Coaching’s ability to respond to needs that go beyond the treatment of psychological disorders has brought it into the world of personal and organizational development.

Therefore, it is natural that as their areas of application in personal life and at work grow, specialization programs to train coaches will appear. These coaching courses can be focused on very different activities: leadership processes, team motivation, emotion management, time organization and productivity improvement, etc.

Throughout this article we will see a selection of the best coaching courses in Chile , with the most recommended specialization options available in this Latin American country.

The best coaching courses in Chile

These are several coaching courses held in Chile, along with brief descriptions in which you will find where the classes are held, what type of content the training includes, and other interesting information.

1. Expert Coach Programme in Emotional Management (Escuela Europea de Coaching)

The Expert Coach Programme in Emotional Management designed and organised by Escuela Europea de Coaching is a good way to specialise in the processes of regulating emotions in both individuals and teams.

Specifically, this is a course that aims to provide tools for emotional management to be implemented in strategies to accompany people and groups, either through mentoring, team leadership, or through coaching applied to specific clients.

On the other hand, this training program is especially aimed at psychologists, managers, HR professionals and coaches who want to specialize in the way in which we can intervene in experiencing emotions in order to make them not only an obstacle to us, but also a positive influence in our lives and work.

The EEC Expert Coach Programme in Emotional Management will be held between November 30 and December 1, 2019, and will include 48 hours of attendance and another 20 hours of independent study and activities.

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2. Team Coaching Program (EEC)

This specialisation course focuses on one of the most important areas of work in the world of companies and organisations: the management and dynamisation of teams. It is a training program aimed at people who already have training in coaching and want to specialize in this type of intervention.

The objective of the Team Coaching Programme of the European School of Coaching is to know, from a systemic perspective, aspects such as the communicative flows in teams, the detection of unproductive interaction dynamics, to allow an adjustment between the type of leadership and the stage the team is going through, to create the conditions for a climate of mutual trust to emerge, and much more.

This course has two formats : an intensive one carried out in 5 consecutive days and 10 hours per day, and another one attended, with a weekly day of 8 hours during 5 weeks. It will take place from 3 to 7 December 2019.

3. Mentors with Coaching Skills for Education Program (Caserta Foundation)

This course, held in Santiago de Chile and with a duration of 6 months , is aimed at professionals in the field of education and activities related to the accompaniment of students .

This is an initiative promoted by the Caserta Foundation and aims to teach the principles of coaching applied to the world of education, to improve leadership and support skills in the learning process of teaching professionals.

4. Leadership Course (eClass, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez)

This is another of the most recommended coaching courses in Chile for those seeking to specialize in intervening in leadership dynamics. It takes place in Santiago de Chile.

This is a blended learning programme organised by eClass in collaboration with the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez , which aims to be able to detect facets of group interaction where improvement is possible, as well as to be able to apply techniques that produce that qualitative change that affects the whole team.

5. Strategic Coaching Training Program

This coaching course organised by MIP Centro de Entrenamiento en Psicoterapia y Coaching is a way of learning the basics of strategic coaching from a theoretical-practical methodology.

Training in cognitive flexibility, active listening, proactive skills, teamwork, group climate management… are several of the contents worked on here.

The Coaching Training Program takes place in Vitacura and lasts one year .


6. Course on Goal Setting and Performance Evaluation (Procase Training)

The Course on Goal Setting and Performance Evaluation created by Procase has as its main objective to learn methods and practices that help to achieve a better organization at work, orienting actions towards efficiency.

This coaching training program consists of 30 hours and is held in Concepción . It can be carried out by all types of people, regardless of their professional sector.