuelo. Girona.

2. Bofill Clinic

The Bofill Psychological Clinic aims to use its knowledge of clinical psychology to study on a case-by-case basis the needs of each patient in order to develop an appropriate treatment that will improve their personal well-being.

The centre’s team of psychologists work every day to understand how the mind and individual behaviour works, using neurological and physiological processes to understand certain behaviours that people carry out.

Concepts such as perception, cognition, emotions or motivation, depend directly on our brain, and are factors that determine our personality and the behavior we will have when interacting with other individuals.

Thanks to the knowledge of these areas, the team of psychologists at Clínica Bofill will be able to find out why the patient is experiencing certain psychological problems, finding the most appropriate solution for each case.

  • The Bofill Clinic is located in the well-known Ronda St. Antoni Maria Claret, 20, Girona.

3. Sanna Health Center

Sanna Health Centre is one of the best known clinics in the city of Girona where they carry out general health care in which they also have a psychological service to attend to patients affected by different types of psychological disorders.

Sanna’s team of psychologists are highly specialized and have a long history of treating and preventing various psychological disorders. Thanks to this, the most effective actions can be taken, case by case, to return the patient to a situation of well-being as soon as possible.

Thanks to the excellent psychological assistance provided by this centre, the vast majority of patients finish their treatments with notable improvements in their quality of life and personal well-being.

The main psychological assistance services offered by this centre are the following:

  • School and behavior problems

  • Eating disorders

  • Treatments for anxiety and depression

  • Sex and couples therapy

  • Addiction treatment

  • The Sanna Health Centre is located in the well-known street of Santa Eugènia 161-163, Girona.

4. Psychotherapy Center Girona

The Centre for Psychotherapy Girona has a team made up of a group of professionals who work in the field of mental health from their different areas, such as psychiatry, clinical psychology and psychoanalysis.

The psychologists and psychiatrists working at the centre have a long history and dedication. Diagnosing and treating each patient in the most appropriate way remains a priority for this team of professionals, whose aim is to restore the well-being of their patients.

Thanks to this team of professionals covering different disciplines, any type of psychological disorder or problem related to people’s mental health can be attended to, carrying out treatment on a case-by-case basis and involving both the patient and his/her closest circle.

  • The office of the Centre of Psychotherapy Girona is located in the street Santa Eugènia nº 21 A, 2º2ª, in the city of Girona.

5. Optim Psychologists

Optim Psychologists is a centre formed by a team of mental health professionals who cover all the areas linked to psychology, pedagogy and the mediation of personal, family or work conflicts.

This center has a history of more than 20 years treating a multitude of psychological disorders, in the fields of clinical psychology, health, child and adolescent psychology and mediation.

Thanks to the experience of their professional team and the professional training they have received, they offer psychological assistance of the highest level, thanks to which there is a high level of satisfaction in their patients.

The main areas of expertise of the centre are defined below:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Alcohol and tobacco addictions
  • Gambling
  • Sexual Dysfunction

In short, Optim is also a good option for consultation in this Catalan city.

  • Your Optim Psicologos office is located in the well-known Pau Casals street, 4 2n 1a – 17001, in Girona.