Humor is one of the best ways to face life, and laughter brings us many benefits. In fact, several studies have found evidence that it influences our mental and physical health.

Among some positive consequences of laughter, it generates in our organism certain hormones that provide us with happiness and good humor.

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Laughable phrases that can make your day

Aware of these benefits, in this article we have prepared a list of laughable phrases. They are as follows.

1. Depend on no one in this world, for even your shadow leaves you when you are in darkness!

Emotional dependence is not good for us, because it cancels out us as people.

2. Laughter is a tranquilizer without side effects

Laughter is a good form of therapy, it is what is known as laughter therapy.

3. Better late, because in the morning I sleep

A humorous way to change the phrase “Better late than never”

4. Humor is the reason when life has gone crazy

A quote from Groucho Marx, in an attempt to define, in a funny way, what humor is.

5. Save water. Don’t shower alone

If two people shower together, the water bill will notice.

6. I don’t know whether to cut my veins or leave them long

A fun date that deals with a very serious subject: suicide.

7. When I grow up I want to be a priest. They live like God!

Priests live in the service of the Lord, and perform acts of worship to religion.

8. I don’t think the friendship between man and dog would last if the dog’s meat were edible

Evelyn Waught, pronounced this ingenious phrase about the relationship between people and dogs.

9. Why will the Jell-O shake? Do you know what to expect?

In reference to whether the jelly is shaking with fear because they’re going to eat it.

10. Absolute truth does not exist and this is absolutely true

A play on words about absolute truth.

11. Telling the truth can be done by any idiot. Lying requires imagination

A funny phrase by Jaume Perich, who was a Spanish writer, cartoonist and humorist.

12. You have to lick it to wet it, you have to suck it to stop it, you have to push it to get it in, how difficult it is to get the thread into a needle!

This phrase might seem to be related to sex, but it actually refers to how to put a thread into a needle.

13. In this life they don’t forgive you if you stop winning, and they hate you if you always win

Former Real Madrid player and coach Jorge Valdano said this very blunt phrase.

14. Wise men speak because they have something to say. fools speak because they have something to say

An ironic phrase from the great philosopher, Plato.

15. I never forget a face, but with you I will make an exception

A phrase that is addressed to someone we like very much.

16. No one dies from too much work, but just in case, it’s better not to take any risks

An irony about work. Work seriously damages one’s health.

17. Happy are those who wait for nothing, for they will never be disappointed

When you have no goals or expectations, you don’t fail.

18. The confusion is very clear

A phrase that uses two antonyms: confusion and clarity.

19. Why can the same magazine be in the bathroom for years and we don’t care?

An existential question that can keep you up at night during the day.

20. What verb tense is “should not have happened”? Imperfect condom?

A joke about the “it was a mistake” verb tense.

21. I wanted to kill myself by taking 100 aspirin, but when I just went with the second one, I felt much better

Aspirin helps with the pain. This sentence is a joke about this drug.

22. Why do you have to go to the Start button to turn off Windows?

A curiosity I’m sure many of you hadn’t thought of.

23. Laz drojaz te buelben vruto

A reflection with a touch of irony on the consumption of rubbish.

24. My wife betrayed me a week ago and I still haven’t come out of it… Will I be short of calcium?

One way to take an infidelity with a grain of salt.

25. What do you say… is the dog mine?

This phrase can be applied when the story doesn’t suit you.

26. If you find your boyfriend with another woman, take a deep breath and stay calm, so you won’t miss when you shoot

Again, a laughable phrase about infidelity.

27. Why is it that when we take a box of medicines, no matter how much we turn it over, we always open it on the wrong side and the leaflet appears there folded?

Something I’m sure has happened to all of us at one time or another.

28. If I’ve seen you I don’t remember, if I undress you… I don’t forget!

It can be used when you like a person and find them attractive.

29. Love is a splendid thing… until your wife (or husband) surprises you

A joke about marriage and the marital relationship.

30. I have to go to the eye doctor, but I never see the time

A date with a great touch of humor.

31. More money, less acquaintance, more friends

When you have money, you get friends from all over.

32. I remembered you when I was taking a test, now I remember why I failed

Sometimes, when you think so much about the person you like, you find it hard to concentrate even on studying or taking a test.

33. Run away from temptations slowly, so that they can reach you

Actually, the opposite is true.

34. Military intelligence is two contradictory terms

Groucho Marx using a joke about the military’s lack of intelligence. Obviously, there is no truth in this statement.

35. If you want women to follow you, get in front!

In reference to that, we must not go after anyone and we must make ourselves be valued.

36. Don’t think badly of me, miss, my interest in you is purely sexual

Groucho Marx. Again, one of his jokes that can make someone feel bad. But that is simply a joke.

37. To graduate from an ear, nose and throat specialist, the main thing is to learn the word

A quote that jokes about the length of the word ENT

38. You fall on your mother-in-law 23 times in a row holding a knife and everyone says you are a murderer

Relationships with in-laws can sometimes be complicated.

39. You’re the light that shines in my life, I hope you don’t melt!

A romantic yet fun phrase.

40. I had an IQ test and it was negative

Meaning you’re not exactly a smart person.

41. Nonsense is the strangest of diseases, the sick never suffer, those who really suffer are the others

A version of Albert Einstein’s legendary phrase.

42. God give me patience, but give it to me now!

Asking for patience without having a bit of it.

43. Don’t take life seriously, you won’t get out of it alive after all

A great reality that’s better taken for granted.

44. If drunks were in control, we would have everything double

In reference to the blurred vision that people suffer when they are drunk.

45. Do you know the difference between toilet paper and bathroom curtains? No. Aha, so it was you!

A joke that can be used on a friend or family member.

46. Takes advice on wine, but decides with water afterwards

Drinking alcohol is not conducive to decision making.

47. Do infants enjoy childhood as much as adults enjoy adultery?

A funny phrase about infidelity.

48. Actually, turtles know how to fly, but they are so slow that they can’t take off

A joke about turtles and their slowness.

49. Men would lie much less if women did not ask so many questions

One way to clear some lying men.

50. When you’re being taken out of your mind, where do you go?

Boxes meaning “home”.

51. If the study is large, have the dwarves study

Studying makes us grow as people, even if this phrase makes fun of it.

52. Make a politician work. Don’t vote for him!

Politicians are not very well known today.

53. The important thing is money, health comes and goes

A phrase that has nothing to do with truth, but it’s fun.

54. The first day I saw you, I threw myself at your feet, and not because I loved you, but because I slipped

A fall that is certainly unfortunate.

55. The important thing is not to win, but to make the other person lose

One way of saying the same thing, but in other words.