Many people wonder what is the best toothpaste to maintain proper oral health . There are many brands and products on the market for this purpose, so sometimes it can be a bit complicated to choose correctly from so much on offer.

Moreover, it is not easy to find the right toothpaste among so many possible characteristics: anti-calcium, whitening, anti-sensitivity, total protection, three in one…

To help us in this mission of finding the right toothpaste, the Consumers and Users Organisation (OCU) has recently carried out research to analyse the value for money of different brands and products of toothpaste that can be found in any supermarket. As a result of the information extracted, the OCU has made public a report with the 5 best toothpastes .

How to choose a good toothpaste?

As we have mentioned, the wide range of toothpastes makes it difficult for us to get an accurate idea of the goodness and shortcomings of each product. What is the real difference between each of the toothpastes? What is the best option for the health of each member of the family?

These doubts are normal and end up confusing us as consumers. In the end, the usual thing is to try a few brands of toothpaste and stick with the one we like best for its value, even if we are completely unaware of whether we are really using the right product.

This is what a quality toothpaste should look like

A myth must be debunked: that a toothpaste is more expensive is not a guarantee that it will be of better quality . A good toothpaste must possess a series of virtues that guarantee our oral health, taking care of the enamel and eliminating the plaque and tartar that accumulates between the teeth.

For these protective measures to be reliable, the toothpaste must contain fluoride. This substance effectively fights tooth decay and removes the plaque that builds up after every meal. However, children should use toothpastes with a lower fluoride concentration than adults.

Another important element when choosing one or another brand of toothpaste is to know the state of our dental health and our specific needs. If you suffer from dental bleeding, gengivitis or periodontitis you should opt for a soft, gum-friendly toothpaste with chlorhexidine.

Now, if you have tooth sensitivity, there are specific toothpastes to make the cold and heat stop causing you pain.

The 5 best toothpastes

Having seen the components and analysed the effectiveness of each toothpaste on the market, the OCU has drawn up a ranking of toothpastes according to their value for money. This ranking has been made known by specialized medical and health media, such as the Spanish portal ‘Viviendo La Salud’ .

This list includes such well-known brands as Sensodyne or Colgate, but also includes some white brands that combine lower cost with remarkable quality.

1. Sensodyne ‘Total Protection’

The toothpaste ‘Sensodyne ‘Total Protection’ is, according to the OCU, the best of those analysed in the study. It is an excellent choice when it comes to protecting our mouth from cavities and bacteria.

Sensodyne is a toothpaste that is advertised as protecting tooth enamel, as well as preventing the appearance of defects and stains on our teeth.

2. Auchan ‘Fluor and Menthol’

A white mark that has obtained the second place in this ranking elaborated by the OCU. Auchan toothpaste, manufactured by Alcampo, has a great quality-price ratio.

The analyses highlight that Auchan ‘Fluor and Menthol’ is a dentrifuge that borders on the excellent in anti-plaque, anti-caries and for its whitening effect. In addition, it is up to four times cheaper than other well-known brands that are not at their level.

3. Deliplus ‘Total Action’

Another white-brand toothpaste that slips into third place in the OCU ranking. In this case it is Deliplus ‘Total Action’ , also recognized as one of the most outstanding in its value for money.

Its anti-plaque protection and detailed labelling make this Mercadona product one of the most recommended by dentists.

4. Binaca ‘Gum Antibacterial Formula’

Binaca ‘Gum Antibacterial Formula’ is the fourth highest rated toothpaste. As Binaca is a very popular brand of toothpaste, this toothpaste stands out because of its anti-caries action.

It is also one of the most enamel-friendly toothpastes. Therefore, it is a great option for those people who brush their teeth after every meal, since its abrasion effect is practically null.

5. Colgate ‘Total’

Among the five best toothpastes on the market, and in fifth position, we find the well-known Colgate ‘Total’ . This is the best known brand in the West, and has achieved great customer loyalty over decades of dominance.

Despite changes in the market and an increasingly demanding public, Colgate has adapted by designing products with different nuances and characteristics. Colgate ‘Total’ stands out for its anti-plaque action and for being a powerful anti-caries agent.