Psychological therapy is becoming more and more popular, and that is why it is normal that in practically all medium or large cities there are psychology practices that offer a wide range of services.

In this case we will focus on the Psychology clinics in Pamplona , one of the main urban centers in northern Spain.

The best psychology clinics in Pamplona

Going to the psychologist is more and more a standardized activity, as natural as going to the doctor when something hurts. Gone are the days when the irrational stigma surrounding psychological suffering served as an excuse to repress both others and oneself.

Today we assume that the causes that lead most of the population to consult a psychologist are not part of the abnormal, but quite the opposite: regardless of the context in which we live, our mental abilities and our economic status, it is very likely that on some occasion we will require this type of help .

However, choosing between institutions that offer therapy is still not easy. In this case, we will see several of the best psychology clinics in the city of Pamplona, as well as their characteristics and services. You will find more information about them on their web pages.

1. Vitalise

The Vitaliza Psychology Centre is one of the main references for psychology clinics in Pamplona.

It has a dozen experts in different aspects of therapeutic intervention: from Clinical and Health Psychology, to Neuropsychology , through Occupational Therapy, Mindfulness and meditation, and work with patients of the child and youth stage.

Based on its integrative and interdisciplinary approach, its professionals adapt to the specific needs of patients in therapy for children or adults.
On the other hand, from this centre of Psychology also training and advice initiatives designed for other professionals are created . For more information on the centre you can access this link.

2. CL Psychology

This psychological intervention centre specialises in the treatment of addictive behaviours associated with the consumption of substances or the addiction to certain behaviours, but it also has individual (with adults and minors) and couple psychotherapy and family mediation services.

In addition, this Navarrese organization also offers the possibility of attending courses related to different areas of mental health.

3. Albea Psychology Center

In the team of Albea Psychology Center, based on the paradigm of cognitive-behavioral therapy , there is a combination of Clinical Psychology, Sexology, Couple’s Therapy and psychological intervention in children and adolescents.

4. Anitzak

Located in the heart of Pamplona, this Psychology Centre offers psychotherapy services to adults and children , as well as family counselling and educational guidance. Its psychology office offers a very personalised treatment that focuses on the subjective experiences of the patients and on what motivates them to solve the problem.

5. Center of Psychology Argia

Another good option to have the services of psychotherapy is this center of Psychology, which besides offering psychotherapy both individual and family, group and couple , also has the capacity to carry out training and supervision to professionals.

How do you choose a good counseling center?

Any of the clinics and psychology offices that we have seen is a good option for psychological consultation in Navarra, but if beyond the specific case of this city you are interested in knowing how to choose the organization to which to go, you can take into account the following tips to decide on one option or another.

1. Make sure you are served by people who are trained to practice

It is important that those who offer you psychotherapy services have the qualifications that legally qualify them to practice psychological intervention . Otherwise, anyone could offer to improve your mental health.

2. Check that the treatment is personalized

In psychological care, patients’ subjectivity and past experiences are very important. Not everything can be solved with a check-up in the moment , it is necessary to dialogue and to allow the problems to be expressed .

3. Check if the methodology is based on Psychology

It is important that the methods used to intervene on patients are based on scientific research that validates the tools and techniques used and demonstrates their effectiveness in as objective a manner as possible.

4. Confirm that the rates are clear

From the outset, it should be very clear what type of service is being contracted and what rates it is subject to.